Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXXIV

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IC: i decided it was time to head back, turning around i was face to face with one of the beasts. i raised my rifle and fired at the thing.
I blink behind Sam after I had finished changing. I wrap my arms around him and rest my head on his right shoulder. "Anything new?"
OOC: Should I have Shir land on the planet, or can I have him land... elsewhere? *Little bit of side-plot lore here.*

{Sparking and hissing.}
I grunt and blink as a small shower of sparks covers helm;
{Right. Found some. Now what?}
I ask, taking a look at the source.
My com beeps at me and I sigh pulling away from Cynthia and checking it. "Looks like we got rendezvous coordinates. I guess we should tell the other two and get going ..."

{Should be repair tools nearby. Just use them. It'll show you how to use them on contact.}
IC: "Yeah start packing up we got the rest of the cords. Uploading to our ships now." Sam says getting up and taking the sat link down.
{Right. Give me a sec.}
Looking around, I pop open a panel, the repair kit's contents inside;
{Found one. Next?}
"OK I'll tell Kain." I say heading into my ship to look for Kain.

{Pick up the welder looking one. You'll see memories of someone using it step by step. That's your tutorial.}
"Your choice Caprindo. And Darkra, I apologize for not getting to this earlier."

The massive cat-like eyes stare at Dante as a massive paw flies from the darkness, sending Dante tumbling through the air several meters, and the pain of his shoulder caused him to lose the gun in the air, causing it to be sent away from him. The creature comes out from the darkness. It resembled an oversized cougar, it shoulder standing at least as high as an average man, and a disproportionate head to the rest of its body, with its size being about the same as the average man's torso, with long sharp saber-tooth resembling teeth sticking out from its bottom jaw, the maw being massive. It's large pupils already almost completely adjusted to the light they were now exposed to. Where its tail should be was no furry cat tail, it was scaly and reptilian. At the end it seemed like there was a second mouth with four large fangs (two on either jaw) sticking from it. Its claw start to sink from its toes, showing items sharper than a Zergling's tooth. Slowly it stalks over to the now in desperate need to recover Dante.
Skeptically picking it up I blink in surprise as the 'tutorial' plays through my mind;
{Whoa.. that's interesting... Alright, down to it.}
I reply, focusing on the repairs.

Chuckling to myself, I get back to cutting the piece of metal for patching the hole in the hull. "Hey Stefan, mind going and working on reconfirming the coordinates?"
I grunt and nod;
"Will do."
I reply heading back to my ship, Aradia already starting the process.
I'll take a sample soon as you return so I can have Delta scan and process what they are. I start to cut of chuck of the meat placing them on the a nearby rock as I wait for Jen to return with the tinder and fire wood.
Cynthia just stared a little funny at Jake. "Yeah, we should... though we shouldn't sneak up on them. That one seems like she could be really trigger happy."
"Yeah ... come on." I say before heading for the door to the cabin.
IC: I zap the creature with an electric current, increasing the amperes to as high as possible trying to take it out in one blow.
Tari walks into the room, I keep looking at my book and ask, "Do you need something?" with a mild tone of annoyance.

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