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New name acquired. Initiate remodeling.

All Ghost recruits start out with a Psi rating of 5 with four skill trees, two are custom (They may not necessarily while the other two are set (Telekinesis and Telepathy). The skill tree unlocks as your psi rating increases. Points will be given throughout the RP to be distributed.

*Replace Telekinesis with Physical Conditioning/Physical conditioning?

Psi Rating: 5
Points: 20

1. Electrokinesis
2. Computer Tech/Hacking
3. Telekinesis
4. Telepathy

Psi Rating 5:

Psi Rating 6: Locked
Requires X skills in Psi Rating 5

Computer Tech/Hacking
*An example of where Psi index is not necessarily applicable but the character can't suddenly be a l337 hacker by the second thread as they will still need to learn the skill and toolset

These two trees are preset and all Ghosts have access to these trees.
Psi Rating 5:
Reach [4/4]: You're physical attacks extends very slightly/slightly/moderately/greatly with the aid of Telekinesis
Augment Jump [4/4]: Increases jump distance very slightly/slightly/moderately/greatly with the aid of Telekinesis

Psi Rating 6:
Lift [3/3]: Lifts a single target. More points allows you to lift heavier objects and increases lift time

Psi Rating 7:
Implode [3/3]: Telekinetically crushes a target. When mastered, multiple objects can be imploded at once.
Mind Blast [5/5]: Blasts the mind(s) of target. May result in disorientation or outright death. Greater mastery offers more control, especially over multiple targets

Psi Rating 8:

Psi Rating 5:
"That is... Interesting. I didn't know this system was coming out. It'll be quite the interesting thing to apply to the RP. Hopefully we can trust those custom ones to be fair. Now, what for those who end up being non-Psionic, such as Zarkun's wrangler?"
07/07/2013 08:43 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Now, what for those who end up being non-Psionic, such as Zarkun's wrangler

I mean, wranglers are wranglers because their Psi-Index are too low and it's unlikely their psionic powers will go up soon.

They are only paid to bring in psionic children in (as children obviously are better materials) so I don't see Zarkun's wrangler being THAT much of a major character?

In short, they don't have a skill tree. I think.
"It's gonna end up being somehow. I have a feeling. Additionally, some others are planning non-Psionic characters. I also don't know about children being better material. They just are more capable of learning."
07/07/2013 08:50 PMPosted by ShadowFury
I also don't know about children being better material. They just are more capable of learning."

Which is why they are better material. Their psionic potential is easier to bring out than in adults (I'm pretty sure of this), but thats not to say that adults can't be increase their powers (although they would have to be a psychic in the firsthand)
"The Ghost Academy also waits until the kids are at the age where they would be able to be literate. Meaning they could write and read orders without problem, but what would happen if they grew up without that education? And here's a character sheet format. If there is anything you feel is unnecessary or something I may be missing, please alert me, and tell me why that should or should not be on the character format. It does not have to be an essay. Just something very basic."

Age: (I'd say 9-15 is the frame for Spooks [trainee Ghosts], for others I would say at least an adult)
Occupation: (If not a Spook, convince us as to why this fits and how it came here)
Physical Appearance:
Custom Skill Sets:

"Also, I am working on one called Stealth and Awareness. Perhaps it is interchangeable with Telepathy/Telekinetics. Or it can replace one of your custom if you really want, as replacing either telepathy or telekinetics removes one of two very powerful abilities at the end."
These are currently just rough drafts. will except tweaks suggested by dms/others.

Name: Jake Matsu
Age: 16
Occupation: Spook
Physical Appearance: short messy black hair, 5'11", slight build, shining amber eyes, generally wears slightly loose clothes when not in armor
Custom Skill Sets: Electrokinetic, Computer Tech/Hacker
Background: N/A

Name: Siara Nuri
Age: 9
Occupation: Spook
Physical Appearance: young but athletic, 4'5", stunning ice blue eyes, pale skin, fiery yellow and red air
Custom Skill Sets: Cryokinetic, close range combat
CR, SF, I will note you my guy tonight. While he is from Koprulu, he gives scum a new meaning. All he's in it for is the money and blood.
I think you aught to be able to limit your starting number of skill trees in exchange for additional points to your other trees. For every starting tree that you drop, you gain an additional points/abilities to use in your other trees.
Better suggestion ... EVERYONE starts with the SAME number of points regardless of number of skill trees.
War, I really don't see how that does anything as you don't even start with any points at all. You are given two after your "assessment" or so to speak. Meaning... Morph is correct.

