Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXXIV

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We're all going on the assumption that CR has other plans.
Ah. Well in that case... idk. So it's invulnerable for the moment, I guess?
Korzis sees Cynthia running into the building, and drawing the rifle Brian had given him, he charges. Having it level with the heads of the majority height of the soldiers, he fires as he runs until the the clip is empty, not quite going as far as Korzis hoped, he starts just hitting soldiers on the head with the rifle if they tried to get in his way. Fire came upon him, and all he could do was hope his shielding could stay up for long enough to keep him alive.

It did, barely. With one last desperate attempt to keep him from reaching Leroy and Mira, a rocket is launched at him, the blast force sending him tumbling through, and pain aching through his body. If the rocket had hit directly, Korzis would have been killed. He tried to force himself up, only to fall back down to the ground, the pain throughout his body too great at the moment.
Creature is dead! All my rejoice at the company of !@#$! Huzzah!

IC: The abomination was dead and pretty much gone. Nothing. Dust!

The others could finally enter the building. After they dealt with the soldiers.

Cynthia was moving quickly along with the shadows. Deeper inside the troops were smarter and smarter... more coordinated as they began to move around weapons and devices to create a bottleneck that would even trap even Protoss in their tracks.
This is ending by Midnight, Eastern Time.
If you have any objections to this; you are !@#$ out of luck.
This is ending by Midnight, Eastern Time.
If you have any objections to this; you are !@#$ out of luck.
In that case...


Seeing that most of the turrets and soldiers outside the building were now gone, I call in to Shade.

{Shade, Miranda here. Is there any reason you need the Consortium leaders alive? If not, I can use the ship to take out the entire building; we'd just need to keep them from overrunning our position for a few minutes while I get the weapons active, and then evac everyone from the target location.}

Without waiting for a response, I begin making my way back to the Revenant II, staying behind cover as much as possible. Even if Shade called in a negative for some reason, I could still provide support with the frigate's lighter guns.
Me and SF weren't planning on killing them.

IC: {Negative, Miranda. Keep the skies clear and possible keep our flanks free as the others delve deep into the abyss of that wretched place. And we don't know if anyone is inside the building besides our targets.}
OOC: Aww. But blowing things up with really big guns is fun... :(

{Roger that. In a few minutes that building will be the only thing belonging to the Consortium still standing within twenty kilometres of here.} Though I didn't say anything, I disagreed with Shade's decision. If there were others inside the building, they would just be collateral damage, a necessary evil to ensure the Consortium's destruction.

Still, I would follow orders. At worst, the students inside would get killed, and they really weren't my responsibility. I begin flipping switches inside the ship, bringing its systems online and readying the frigate for combat.

I circle the compound at a distance, scanning the structure. I could provide support to the students inside from here, since my beams would be able to penetrate the walls to strike targets within if needed.
Cynthia was sneaking around through the ducts, what little room she could squeeze through she had managed. Then she came upon two figures, one male, another was female. It was Leroy and Mira. Just about Cynthia was about to fire at one of them-

Mira turned around suddenly and fired a shot at Cynthia. And the round was so fast and fierce that it went through one of her hearts. There was energy encircling the round. Ceasing her heart to regenerate as blood began to drip onto the cold, twisted metal. “Well, well, well. Look, Brother, it’s her again.”

The gun was raised to the other heart; the trigger was ready to be pulled. Mira aimed and-

{Some weird !@#$ happens]

A man began to walk into a dark, abandoned room. He walked with such stride, such honesty. In each hand was an item. In the left hand was a key; while in the right hand was a flashlight. “Oh we shall close this up forever. We shall bring up some closure. And there shall be an end to the terror of %^-*!” This custodian was singing along as he used the key on an open door. The door led to the end of this RP. And with that key, lay the solution to close the door for good.

The key was inserted into the door and was turned; locking it from all to see.

“Hehehehe. If they want to see what happens next. They should wait until the morning until I right up the next segment; the finale of this terrible, terrible conclusion.” And with that the lights turned off.

OOC: You don't like it, you can kiss my white !@#.
*squirts everyone out of the thread with a water squirter.*

Where is ze ending?
Owl, maybe you are forgetting that I started school again and the fact remains that I have been busy. So calm your buttox.

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