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It's been several hundred years since Amon's defeat, and humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction by the Zerg and Protoss. For three decades, they have been waging a merciless war against the Terrans, glassing and infesting every planet that fell, and leaving the Terrans without a way out. Slowly but surely they were forced to a single planet in the Koprulu Sector, Korhal IV and then the Xeno aggressors set out for Earth, finding more established resistance, but nothing they weren't able to whittle away at, eventually destroying all established resistance in the Sol System. Three bastions of human resistance remain, Earth, Korhal IV and Mars, which was finally made habitable three years before the Fall of Humanity began. In those three years, it was turned into a military bastion, armed with ever upgraded weaponry and defenses, and is also the place where Project Final Flash and it's off shoots were carried out. This project is the reason Humanity is still surviving. It produced the Artemis soldiers, genetically altered and modified super soldiers that could stand toe to toe with the most elite of Protoss warriors and put them to shame. You are soldier among the human ranks, Artemis or otherwise, and you are part of a force dedicated to helping humanity rise again, not just continue to exist, but to rebuild your civilization. However, things look bleak. First you must reestablish communications with the other two planets, a dangerous task with Infested and Zealots prowling the halls of the long range communications towers, and who knows what else. Then you have to rebuild your fleets, but the shipyards are overrun with Zerg and Protoss forces, including things never before seen. Both tasks are extremely dangerous, but possible if you can band together. Pick up your weapon, show your heart of courage, and lead the charge to reclaim Humanity's future, or make your final stand. The choice, is up to you.

Earth: A beautiful sun rise offset only by the sound of Zerglings washing up against the compound walls and psi storms attempting to bring down the protective barrier. Your CO is in the command bunker, giving orders to prevent several roaches from bringing down the front gate and to stop a group of infestors from making it into the compound via some old supply tunnels due to be demoed, but a Hydralisk escort killed the demo team before they could set off the charges. There are also several Protoss warp prisms and shuttles inbound and the engineers need an escort to repair the heavy anti air turrets, as air support alone will be inadequate with the escort the Warp Prisms and Shuttles have.

Korhal IV: The sound of Zerg and Protoss warriors attacking the compound has permeated your dreams, making even sleep a nightmare. They rarely give a respite, and even more rarely give a full nights rest. Now your CO needs you to stop a column of Immortals from reaching the walls and cracking them open so that the combined Protoss and Zerg army can overwhelm your forces. Also another crisis, Mutalisks and brood lords are inbound to keep your air support on the ground, and the power relay is filled with Zerglings and broodlings who have been ensuring that the anti-air defenses stay off line by destroying all the power connections and killing anyone sent to repair them. The final threat is a contingent of five Ultralisks bee lining straight for the base, intending to make a second hole in the walls, or one at all if the Immortals fail. You have to find a way to stop the giants.

Mars: You awake in your quarters, the alarms blaring as Zerg and Protoss lifesigns enter the atmosphere, and you head to the command center, where your CO is in the midst of an important strategic decision; Eliminate the scout force to buy the main base more time, plant traps for the main force to thin out their numbers, but allow the scouts to see your standing defenses, or assault the main force directly, forcing them to retreat.

Subject, Draco.


Corrupted file detected, please reconstruct profile...

Age, 25...
Eye color, Electric Green...
Body type, Athletic...
Hair color, Platinum...
Skin color, Tanned...
6' 4", 255 lbs...
Features, Scar from training across left eye...

Artemis, Special Operations and Assault division...
Fefnir Mk III Assault Armor, Armored helmet, color: red...
Fully automatic Odin assault rifle, .50 caliber Drop-Dead Combat Pistol, Combat Knives...
Frag grenade, shredder grenade, prototype Plasma grenade...

