Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXXIV

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IC: "so pretty much its a twisted 10 times more dangerous version of survivorman" i say crossing my arms
OOC: Sorry, storm knocked out my power. Also, homework.



I look to Zaros. "So what kinds of creatures inhabit this place, exactly?"

///Miranda/// (OOC: reverting to after killing the soldiers, as I thought I was in a different area and my posts didn't make sense)

Hearing the voices from outside the door I stood beside, I conclude that there are at least two or more of the soldiers still outside. More than I would have expected... and what's this about explosives? The bit about explosives was concerning, but I hoped it wasn't immediately important. They'd have to be insane to use anything bigger than a firecracker while inside a ship like this; the hull wasn't armored from the inside, and would easily breach from any significant internal detonations. I move along the wall back towards the cockpit, careful not to allow my footsteps to be heard from outside the ship. There is another door at the side of the cockpit where the pilot would usually exit from, and I press my ear to the hull beside the exit, listening to see if there were any soldiers at this end of the ship.
I yawn and stretch before sitting up and rubbing the sleep from my eyes. "Sam ..."
IC: Yawns as he awakes from his napping. "yes?"
IC: i shrug "well if that's all i'll catch you later" i say before walking off
"Will you go check the sat com please?" I yawn again and get up to change. I was still tired but I wasn't in a mood to sleep anymore.

I look over to Dante and shake my head before turning back to Zaros. "Shapeshifter here ... once my arm is healed which Aurora only needs to treat once more ... I should be fine."
IC: "Sure" Sam says to her getting up and walking to check the sat com.
Miranda hears nothing of soldiers being on that side.

"They, are hard to explain. But think about the Primal Zerg on Korhal, now think of them being furry, feathery, and scaly animals." Zaros responds. He looks to Serenity. "You won't be engaging in combat until it is known for sure."
"Uhhh do you need help with that Jessica?" I ask. I felt bad for the animal, but I knew we needed to eat and besides I was hungry!"
IC: i decided to do some advanced scouting. the cloak on my suit still worked so it allowed me to observe the strange creatures that inhabited the planet. They were widespread and each one was different from the next, i kept in the shadows and didn't engage any of them.
Hearing nothing, I tentatively raise my head to the level of the window just to be sure, ready to duck at a moment's notice.

"Interesting. Are they actually related to the Zerg in any way, or do their species just happen to share some resemblances?"
You see nothing but a few small fighter ships.

Zaros looks at Ceas. "I was just using that as an example, a few do resemble the Primal Zerg, slightly, but most are basically that destructive and hungry. But no, I don't believe there is any relation."

Glowing yellow eyes erupt behind Dante, so he could not see them. They stare intently, the beast they belonged to ready to lunge at a moments notice.
No just wanting to drain the blood from it away from the ships. Don't want to attract any unwanted visitors. Should be ready to clean and cook here shortly. I find a tree with vines that would make it easier to hang the creature and let the blood drain quicker that way. After I set it up I fiddle with a device while I wait for the blood to drain out.
"Oh ok." I reply and I raise a flat topped crystal to sit sit on and then I ask "Uhhhhh Jessica do you know what exactly these crystals are and why I run off of them, because I have almost no clue."
No idea. Delta doesn't recognize them when he scans them as he told me a couple times. I could have him run a few processes with studying the crystals and their relation to you.
"That would be very nice, from what I gathered this center one in my chest is pretty much like a heart and when I make some that are rooted in the ground they seem to give me energy. Also I can charge them with energy to make them well, explosive." I send back, telling her everything I knew about them.
Interesting. Must have been a test compound your captors decided to imbue into your body. Might be something worth having Delta mull over for awhile.
The deer done bleeding out enough that it wouldn't attract anything and I cut it down and haul it back to the camp sight.
"Jen I need you to gather some tinder and logs for the fire. You might want to ask Greggor for help if you have trouble at all." I say as I walk to the camp sight and set the deer down and begin to clean it.
"Ok Jessica, and thanks. I reply before heading into the woods to go find some wood.
Not a problem. You kinda peaked my interest about these crystals.
"Well they are rather strange."

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