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Corso raises an eyebrow and steps around to his front. "There's more than that. Shadow said something, didn't he?"
[John Jr.]
"Yeah.... My dad is alive...." I look up at Corso as the part of the memory from the last time I saw my father flash in my head. He was calmly sitting in front of the Director negotiating something as I was being taken back to Fury of Terra. The next thing I knew the Director stood up and shot both Hawk and my father. Hawk's armor took most of the shot and he leaped across the table tackling the Director only to have a small syringe stuck into his neck releasing a potent poison killing him instantly. After that the camera went dark and the rest was a blurred memory of getting warped back to KLR9.
Corso shakes his head in disbelief, remembering the firestorm that had enveloped the halls as we'd fallen back to our ships. Nothing had gone right that day and Flint Sr had died. At least, he thought he had. "How? I remember that explosion and the bomb...Torvus couldn't feel or find any survivors." He takes a deep breath and lets it out. "Draconum's scanners couldn't either."
"I know the warp bomb did it's job. No one of the changelings could even sense him anymore. If he did survive he would have been so wounded that it would take him years to heal..." I sit in the chair that was supposed to be strictly for the captain though I often let the XO use it.
"And if his DNA changed the effect to him? No one but this Andy understands your DNA."
"It's possible though he would have to assimilate something to alter his genetics. As for Andy, yeah he understands the full details but kept us informed enough about it. Especially when it came to the hunger."
Corso shakes his head and hits a button on his wrist, a chair sliding up. "Well, whatever it is, the Dragons are willing to help. Project Earthbound churns out more successes everyday. The Dragons are almost all ACs."
{Eh... I'll stay in the viking. The thing packs more of a punch than I do.}

{Flint? You wouldn't happen to be related to the Flint Sr?}
I ask, sounding a little surprised.

{Where's the fun in hiding in a cockpit? Whatever, your call. Want me to paint targets?}
{Sounds like a plan. Besides, the modified missiles in this thing are way too much fun.}
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With that, the whole small group hurtles into the void of space.
What does that mean?

IC: Since no one knows what is going on since this RPer is clueless to the last part, they shall just continue on the talking phase to better situate the situation that could lead to another situation and vice versa. "Sara... you are a machine... you aren't human... and in a way, you are the real Sara... the real Sara turning into a machine and now you can't do anything about it..."


A shining gate had opened... death entering it as a serpent like being watched over them as the dead entered... It was more or less speaking in a literal and metaphorical sense.


More pain, more bull!@#$, more screams of terror and death.... It was now cold... as if someone was breath on top of Chaileen.
THe lone behemoth, smaller and sleeker than most of its kind, hangs a great distance from Kaldir, observing. Soon a chance will come. Once the Swarm assimilates a Splitter, they will once again have the strength to drive back the Terrans and Protoss.
Standing on a rooftop we watch over the civilians being evacuated and notice the Splitters. "Well this can't be good." Victoria says.

{Right.} Setting course for the planet's surface, I have Veronica prepare a drop pod for use.

OOC: It means that the assault group left to do their mission.
IC: Daniel gets up from his bed after reading a few pages. He heads to the armory to make sure his armor was at the ready along with his weapons and weapon systems.
{Alright. See you on the ground.}
I reply as I flip the viking, diving down through the atmosphere.
IC: Daniel was in the armory polishing his armor suit.. It looked like a cross between a maruarder, firebat, and marine armor suit. He was waiting on orders to suit up and move out, "Well this so far is an interesting job." he talks to himself before huming dixie.

Once Windseeker was in thhe upper atmosphere, a drop pod was launched from it, landing near the building that the Twins were on. Climbing out, the Slayer Blade on my back, .45 cal revolver on my hip, combat kniife in my boot and assault rifle in hands, my red armor covering me from head to foot, I look around and open a COM channel. {Where am I needed?}
I stand up, deciding that I wanted to go around the ship. I lift my scythe up and give it a quick shake along with a little bit of Psionic energy. The shaft quickly contracts to a smaller handle, about the same length as the blade of the scythe. The scythe's blade swings down, the sharp inside being closest to the handle of it, giving it a small and mobile form. I grab a small leather sheath, much like a quiver is shape, about half the length of the compacted scythe and a bit wider. I place the now small weapon inside and throw the sheath over my shoulder, the scythe within easy reach.

I exit the my room and find myself in the central room of the cabin, we had one of the more luxurious ones due to rank of my parents and relation to Shadow. As I pass by the rooms of my siblings I sigh in disgust as I remember what they are doing. Being lapdogs once more. Their loyalty sickened me. The only person who you should owe an allegiance to is yourself. Exiting the cabin I look around, deciding where to go. I end up choosing to check out the PART hangar, hadn't seen it before and wished to know what the hell it looked like along with what the armour of the people in that division looked like.

On my they there I find myself crossing a corner and nearly running into a woman, but something was off about her, she had two furry sharp ears, similar to a canines. Although I don't say anything about it, my surprise was clear. "Hello there..."
I smile and nod. "Hi." I say as I continue towards the PART Hangar.

OOC: Kroger/Drac: do the PART suits have any basic design or can I get creative?

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