History, -Classified-

Name: Eric
Age: Appears to be in his early 20s
Soldier type: Phantom
Appearance: Slim but fit, 5' 8" and 175 pounds. Matte black armor. Hazel eyes and short-cropped dirty blonde hair. A LOT of surgical scars.
Armament: EMP proton acceleration rifle, Desert eagle w/ specialized ammo, Ripweave vibro-blade, Tactical grenades, Mirage stealth armor.
Abilities: Advanced Augmentation (infiltration, hacking, tactical assessment, assassination), Crack shot.
Backstory: Produced by a subversive offshoot of Final Flash know as the Chimera Initiative. [Data Expunged]
Starting planet: Mars

Name:Jurassic Conquest (Real name: Lenny Dud)
Soldier type: "Heavy Infantry"
Appearance: Huge, 6'8, 285 pounds, black skin color, bald, large football jersey when not in combat, Black and Green uniform in combat, large pants, black boots.
Armament:MI-68 Personal Minigun, Riot Shield, AK-145 Machine gun, Magnum pistol.
Abilities: Strength (Self-explanatory).
Backstory:Was a Defensive linemen before the war started, he signed up quick, and went around places. He got his nickname from his commander in training camp, and was sent to mars where was just now put into Soren's unit.
Starting planet:Mars

Name: Soren Talmerez
Age: 30
Soldier type: Artemis Engineer
Appearance: Bald, 6 foot 4, heavy build, scar running down left eye to lip.
Armament: Automatic Shotgun, Heavy Gauss Cannon
Technopathy: Manipulates machines and vehicles, allowing for remote control
Deploy Turret: Deploys a turret of his choice, weapon varies from flamethrowers to rockets. Includes two specialized, custom-made turrets.
Repair: Can repair almost any machine
Psi-sense (passive): Soren becomes a detector
Scatter-mines: Deploys a mixed group of automated mines.
Backstory: Earth-born trooper with a unique aptitude with technology. Was stationed on Mars as a guard for a research station before the invasion had begun, and now fights to survive and find others before it is too late.
Starting planet: Mars

Name: Cea'lil
Age: 60
Soldier type: Chaplain
Appearance: Light-weight power armor that is not as big as CMC suits, with gold colored square shoulders, and a black helmet with a square mouthpiece and red eye-slits. Some odd symbols adorn her armor, and a mechanical arm extends out of her left shoulder, which houses the Blaster.
Armament: Energy Tri-Scythe, Shoulder-mounted Automated Blaster
Precognition(passive): Low level psionic abilities allows Cea'lil to peer into the future, predicting attacks.
Enhanced Mobility(passive): Twin modules built into Cea'lil's armor allow her to use her jetpack and raise the speed she sprints at.
Grenade: Throws a proximity-activated smart grenade.
Resolve: Cea'lil recites a prayer, inspiring her to fight harder.(DM/RPers choice if it works on others)
Backstory: Cea'lil is relatively young by the standards of her people. Originally a member of the XEF, most of their leaders were lost, and those that survived fled to Korhal IV. Cea'fli has seen little combat between where she had originally lived and Korhal IV. Despite that, she is eager to prove her skills, and help defend humanity. As a Chaplain, she was given respect from her people and she feels cheated regarded it. She hopes that the XEF will reform once again, but secretly, she doubts it will happen after all the damage that has been caused.
Starting planet: Korhal IV

Name: Veley "Smiles" Riffost
Age: 23
Soldier Type: Infantry/Special Tasks Group
Devroy Manufactured M-93 Sniper Rifle (
P-45 Gauss Pistol
Combat Knife
Abilities: If I need this, I will add it in. Still don't think abilities should be in Roleplays :\
Starting Planet: Earth

Veley was the youngest of eight siblings on a ranch back on earth. Her brothers and sisters would always physically fight to pass time and strengthen themselves. The fights were everything to them. Defeat was not an option. Fights would be staged in the barnyard where adults couldn't see them and they would often times get seriously injured or bullied. Veley got the worst of it. She had never won a fight in her life until the age of sixteen after training extensively on her own. The neighbor boy was training to be an elite soldier in the nearby academy and he helped her with several techniques and moves that gave Veley the edge in most combat types. Formal training became invaluable to her later success.

With no parents or adults involved in the fights, they easily became beatings Veley and other younger siblings were forced to endure. Veley became bitter and Rude to those she didn't know well. Veley felt completely alone in the world. The neighbor boy was the only source of good in her life. He trained her in rifles and close combat alike. The two became close and through the next few years, he trained her as she became the soldier she needed to be.

