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"So, uh... Who are you?" I ask her, still getting over the fact that she didn't have human ears.
"I'm Myra Tyraz. I'm in the PART Division. And before you ask, no I'm not human." I say as though I got that question a lot.
I smile and nod. "Hi." I say as I continue towards the PART Hangar.

OOC: Kroger/Drac: do the PART suits have any basic design or can I get creative?

OOC: They are a miss of tech from the Techsuit Warefare and SCAR. My presumption is that they are the Techsuits modified with the SCAR tech for a more fairly efficient design. Do get creative with it as they are customized to the individual.

Also I will be gone for most of this weekend. Namely tomorrow. Gonna be up round Chicago area visiting family.

{Eh... I'll stay in the viking. The thing packs more of a punch than I do.}

{Flint? You wouldn't happen to be related to the Flint Sr?}
I ask, sounding a little surprised.


The leading Scourge raises a spiny eyebrow. "No dissent? Hand over the most powerful of you." Another instructor stands. "I am Jessica 'Razor' Molina. I outclass all of the students here a thousand fold. Take me alone, and leave the children to escape to safety." The Scourge chuckles darkly, and stands over her, exploiting every inch of his thirty-foot height (he was rather young). "One! Should we take this one up on her offer?" He grips her by the throat between his claws and holds her to his own chest, forcing the burning sensation into her skin, "Or just take the lot? Or, perhaps, my favorite option, slay them until we find a WORTHY challenger?"

**Master Pyro, it has come to my attention that you are in distress. Are you in need of assistance?**

**PART AI Victor on standby. Mistress Terra, your vitals are abnormal. Are you in need of calming drugs?**

**PART AI Khan active. Master Ivan, I have kept a log on Poltergeist Agent Terra, as requested. Would you like a full readout?**

(All these AI have not yet had their volumes turned down, so everyone aboard heard these comments.)

I quickly lower the volume of the AI in my suit. I had wanted Delta to be the main AI but he would have had to been fully integrated and could never leave the suit.
*low whipser*" Yes Khan just put it in my HUD for now."
{Yes Mister Stefan I am related to him. He is my, until recently believed to be dead, father.}

The berserker looks at the scourge.
"Maybe we should send the meat sack here in. I am wanting to see how Subject One preforms. Drones are one thing but real enemies are something else. What do you say?"

The figure, Subject One, stands in it's spot still at the ready.
*pokes because someone needs to send an edit note*
IC: Daniel gets up from cleaning his armor as he heads to the hanger to check up on the ships.
I shoot one of the splitters in the head with my high powered rifle. "Suck on that."

I launch a ripfield mine into the splitter ranks to see what chaos would insue.
"I noticed. What exactly are you then, Myra?" I ask her.
"I'm a Mozan. My people don't get out much."
*is thinking since I can't do nothing for an entire weekend because I need my posts... Figures there is no point in me assaulting and time to just pull random bull!@#$ out of my %^- to keep my occupied until then*

Drones by the thousands are ripped limb from limb, eerily silently given their nature of feeling no pain. A single Beserker vanishes from sight entirely, cloaking himself.

The Scourge nods. "So be it. One! Rip them apart one by one. Whichever survive, we take with us." He holds Jessica even closer to his mane, leaving her screaming in the excruciating pain. She quickly draws her knife and stabs her attacker, rather ineffectively.

Ivan's HUD lights up with various playable sound clips, images, and text files. **I have done as requested, Master Ivan. Is there anything else I am required for? Besides apparently boosting the onboard air conditioner, as your body temperature is rising above normal.**

Poltergeist File:
PART AI-driven armored suit
This is a technological marvel, designed to work perfectly in sync with the human body. The AI aboard regulates the safety of its pilot, and works as a guiding force to keep the soldier from overextending themselves. The suit can arm up to five weapons at a time- one over each shoulder, one on each arm, and one visor plasma weapon. By the user's preference, it can be supplemented with a jetpack, a shield generator, an Overdrive Module (reserved for the very elite members, as it is a danger to the pilot), or any number of personal modifications. It can also connect to the Internet. Overall, a Swiss Army Knife usable only by specifically trained individuals.

"Gladly..." My energy blade glows brighter as I charge towards the lines. Two of the guards fall to my blade as I cleaved one and then sliced the other. I continue to press forward towards the main line after having raised a shield over myself.

"Really I feel fine. Leave the AC alone, I don't want the rest complaining about it being cold." I review the files before me looking at them in more detail. Watching her fight was almost like watching an artist paint.
I put a couple rounds into the one holding the woman making sure not to hit her.

"hmm ... I don't like the look of that one coming at the civies." I say before moving so I could put a few rounds into it.
The rounds hit the shield making it flare brightly. I look strait towards where the shots came from, or least where I thought they did. I focus a large ball of energy into my right hand and lob it strait towards the location.
"Victoria lets move!" I yell before getting up and jumping to the next building Victoria following a moment behind.

"Damn ... what is that thing?" I ask before I focus on it and open fire.
The energy ball impacts a wall going off like a small bomb taking out a large section of the area it hit. I growl softly knowing that it probably didn't make contact with who I intended to. I continue to press the lines with the drones and other splitters slaying all who got in my way.
I sigh and sling my rifle over my shoulder. "This is probably stupid but ... I'm going down there ..." I say before starting to climb down the side of the building while Victoria lays down covering fire picking off the splitters and drones by putting high powered rounds between their eyes.
"Mozan? Never heard of that before. So you guys are humans, but with dog ears?" I sigh. "Sometimes evolution doesn't make sense. Why would furry dog ears be required by a race of humanoids?"
I smile and chuckle. "Eh ... not really human but close enough I guess. Humanoid yes for the most part ... though we do have a neat trick that my clothes can't take though my suit thankfully is mostly mozan tech and not human."
IC: "Interesting.. sorry couldn't help but over hear." Daniel says as he walks up. "I'm on my way to the hanger. I thought you would have beat me Myra."
I look over at Daniel. "Hi ... I got a bit sidetracked and I kinda took a slightly longer way than was necessary." I look at the woman. "I uh ... never got your name."
"I'm Kayla." I respond. Neat trick? What does that mean? "Who are you?" I ask the man who had just appeared.

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