Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXXIV

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07/13/2013 10:58 AMPosted by darkra
cause right now you've left me without any option but to run
That might be the point in all of this. Realizing limitations and that you can't do this alone. Quite fun actually.

IC: A ship appeared over the planet where camp was being set up... it was bigger, it wasn't a fighter ship, it was an old Battle Cruiser since Dominion times, of course though, it was retrofitted and re-purposed. And it bore the name of the Redemption. {Zaros, I managed to find the ship on one of the moons... they haven't found the communication tower or the relay on that heavily forested moon yet. As long as power is on a minimal, they shouldn't find them. But they might find them.} It was Shade speaking to Zaros via communication device. They were focusing on scrambling any and all communication broadcasts onto a secure channel that would take a while to hack.
"If there is no option but to run, get your @ss out of there in a full on sprint and prevent yourself from getting f*cked the hell up."

{Get it into low orbit, I don't think it would be able to land down here... It might, but I am not confident.} Zaros replies,
IC: i run full sprint back to the camp. as i continue to get chased i open a COM to everyone {{uuhh ya you guys might wanna get ready cause i have a huge @ss monster after me that wants to eat us all for dinner!}}

OOC: i forgot if {{}} or {} meant public
IC: {{ Don't know for sure what it is will fingure out once we get there.}} Sam radios before taking off.
{{Great, more surprises...}}
I scoot towards the fire to get warmer and seeing Greggor meditate I decide to try to myself, though it is rather hard and finally give up and ask Jessica, "Just curious but, what was the Ghost Academy like?" I was hoping I did not arouse any bad memories for her.

OOC: I'm guessing the analysis comes next post.
"Not exactly the place I'd like to consider home ever again. My father sold me to the dominion once my psionics started to show and from my understanding he made a decent sum. He was killed a month later by a Dominion patrol group when he refused to lend them help from something or another. My siblings where then put into an orphanage and that is the last I knew of them. Guess I had it a bit easier than they did at first..." I distribute the now cooked meat accordingly and take off my helmet to eat.
Greggor also removes his helmet and begins to eat.
"Madam Jessica, I have found an interesting in the crystal's structure."
OOC: Its been a whole day since the last post XD

I sigh and when Sam is in range I merge our warp fields before warping out heading for the coordinates.

"Damn crazy terrans." I mutter to myself as I turn to Dante. "Whats going on?"

I give her the chip and head back to Cynthia's ship.
OOC: Tell me if I need to present this differently.

IC: The crystals where Khaydarian crystals as expected but their structure had been heavily altered. One very interesting thing was that the crystal seemed to passively gather energy from around it and feed it to the creator (Jen) and to itself.

"Wait didn't they mindwipe the Ghosts after training, so how do you remember all that?"
"I never truly finished the training. I was put into project Shadowblade and then discarded at New Folsom with a few other Spectre's. The Spectre process tended to mess with the mind wipes and neural inhibitors that the Dominion tended to use."
I look over the results of the tests that Delta preformed. "Are you sure this is correct Delta?"
"When was the last time I was wrong?"
I glare towards the hologram image that appeared after his comment.
"No need to be over confident Delta."
With that I turn to Jen. "Looks like those crystals are altered Khaydarian crystals. They seem to be drawing energy from the area around it and relay it to you. I suppose that is to enhance your abilities."
"Interesting, well that does explain why the more I have around me the better I feel. Though I wonder why they decided to splice them into me in the first place."
"Probably to see what would happen. I mean why would they splice a human's genetics with a protoss's like they did with Flint and other Gestault's? Why would they make us Spectres when they had some idea of what might happen?" I say a little sarcastically and shrug. "The people who make the call are the ones that really know, those of us that survive their pet projects and test as well as their clean up are left mostly in the dark. We just try to keep surviving while trying to learn what new abilities we have and controlling them."
I look at the chip, turning around to face the ship. I shrug and start skipping toward my ship, worried and excited in equal measure. I climb into my ship, and close the cockpit, plugging the chip in. I send the co-ordinates to Brittan, and begin to power up my ship.

I lift my head up, hearing the beep of an incoming message. I open the message, and eye the co-ordinates. I power up my ship, and start typing in the co-ordinates.
"Yeah..." I say sadly before I say, "Another thing I have noticed is that most of the others just have a few traits of Zerg or Protoss but they look mostly human while I on the other hand got changed beyond recognition. It's weird....."
IC: i burst through the trees and almost run into Serenity. "I got a giant sodding monster that apparently eats electricity for breakfast after me!" i say as the thing burst from the foliage
"Flint is a special case. Originally, least from what he told me, he just had the protoss appendages. It was maybe a few weeks later he he had his genetics fully spliced with zerg and protoss, specifically changeling strain from the zerg bit. He is able to alter his form to remain looking fully human but in truth his skin in some parts shows both protoss and zerg."
As Jake goes into the ship, it takes off into the wide black yonder! Funny enough... the Doctor Who theme was playing. Hmm... how intriguing.
Recap por favor.
"I was kindve meaning Tari and Stefan, I get that Flint is a sharpshooter so he can shift to look human but what about those two? Stefan is Zerg yet he was no sharp teeth, tail, and claws while all Tari has are those tendril thingies, what gives?"

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