Veley had been running and hiding in the fields while the fights went on every night to avoid the usual beating, but this time, she would show up. Silent and humorlessly, she subdued each and every challenger.

By seventeen years of age, Veley left her family behind to pursue a romantic relationship with the neighbor boy, who was to be stationed on Mars. She took the next transport to meet him and spent much time with the boy. They continued to strengthen their relationship throughout their time together until he was called to serve on tour aboard a ship.

Veley returned to Earth and did mercenery work as she patiently waited for her love to return. It was on the news she saw the ship he was on crumble under the might of the zerg. Devastated and distraught, she became a bounty-hunter. Hunting was natural to her and fighting was the only thing she knew how to do.

Three years passed since her old neighbor was KIA. She continued to mourn for him and take self-pity until she realized the aliens would soon silence all terrans in the galaxy. She had to join the military. Enlisting in the nearest academy, she furthered her training and was instantly inserted as a sniper in the infantry.
Starting Planet: Earth

Name: Zorra
Age: 24
Soldier type: Artemis, Special Operations infiltration and Assault Division
Appearance: small lithe build, 5'2", beautiful golden with flecks of brown eyes, auburn shoulder length hair, pale skin tone, several scars down her back from fighting with a Zealot
Armament: Kisani MK II Infiltration and Assault Armor; Earthy Brown, Silenced Ion Rifle, Plasma Saber; Black core with gold edging, Shredder Grenades, Flash Bangs, K-68 'Grim Reaper' semi-auto silenced pistol
Abilities: Advanced Infiltration Training(Passive), Cloak(semi passive),
Backstory: -Classified-
Starting planet: Earth

Name: Morris Reese
Age: 42
Soldier type: Kameelperd- Is specially augmented in leg muscles to allow greater speed and jumping and has augmented hearing. There are also multitude of reserve augmentations for the use of reflex ability.
Appearance: A darker skin tone, somewhere between black and white, but not Hispanic or Asian. Short black hair and brown eyes. He is quite muscled, and will most likely either be wearing his brown armor or simple grey trousers and black shirt, the latter of which having a white giraffe head on the top-right of it. Armor appears like this:

Armament: War Giraffe (which has its own armaments), M-61 Submachine Gun, energy lance
Abilities: Reflex, Giraffe Whisperer(Passive)
Reflex- Morris' brain slows down its perception of time and his reserve augmentations activate, this allows for extremely fast movement in small amounts of time, and the capability to sometimes even dodge bullets.
Giraffe Whisperer- It allows Morris to communicate with giraffes.

Backstory: ...Let's skip this, shall we?

Starting planet: Earth

War Giraffe Armaments (Prone to change): Head mounted grenade launcher, shoulder mounted machine guns, hooves, hip mounted machine guns
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Soren clears his throat, and speaks. "Sir, we aren't sure of what kind force they're sending at us. I know we have a scout team wandering around, but what if we funnel them into a trap before we let them get too close? If we can get them distracted, some of the engineers and I could plan some surprises for the main force when they get here."

[Kohral IV] (Unsure if I have a commander to speak to)
{Sir, Cea'lil here. Do you want me to clear out the power conduits so the repair team can get to it?] Cea'lil says, waiting to move out. She spins her scythe between her fingers, eager to turn it on and fight them once again, to make them pay for every one of her people they have killed.
Morris looks at his Giraffe, currently eating hay as he puts on his helmet, and contacts the commanding officer. {If I am required I will assist with the Roaches.}
"I like killin' tha main fo'ce, sir."

Commander Harris nods to Soren. "Do what you can. Jurassic, take some marines and draw them towards the choke point. use the canyon, it's already been narrowed by the bombardments."


{Do it. That gate comes down, we're doomed.}

Korhal IV

Commander Grism comes back. {If you can spare the time. Once that's handled, our air support can handle the Ultralisks.}


I watched Soren and listen to the call. Jurassic was a good man, though not quite a leader, so I radioed for a sergeant to be sent with them. "Sir, what if we used a long range barrage?" Harris shook his head.

