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@TLM, Steel & Zarkun:
Would the kids of our chars from PKASC know each other? And if so, how well?

The file also gives a basic physical: 7 feet tall, 3 feet shoulder to shoulder, 400 plus pounds, fully armored in an highly durable carapace capable of withstanding most everything short of an artillery bombardment.

{Alright, good to know. Where should I report to?}
Krog: darn!

War: I would assume so. Tari would stay in contact with Alicia pretty well and through her Terance. So probably they would know each other pretty well.
IC: "Wait our room?" Daniel asks with a blank expression. "Ummm are the bunks not sperated on gender?"
I shrug and put a few things away before Daniel sees them. "Yes our room and I guess not. Also don't go looking through my stuff. I WILL know." I say before sitting down on the bed.

OOC: darn you kroger ...
IC: Daniel sat down his gear before as he sat on the only open bunk. "I snore" He says trying not to sound like he was joking.
Well, Morph beat me to it, but it's a safe bet.
I shrug and pull out a book inscribed with Mozali and open to a small book mark deep in the book. "So?"

Zark: ? ... oh wait ... nevermind that is in response to War's earlier question.
It occurs to me that this thread would be the ideal place for a long-unresolved subplot to end itself. Probably the only place, for that matter.



There were few chambers on the Splitter flagship that were unoccupied. A fair sized, well decorated one aft of the central power node was no exception. There were several sentient life-forms within the chamber, and few of them were the same species.

One, a feathered creature, was dancing with significant skill. The largest denizen of the chamber, a towering giant with a glint in his eyes, sat on an elaborate chair, was watching intently. His gaze was lustful, yet it was not an ordinary lust. After all, the dancer held no physical appeal to him in a purely hormonal sense. However, he was quite capable, intellectually, of appreciating her beauty. He always believed it was best to view an art through the eyes of the race that developed it. He was a great connoisseur of the arts. He considered himself an expert on more arts than the average being was exposed to in its lifetime.

The other creatures gathered around him watched with less interest as the dancer finished her routine. She bowed, and the giant smiled and raised his hand. She began again, a different routine. The giant turned towards one of the creatures next to him. "Now, tell me more of this."

"Lord Melekor, I know little. You know that my race's power to see the future is greatly limited."

"And often misleading. Yet still useful, in skilled hands... which is the reason you serve me."

"Thank you, my lord."

"Speak on, Rymyn."

"I saw this Terran I spoke of in the midst of a great spiral. It was as if he were giant beyond comprehension, and stood at the center of the galaxy. The stars wheeled around him. He looked at me, and spoke to me... but I cannot remember his words."

"Try to forget. They will come to you in time. But... this Terran. He is the one you dreamt of in the past? Within whom you see great power?"

"He is light and darkness, Lord Melekor. He is like a shadow that wields a sword of purity. I cannot fathom who he is or what his purpose may be."

Melekor scratched his chin with a claw.

"More will return to your memory. I must know the rest of what occurred in your vision, Rymyn. When you have remembered, tell me at once."

"I shall, my lord." The smaller creature hesitated, shook its blue head. "I feel... troubled, though. As though some great harm shall soon befall us."

The giant frowned at his words. He knew better than to ignore Rymyn's predictions... but what could this "great harm" possibly be? Rymyn had felt such things before, and Melekor had easily dealt with the threats he sensed. What was great and terrible to the small prophet was usually nothing before the might of the Splitters.

Still, he shared his aide's uneasy feelings.
IC: "Well then.... is there a gym on the ship by chance?" Daniel asked as he unpacked his gear. He places a holo picture of him and his sisters on his nightstand.
"Yeah." I say still reading.

