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How can you claim your editor is more powerful than the warcraft 3 editor if:

1) Still uses 256x256 maps.
2) Has 8 tile limit.
3)Takes a lot of time to do a single custom unit.
4)Potraits requir a lot of time to make thus people opting for making units without portraits which end up in looking worse than warcraft 3.
5) You make a more advanced editor and thus people will hardly get to make an extension for the editor so they can break the limits

Lot of this things make the editor something usable only for try hards, and not even try hards can make maps people could do with world editor extensions like Jass New Gen Pack (JNGP) or World Editor Unlimited (WEU)...
3 and 4:
I wouldn't include that into "powerful". Well, the wc3 editor was more time efficient... SCBW's editor was even more time efficient I assume due to the lack of modification possibilities.

1 and 2:
Terrain was indeed a small step backwards from what I've heard about the wc3 editor.

Can you elaborate what JNGP and WEU consisted of and what they did?

The problem of sc2's editor aren't the possibilities. The problem is that you require a lot of knowledge to begin with. For example, everything related to "new" requires quite a bit of knowledge already.
The first thing you might try would be copy & pasting a unit. But, that doesn't end up in a working copy of the unit because it consists out of multiple, connected entities that you need to duplicate in order to have a working unit.
So, duplication would be the correct attempt, but the editor user might has no idea what he needs to duplicate. In addition to that, duplicating makes every new entry have a strange name. Most of the time, you need to rename everything you duplicated to keep it organized.
An experienced user just knows, that he needs to duplicate unit, main actor, weapon, effects, action attack actor and add an entry into the events of the turret actor, if the unit uses a turret, but a beginner can't possibly know that.

I really think that a dialog (like a wizard) for creating a unit, ability/weapon could be helpful to make it easier for new users to quickly create something basic and simple with only a few clicks. Then they can look at what they created and play with some fields that weren't in the dialog like acceleration.
As the editor is a huge xml editor at its core, a program that creates these template units could be done by the community, too.

Here's referring to 3rd party modifications to the WarCraft 3 editor. Most of the "classics" used one of them.

StarCraft 1 also had several 3rd party editors. They greatly expanded what could be done with the game.

In WarCraft 3 you could force 512x512 map sizes and many did.

Their GUI implementation was superior to Galaxy Editor from what I've heard.

As for what the editors can do. Basically Layouts, Dialogs and Actors is where StarCraft 2 has a leg up on WarCraft 3. But for 95% of the people trying to use the editor they can't use many of those aspects.

There is a whole rant that goes along with this but it comes down to Blizzard making a mistake an then not fixing it. Some efforts were made and things have gotten better. But we are still very far from the what the previous Blizzard RTS games could do.

To be frank at this point, Blizzard plug and play mods, although having huge potential, is probably an idea that came too soon. We will probably have to wait until another company can spare the resources to try the idea again.

When the developers re-appear about 3 months before LotV you can probably ask them then. Figure a year and a half at least.

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