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If you want you could read the OP from the title before you click on this thread, because... ya know?

Now... we were bored when we came up with the name... And this is a discussion thread... It was to damn long man! Anyway... First order of business is for a better name so suggestions are available... we already have a storyline kinda plotted on DA and this is gonna be an RP after the SCRATCH as I like to call it when in reality it's a redo... There will be Zerg man, there will be the UED as this is 2500, and of course, the Dominion.

So... this RP is a ghost academy during the Brood Wars?... That's going to be interesting to say the least.
War, we found that this would be a good thing to do since me and SF have psionic characters and Morph will be as well. It's a chance to remake them with some nice changes involved. They just start out there as they are taken from their homes... And... I have a fitting punishment for anyone that disobeys. :3

And I already talked to Kroger, and let's just say... things are gonna be interesting. :P
Yeah... sounds like it. This seems like an excellent opportunity to reboot Alicia and Stefan... Please just wait a little bit before starting. we already have enough active RPs, not to mention a few waiting in the wings.
War... this is gonna be after Epilogue... As in the fact that PKA is gonna be over before Epilogue is over, you can guarantee that one.
Hmm...does anyone mind if I join this? Although I will need some briefing...I won't take any offense if you don't want a noob joining this, just don't feed me to the Roaches! O_o
Yeah, it's gonna take a little bit before we get this off into the deep blue sunset... Oh wait... that's the ocean... Never mind then. And please, this is BW era if you think about it. :P There are no Roaches.
That's a relief, although I'm not sure I'm safe just yet... Plague! :P
Seems like a good RP to intro my new person for after the reboot...however, he's not a psionic and has no psionic capability. Not sure that he'll fit the bill, but hey, we'll see.
Zarkun, Kroger is joining is as Flint. UED. Chaching!
That's his choice. My person has no history as of yet. Least not RP history.
Meh, just saying, he's attacking as it's quite obvious in his role. If you have the chance to note me in DA I might be able to help with the whole role as he isn't psionic... could help picture how he would be in this frame and what influence he could have like any other character.
He's a bounty hunter/merc who's REALLY good at his job. I'll note you what I have for him currently later tonight.
Okay, even if he's really good, remember... with numbers with pretty good training against him could easily turn the tide depending on who the group is... meaning... Though it could still work if we kind find a way to work. I'm just saying what my opinion is on the subject since even the best can be overwhelmed. And I doubt there will be much of highly extensive customized gear but I do believe in modified. For modified is more common, just putting in more of my insight...

Hmm... I have an idea but I'll note it back to you after I see what you have... could be interesting if we go with it.
The weapons have different names, but they're pretty standard. I'll wait and see though.

Anyway... it could be an interesting idea once you think about it... and since he's a bounty hunter and merc...You can put in 2 plus 2. :P
Thought I'd be kinda constructive and suggest Ghost in the Machine for an RP name.
I think just "Ghost Academy" is great. Assuming you're going to start from the beginning. I mean ALL the way to the beginning, when the Confederates formed it.
"We're starting it just prior to the Brood War. I'd say it is going to be like a testing ground for some characters. The characters that caused this RP are redoes of their originals. And 'Ghost in the Machine', eh, sounds like they are going to be pumped out into the Dominion military. I can assure you that not all of them will. I bet few will decide they would like that idea. '!@#$ This %^-*- A Tale of the Ghost Academy' sounds like people gave up, and that it took place at the Ghost Academy on Ursa."
Well, I actually like Ghost in the System over the other one. But just my thoughts. Also, mine is brand new. My character that is.

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