"No ammo to spare until Chimera's men get here."
"Sir permission to escort the engineers to repair our anti air and suggest that a diversionary squad be sent to protect the supply tunnel until I can get there and push them back enough to blow the tunnel?"
Sensors also pick up a small force headed for the base, and fast. For a single tense moment, the computers try and identify the oncoming force. With a quiet chime and a green light, a small collective sigh passes through the command room as the force is IDed as a Chimera convoy.

Additional data is quickly attached to the convoy's icon as they come running in like a bat out of hell. There are three APCs escorted by four hellions and a pair of diamondbacks, all of which have been modified to travel at incredibly high speeds. However they all appear to be more lightly armored than normal; assumably on account of the other modifications.

As the command room moves back to other matters, the comms officer receives a text-only message from the convoy;
{This is Dr. Showforth of the Chimera initiative R&D department. We have our trial operative inbound.}
"Okay, sir. Could ya pick 'um out fo' me? I ain't good at pickin' people out."
Quickly Morris punches a button, the giraffe's armour and weapons starting to be equipped. The giraffe doesn't even move, and quickly Morris clambers up the giraffe. The giraffe lowers its head, and charges out of its stable. It starts galloping over to the gate, its head barely sticking over, allowing it to see over before it charges out, and alert Morris of what was out there.

Several Roaches, meaning around a hundred or so, surround the gate in a half circle, spilling on their acid bile. If it continued unchallenged, then the shield protecting it would fail and the roaches would melt the gate. Gerold looks over things. {We'll see what we can do, but no promises. I've already got men in the tunnels. All you need to do is blow them without killing yourself or the others. God speed.}


A reply is sent. {Better have that ammunition and supplies too, otherwise the Commander will pull the plug. We'll have Draco get ready.} A message is sent to Draco and he leaves the command room, heading back to the armory. Commander Harris nods to Jurassic and a list of names comes up under the command of Sergeant Blackwell.

"Report and brief them, Jurassic, and god speed."

Edit- Feel free to get creative with vehicles and such. This is hundreds of years into SC's future.
{Roger that sir. want me to deal with the tunnels or the anti air first?} I grab my rifle making sure I had all the ammo I had been issued. I had a feeling I'd need every bit of it and then some.

{Anti air. My men can hold them in the tunnels.}
Walkin' round, I look at the list of names and call 'um out loud, tryin'a get the people on it to come so we can head where we need to be.

"Drew Jepson. Alexandria Szetson. Jack Monroe. Will Shepardson. And Samantha Millson." I call the names, and they come out 'n line up 'n wait for their orders. I tumbled over a couple of the names, I mean what the hell is a Szetson? I briefed 'um what I knowed, which warn't much but nothing, and we headed out to the vehicle. She was a beauty. A brand new model, they called it a "Dragon". It could carry 8 people, and went fast. It had a flamethrower. I don't know how fast, 'cause I don't take stock in things like that. But fast.

I grabbed my minigun, and we headed to the Canyon. The driver must've known where we was goin', 'cause he went there without my instruction. It's okay. I don't like given orders. Once we got there, we loaded out 'n got ready to go. I sent Jack and Will with me, up to the front, and had Samantha (she likes to be called Sam), Alexandria, and Drew to a small hill behind us, and ordered 'um to give us support. I told them I didn't 'spect them to do nothing that I wouldn't, but I would like 'um at my back, and then Drew he said some sappy stuff to 'um 'bout honor and glory and all that, and we got ready for them to come.
A reply is immediate and to the point;
{We have what we were able to fit into the APCs, but It isn't much. There is much to discuss.}

The convoy makes good time, entering the base's outer defenses.
Soren nods and sprints off, heading toward the canyon. Along the way, he is joined by the engineers, and after reporting what they have to set up at the canyon, they too sprint for it. As the group arrives they spread out quietly, going to do their jobs.

[Korhal IV]
{Roger that. Moving to clear out the power conduit.} Cea'lil says, moving away from her last location and heading toward the power conduit.
{Yes Sir!} I say before heading off to meet the engineers that were tasked with fixing the anti air.

As Jurassic and his squad watch for the enemy, they see several Zerg pods and Protoss ships heading for a poiint about two miles from where they stood. The sounds of the pods impacting the ground resonates, fol?loed shortly by the screeches of the Zerg.

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