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Hey, SF. I made some changes to the Sentinel tree, just letting you know FYI just in case you don't get my message on DA. Then we can also discuss about Stefan's Self-enhancement that pretty much everyone would have.
Name: Jessica Galler
Age: 14
Occupation: Spook
Physical appearance: Neck length blood red hair kept pulled back in a ponytail most of the time. She stands at about 5'1" and has hazel eyes. She has a very light build and rather simple features as she has hit puberty but the training has been rigorous enough to prevent certain development. Fair complexion and light toned skin. Some apparent grease marks on her arms and on her face at times.
Backstory: Jessica was born on a fringe world to a rather poor prospector family. She was the seventh child of nine and the only one with apparent psionics. Her father recognized some of the base traits for psionics when she was about five years old by her fixing one of his machines with out even touching it. He didn't belief it at first and decided to test her by putting another damage machine near her and watch her fix it.
he knew psionics were rare but that ability he had never seen before and sent a message to Korhal hoping to make some profit by turning her over to the Ghost Academy. Not so hard to believe one of her first memories is her father handing her to a Ghost and counting the credits that they gave him as she was carried off. With that she has abandonment issues and tends to be reclusive not really wanting to make friends nor wanting to know people she lives with. She does however find herself more inclined to spending time with machines and AI as they tend to show more loyalty even though they are programed to.
Abilities: Techno/Mechnopathy, Energy Feed (takes energy from target to restore her own),

Skill tree is as follows:
Telepathy/Telekinesis Techno/Mechnopathy, Stealth and Awareness, Close Quarters Specialist.

I didn't like part of the background and made adjustments.

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