Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXXIV

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IC: Sam packs up the sat link and removes the camo from his ship packing it up also. "Better run some system scans to make sure its space worth." He says to himself before runing scans.
"We got coordinates for a rendezvous. You can stay here in this room for now if you wish."
"Thank you, I'll do that." I say, putting up my book and the rest of my things that I took out and I sit down, and start to configure the HUD in my mask.
"Now... you can go tell them while I prep my ship. We'll need to leave quickly." Cynthia said while leaving through the door of the cabin.
"OK." I say walking towards the two new women and returning the cabin to the void.

"OK." I leave the room and go to the cockpit getting ready to leave. {{How is your ship Sam?}}
IC: {{ Its alright.. gonna come in and change into my suit before we take off.}} Sam radios heading back to Tari ship
I was on top of my ship, apparently working quickly on ripping stickers off a sheet and putting them on the ship.

The cockpit was closed on the other ship, so I didn't see Jake approaching.
"Hello again!" I say staying a short distance away.

{{OK I'm ready to go when you are.}}
I pop my head up, and yell back "HEY THERE!" Although the yelling wasn't needed, I was trying to get Brittan's attention. I glance over at her ship, and note the cockpit is still closed. I shrug and put the stickers away, and jump-jet down to near Jake.
"We got rendezvous coordinates." I say holding up a data chip for her. "They are from Zaros so should be where the new academy is."
"Sweet. How much of a hot spot is it?" I ask
About fifteen minutes minutes later I returned with a large bundle of firewood in my arms and a large crystal carrying the rest, enough to make a large bonfire, and I put the wood down. "I hope this is enough wood for the fire. Also you can use the crystal I carried carried the wood with for study." I was in a rather good mood which everyone could see due to me humming which frankly sounds like a Hydralisk trying to do the exact same thing but I did not really care or notice.
A droid exits my ship heading over to the crystal to take samples before taking said samples back to the ship.
"That is more than enough Jen." I start to make the fire getting ready before I finish prepping the meat.
"So how do you want it cooked, still bleeding or a leather chuck?"
"Still bleeding please though not super raw, the other option don't sound very tasty. I wish we had marshmallows though they would most likely just get caught in my teeth anyways."
I start to cook the meat for the three of us and let the rest sit near the fire and slowly turn into a jerky.
Greggor was off to the side meditating while the food cooked.

OOC: Ok mecha you will determine the results of the testing done to the crystals here shortly.
IC: Sam changes into his combat suit before running out to his banshee. {{Ok I'm all good lets fly out.}} He radios while starting his banshee.
{{So, where exactly is this location? Is it just as desolate as the last?}}
I start up my Viking and lift off heading for the edge of the atmosphere while slightly waiting on Sam. {{No idea.}}
"I apologize Darkra, I thought I had replied."

The beast growls and shakes its head in annoyance, the electricity now finding its way across the beasts fur and down its legs into the earth, it continues its approach to Dante, who would now probably be heavily taxed.
OOC: uuhhh where are you going with this SF? cause right now you've left me without any option but to run

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