Whatev' That was just my random 2 cents worth at midnight last night. So take it with a grain of salt. Nor did I ever say it was a good idea, just an idea...

Anyway, I actually like the idea of having a starting pool of point/powers (whatever you happen to call them) to be distributed across a selection of skill trees. Same sort of idea, just a simpler, less bass ackwards way of going about it.
I know that the highest level on the Psi-index you guys can have is nine... but only a couple can be nine... and everyone starts off as a 5 because of psi-dampeners and later on they'll gradually disable more and more of it. So far... me and SF are discussing some other things as well.
Morph, I already found something. :P SF helped... we combined a couple of things and we came up with something involving Level Nines and then... okay.

Okay, anyone joining, and especially as spooks, we need to know. So me and SF can figure out how to work this out so we can build the skill trees that are custom. And we would like a short description of that tree so we know what to work with and what you might be expecting. This will save us time in the long run since we will be busy with this.
"We would request that those who are going to join, please post their character sheets, or at least your skills. Give us a description on your custom skills as we will be using those to make skill trees for you, I am sorry for the distrust, but it is somewhat required."
Bleh ... will do mine when I get home maybe. Might be home a lot earlier than expected. Also I have an interesting idea for a char
Here's mine.

Name: Deathstrike

Age: Unknown, never removes helmet

Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary (Could be a wrangler, though unlikely, or he's with the UED when they attack)


Personality: Cold, calculating and distant, Deathstrike isn't a people person in the normal sense. People are little more than prey to him, all of them have a turn, even himself, though he's yet to meet a man or woman skilled enough to best him. He doesn't care who pays him, so long as it pays and he gets to spill a little blood.

Weapons: Bleeder double-edged long sword, Striker semi-auto .45 caliber pistols, Hellfire SMGs, Beheader Assault rifle with DeathsScythe Grenade launcher attachment, Combat and throwing knives

Appearance- Form fitting armor that rumors say can withstand several Punisher grenades directly. Slight bulge on the shoulders and ammo pouches everywhere; across his chest and around his waist and half way down his thighs with a knife in his right boot. Armor is painted half red and half black, with the face of the helmet containing no obvious visor and the helmet loosely shaped like a human skull with the facial features worn nearly flat, with the cheek bones, The top of attached ears on the side, block chin and remaining shape of the eye sockets being the most prominent features of the helmet. Boots are arguably a separate part of the armor, though no weaker than the rest of it. Stands Six foot, six inches.

Note: He IS NOT psionic. He's just REALLY good at what he does. Nothing more, nothing less. Also, he's got a mind Psionics can't get into for some reason. Certainly not a Psi Screen. Of course, who'd want in the head of a man who's killed his share of Ghosts?

Do I really need to do skill sets for him?
Well... Not being able to get in his mind is reasonable... some people were able to do it, namely Mengsk. Also...


07/09/2013 06:44 PMPosted by Zarkun
Weapons: Bleeder double-edged long sword, Striker semi-auto .45 caliber pistols, Hellfire SMGs, Beheader Assault rifle with DeathsScythe Grenade launcher attachment, Combat and throwing knives
Maybe just something a tad closer to Starcraft so we know exactly what we can use against each other? I mean... not to be rude... but this could make a lot of people do really stupid stuff which leads them to having superior weaponry and armor... no offense... Then the ridiculousness of you can't do this because it is immune... Ya know? Not trying to single you out... but others might try this.

Also, can you tell me which Starcraft weapons these weapons are based off of?

07/09/2013 06:44 PMPosted by Zarkun
Form fitting armor that rumors say can withstand several Punisher grenades directly.
Oh my... there are no Punisher Rounds during BW, just as a FYI and those grenades pack a punch.

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