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As always, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the balance of things, and have decided to address the issues concerning Terran and the Hellbat.

Here are our thoughts:

1. Hellbat drops are mainly an issue for TvT.

2. Terran isn't over performing so while nerfing Hellbats, we’d like to simultaneously push a buff to the Banshee.

3. We think seeing less Hellbat play in the early mid game is not a bad thing, as other Terran harass options are a lot more interesting to watch.

4. This change will also address any other lingering concerns we may have with Hellbats outside of TvT when it comes to early mid game.

So overall, we believe the changes we've been testing in the balance test map are solid for Hellbats:
  • Attack damage decreased from 18 +12 vs. light to 18.
  • The Infernal Pre-Igniter upgrade increases attack damage from 18 to 18 +12 vs. light.

Banshee changes on the other hand, we're planning on going ahead with just the cost reduction change only:
  • Cloaking Field research cost decreased from 200/200 to 100/100

Let us know if you have any feedback. We are looking to implement these changes sometime this week.
I like it.
I wonder if we'll see a lot more widow mine drop into cloak banshee from here on out in TvT.
Your post seems to specifically address the community and that is against the TOS, where is my delete button? <.<

good changes, implement now.
Incorporating hellbats in TvP is impossible now with all needed upgrades. You wanted to prevent flying factory and you did it once again....
Good changes.

*edit: I wonder if maybe Zerg will get some attention now that Protoss and Terran have been adjusted for the better. Maybe a slight buff to AA in some regard?
Thanks for the update!

Are there any other things you guys on the balance team are keeping an eye out for right now? Just curious.
Excellent changes. A buff to Banshee and a nerf to Hellbats early game. Also, encouragement for the Blue Flame upgrade. Perfect.
This banshee buff is a little too much I think. Cloak will hit so much faster, the research time will still be the same but it will be researched a considerable amount sooner since the difference between 100 and 200 gas that early in the game is huge.

I think it will hit just a tad too fast and be punishing for players that don't have great scouting.
if tvt is unbalanced, its a reason to balance :D
what if tvt would be balanced but hellbats kick P and Z easy out of the game ?
Hell its about time
Thank you for bringing peace to the forums Dayvie; your timing could have not been better.
Completely ignoring all the mech discussions i see. I guess it still has potential lol

Good changes though.
So you really believe we gonna get blue flame and the servo upgrade? ahhh blizzard...
Is it wrong that I like this change simply for the reason that I am glad that we get the blue flame hellbat animations back?
Good changes +1.

Though I am slightly afraid of the return of the double starport, holy smokes, back to 2 base muta!

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