Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXXIV

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IC: I decided to inspect my ship in case it was damaged.
I go over to the hut and knock on the door.
IC: I then realized we were kinda easy to spot. it was hard to hide space ships but thats when i had an idea. Could i leave my wraith in orbit? I didn't know if wireless control would be able to work in space or not but it was an idea. at the same time it would be totally exposed to the naked eye if you viewed it from outer space..... Ideas raced through my head as i once again got into that serious war state of mind.
"Oh yeah, my brains are a bit addled that's all." I reply wearily as a walk outside the ship. When I look around outside at the huge Zergling my jaw drops, "I am so sorry..."
What for? The zerg? Both Greggor and I are still alive and so are you. I say rather off handed.
"I know but still...... I should have been able to beat them on the ship, not lock them up and run away for you guys to take care of them....."
I step out of my ship and walk over to Jen. Greggor exits as well and heads to his ship.
"You ran because you were out numbered. Did you even know these zerg were on your ship?"
"After they got on yes I knew but every other student would have fought them, all I did was let you deal with them while I was happily snoozing away!"
I look Jen sternly in the eyes. "You were hurt not happily snoozing. You passed out from you wounds as you were walking off of your ship. Not all of the other students would have thought to seek help when they needed it. You did. Well all need help sometimes even when we are to stubborn to admit it."
"Yeah I guess so but the other students could have probably taken care of the Zerg too. I am out of place in this academy, everyone else is a trained or born killer while I'm just a girl stuck in the body of a monster!" My tone was rather bitter as I was getting angrier with myself every second.
I shake my head again at her. "You being what you are now is not your fault. Sure some of the other students could attempt to handle the Zerg on their own but with what those were I doubt they would have survived. You did what was right Jen. You knew you couldn't fight them and you kept me and Greggor from flying to help you on their ground. You came here where their numbers were more limited and that the chances of our survival would have been best. Now quiet with the pity party as you are not as bad off as you make yourself."
"Yeah you are kindve right I guess. But still can you atleast help me train for close combat as on places like a smaller ship were using my abilities could you know, tear it apart."
I smile slightly under my helmet.
"I can teach you some but most of what I learned has been over many years as well as what they taught me back at the Ghost Academy."
"I have claws so I should learn how to use them after all."
Shir reached the hangar, but there was one catch. There was a marine sitting on on the crystal of his ship. He quietly snuck into the ship reaching for the controls.
"And this position leave you more defensive but still can be offensive. It is also the last bit I know for hand to hand combat. I hope some of what I shown you will help."
"They aren't Marines... They aren't anything like Marines. Also, Darkra. It is a heavily forested environment. Almost completely jungle with a couple clearings around lakes and rivers."

Zaros looks at the small makeshift door, pretty much no more than a large piece of bark. He pulls it out of the way from the top, and the odd light diminishes. Zaros looks at Serenity. "Well, that was quick..."
ooc: What do you expect me to call them? Troopers? Confederates? Jerks who bombed the building? I am referring to them in the military sense, not as the unit.
cap everyone else called em soldiers ...

"Yeah gotta love a wormhole drive. Korzis Brian and Dante are with me."
"Marines are naval soldiers. These guys are not in a navy nor are they trained for amphibious operations. They are simply soldiers or infantrymen."

"Good that they made it out... But why was Brian with you? I would think he'd be the first one out and be by himself." Zaros asks.

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