Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXXIV

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"His wraith is a smoldering pile of debris."
You can tell that Zaros is trying not to laugh. "Ah. Well get the others. I'll explain the reasons for this planet."
The ramp lowers and Selena and Terance disembark, Jared setting back down and climbing out.


Sighing and looking it over, I shake my head. "It'll be a few hours. Protoss tech is anything but simple to repair."
OOC: KK. I just refer to the above average pistol wielder as Marines. My aunt.

Shir snuck up behind the trooper, putting his blade up to the suit's throat, activating the blade into the body. He decloaked and closed the doors. He activated the shielding and checked the sensors. Three signatures on the ship. Himself, a zerg, and the memory crystal in his bag. Here we go.. He thought, bringing the engines online and blasting through the hangar, knocking a few crates out of the way.
I nod and go over to the others. "Hey Zaros wants us over at the cabin."
IC: i approach Serenity "What for?" i ask
I grunt and nod;
"Alright. Is there anything you need help with or would I only get in the way?"

"I'll let you know. For now, see if you can't get into the main maintenance shaft and check for bad connections."
I laugh and shake my head;
"You want me, as large as I am, crawling around ducts? Are you crazy? I'd probably just end up causing more damage. The inside a maintenance shaft isn't exactly the place for someone who can crush steel."
Stopping for a moment, I nod to Alicia who had just gotten out of her viking;
"Alicia on the other hand aught to be able to slip on in without a problem."
Catching my words, Alicia sighs and rolls her eyes;
"Great, what have I been volunteered for now?..."
"Thanks Jessica." I send back to her, clearly happy for the help. "Uhh can we get something to eat please, preferably meat, training left my rather famished." I ask politely.

Chuckling, I beckon Alicia over to a maintenance hatch. "I need you to check for bad connections is all. Do you mind?"


Letting Terance, Alicia and Stefan tend to Terance's ship, I set to training, going through several combat forms designed specifically for sai wielding, turning the imaginary enemies into hole filled manikins.
I shrug, tossing aside my excess gear that I wouldn't need;
"Anything that helps us get the hell out of here, I'm willing to do."
I reply, shimmying my way in.
"Sure..." I quickly draw my rifle and training towards something that was moving in the brush nearby. After a few seconds I fire and the sounds of a animal's last dieing scream is heard. I head into the brush and pull out a dead deer like animal.
"Well here is dinner then. I'll have it cleared and ready to eat shortly." I set my rifle near my ship and walk off into the wilderness with the deer to bleed it.

Thanking Alicia, I go into the ship and look around in the cargo hold before lugging out some spare metal I kept for repairs, then go and get a fusion cutter, cutting a shape for repairs. "Bloody @sshole..."
"Eh, fine. Whatever. As long as he doesn't stab me I'm fine." Brian responds heading over to the hut.

Korzis nods. "Okay..." Korzis replies, following Serenity and Dante back over to the hut.

Zaros looks at them. "Do you know why jungle planets always seem the most dangerous after volcanic ones?" He asks them before he starts talking about why they were here.
Crawling through the vents, I look around for anything obviously out of order;
{Alright Terance, what am I looking for here?..}
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before he starts talking about why they were here.

uuhh ya so you actually gonna explain it?
answer question first.

"The diversity of life and predators that have evolved to best use this environment." I say.
IC: "evolution and adaptation" i reply
"Or the fact that there are crazed Protoss there." Brian contributes.

Zaros nods to the first to, but disappointed with the sparseness of Dante's answer. He looks at Brian. "They aren't the natural inhabitants, however, so that is mute." He looks at them. "The danger this planet possesses us one of the reasons it was chosen. The wildlife here will push you to your limits, If you survive, you come out stronger, if you die, they will survive for another day. All the missions prior brought you against opponents that pushed you, but had tactics that you would be expecting and have anatomy that you would know, and they were not the strongest of enemies anyways. It will also teach you of survival, because here, only the strong can survive. The last reason is that it allows us to keep sights on what is going on above the academy, as the planets are not far apart,"

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