OOC: I'm assuming there is one ... if not just tell me and I'll remove this.
IC: "So what are you reading." Daniel asks as he sits down on his bunk pulling a data pad out of his pack before putting the dufflebag up.
"An ancient philosophical text. I think it is similar to the old Earth text The Art Of War by Sun-Tzu." I say flipping the page.
What I need, is something plot related. Apollo needs a lay out and Terra requires a retort and direction.
IC: "Always a good read. I perfer Dante myself however for reading." Daniel says as he lays on his bunk pulling up diagrams on his data pad looking for a few upgrades for ships reactors.
"Uh-huh." I say distracted as I read a little bit more before putting my bookmark in and setting the book down on the bedside table and getting up grabbing the suit off the bed. I go into the bathroom and change walking out with the suit on under my slacks and t-shirt. "I'm heading down to the PART hangar to check on my mech and maybe do a quick systems check. Feel free to wander." I say heading for the door. "Oh and don't touch my stuff!" I say before leaving.
OOC: Sorry people were idgites tonight, that is putting it kindly, and wanted to order food bout 10 mins to close... For delivery at that.



To SF: He is highly competitive with Terra, combat-happy, and a little awkward around people due to how often he's alone.

Shadow grins, his assault group ready and willing to bring down the Splitters, bit by bit. Now that he was alone at the helm, he opened a comm search. However, his grandson and granddaughter knew something was up, and were listening in. The conversation was . . . interesting, to say the least. "You. What is your purpose here?" "To put a stop to events here, before tragedy strikes. You cannot stop me, Agent. I've beaten you twice before, and let you live." "Well, both of those occasions were one-on-one. With a fleet at my back-" "You'd simply endanger their lives. You know that. Now, be silent. I have business to attend to." "One final question: Who are you?" "I refuse to tell you. You wouldn't believe me if I did. The Splitters are attacking Kaldir, and I can intercept them there."

The SCAR model stands at Shade's side, and faces Korzis. "Apparently, I WAS a good friend of your mother here. I cared deeply for her, but Poltergeist was a mess back then. The 'real' Sara Kiwi died to an electrical blast." Her/its face hardens. "But I refuse to believe that. I AM Sara Kiwi. I'm a human being, not some . . . machine." She/it looks downcast. "I have to be." With that, the whole small group hurtles into the void of space.

The Evac Fleet rapidly approaches the ice world of Kaldir, and begins deploying transports. The vast majority of psionic youngsters are herded toward these transports, but not before the S-shaped Splitter craft launch millions of Drones and Beserkers to the surface. A few Scourge Splitters make good their approach, and stand with their long manes flowing. One lets out a shriek, keeping the Drones from attacking. "Bring . . . me . . . STRONG ONES!" One of the locals picks up her gun. "By the power vested in me by the Poltergeist Mercenaries, I demand you cease an desist." The Scourge nearest her gestures with one long arm, and a Beserker rips the young woman to shreds. "Any other dissent?"

{Your are landing nearby the transport we are about ready to leave on. You can find me there. My name is Ivan Flint by the way.}


An unknown figure takes to the field on Kaldir in the Splitter ranks. It stood about as tall as two drones on top of each other. It's armor looked like mechanical parts spliced with a carapace that was study yet flexible. The entire armor looked like it was stained with dried blood, whether it was the one who was wear it or others, as well as charred in some parts.
A near by berserker punches the figure.
"Move it meat sack. You know what you are supposed to do." The figure calmly stands back up looking towards the Poltergeist forces and nods. A blade of energy forms on it's left arm as it readies itself to fight.

{Looks like things could be a real mess, sis. You wanna take the skies this time, or are we tag teaming them?}


I frown as I listen to the call. Someone bested grandfather? It's impossible!
I smile inwardly as I catch a small part of Terra's thoughts that she left unguarded. I had to fight very hard not to make a snide comment while keeping my own thoughts guarded. Ivan ,who was in front of me, shot a glance my way to make sure I was behaving myself.
I can't help it she doesn't always keep her thoughts to herself.

Ivan doesn't reply and just shakes his head.
Corso walks onto the bridge, approaching Flint Jr. and standing to his right side. "How'd the meeting go?"
[John Jr]
"Hey Corso, it went ok.. Splitters are attacking Kaldir and the Evac team is trying to rescue people. We however, with some others, are going to capture a Chrono splitter."
I sound rather distant still mulling over the fact my father was indeed alive.

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