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"FIRE THE GRENADES!" Morris yells as he vaults off of his giraffe's back, allow himself to grab a hold onto the wall and bring himself up. The giraffe was firing grenades upon the Roach troops. but very few were dying due to them, their carapace proving to resilient. "It would be helpful if we could have to gate opened, for like, four seconds... But that'll be out of the question." Morris sighs as he draws his machine gun and starts shooting at the Roaches that he wanted his giraffe to focus on.
Veley stood just outside the commanding officer's bunker. She had been part of a squad just minutes ago. They were assigned to a patrol. The flank collapsed and her squad alone was forced to deal with the zerg. Veley could still hear the screams of her friends as they got ripped apart.

Veley's breath staggered and she nearly fell over. Her rifle's muzzle kept her from falling. Taking a staggered deep breath, she tried to hold back tears. Her bruised and dirty face quivered with pain as she fought back emotions.

Storming into the CO's bunker, she stood at attention.

"Requesting a reassignment, sir!" She said, lacking the confidence required to survive in the military. Her breathing was still staggered and her mind frozen. Instinct was all she had left.
The convoy slows down only enough to pass through the main gates at a more respectable pace. Sliding to a stop with crunch dirt between the tires and pavement, the middle APC opens up and a woman in a matte black Chimera uniform steps out; Dr Showforth.

Standing not quite six feet tall, she has short cropped dark brown hair and piercing green eyes. While she has a good form and an exotic, almost angular face, there is a cold hardness to her that only a fool would take liberties with, and never twice.
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After lookin' some more, I see up ahead there's a little ridge that we can probably hole down at a lot better. I order everyone to move up there, and we get there okay, and we set up. Same thing as before, me and the two in front, the others behind. We checked for the Zerg, and as soon as they come I reckon we'd shoot 'um. Before I can see nothing, Sam, our sniper, fires a shot out into the distance, followed shortly by another. Well by and by I come to almost see the Zerg, and order everyone to fire on my orders.
I meet up with the group of techs that was tasked with repairing the anti air. I make sure my rifle is fully loaded and look to the one in charge. "Ready?"

Soon Jurassic can hear the sound of Protoss warriors warping in as well, along with more drop pods landing. He feels the need to ask Soren through the radio how it's going.


The engineer loads his pistol and pulls back the slide, loading a round into the chamber. "Ready as we can be. You sure you can handle this alone?"

Gerold looks at Veley before speaking, fully aware of what had happened during her patrol. "Go get the tunnels. We need someone to stop the Infestors."


I walk out of the armory, my helmet on and the requested weapons in hand. "Chimera's a waste of time. You've already lost six agents to the Zerg and Protoss."
[Korhal IV]
Cea'lil peers into the power conduit, listening for the Zerglings and Broodlings. She ignites her Energy Scythe, and lets the blaster power up. She takes a step into the conduit, and moves inward.
"My name is Zorra for more reasons than just being my birthname. So yeah I'm sure." I say locking and loading my rifle as well as double checking my sabers. I was sure I'd need them at some point during this.
Korhal IV

The sound of Zerglings squabbling immediately meets Cea'lil's ears, with the broodlings moving about. If she listened closely, deeper inside infested could be heard and...other things.


The engineer nods and heads for the conduits. "Then we need to move."
Aside from a small twitch of annoyance at the edge of her lips Dr. Showforth's face remains a mask;
"We have a much smaller budget than Final Flash, not to mention that we've been around for nowhere near as long. I don't think that I need to remind you that FF had a less than sterling start itself."
Taking a deep breath, Showforth pauses;
"Anyway, we have more pressing matters to deal with. This force, aside from our operative, myself and my converted APC, falls to your command."

"There are no longer split chains of command for the sake of fluidity. You all answer to Harris now." I chuckle slightly. "Unless you want to try and get past the assault force and hide in your hole again."
Dr. Showforth chuckles slightly and shakes her head;
"Our trial operative, Eric, is my responsibility. There's quite a bit of experimental things with him, so if I say he is unfit for duty, then he is unfit for duty. This is simply for his own safety as well as those around him. I sincerely doubt you would want a super-soldier snapping in the middle of friendly forces. As for my APC, its a mobile lab dedicated to keeping Eric alive and sane, as well as improving him on the move. I will respect the chain of command so long as it does not interfere with my job. I hope there are no problems what that."

"Just one. You disobey Harris, I'm under orders to put the bullet between your eyes myself. Right now, a sick soldier is still a soldier. We'll just keep him away from friendlies." My voice was cold and harsh, the truth in my words clear as day. It was not an idle threat, it was a promise, one that would be kept if the need arose.
I take point rifle pressed firmly against my shoulder as I scan for hostiles as we head for the AA.

Not finding anything, you reach the door to the AA fine and the engineers look at each other nervously. Usually things went south once that doorway closed.
Showforth smiles;
"Excellent. In that case, I'll give you a rundown on the force. Aside from the vehicles, there are 16 marines , 4 hardsuits, 4 combat medics, and 4 scouts. The details are on this."
She says, handing Draco a data pad;
"As for Eric, his suit has an active camo system and his augments specialize him for infiltration, hacking, and precision tactical support."

"All great and good, Showforth, but you forget we're pinned down in our own compound. We need him to help us push them back, not run towards us."
The Doctor just shakes her head;
"I just keep him running. How command deploys him is up to them. In any case, I'll hand him over to you."
Pulling out her comm, Showforth taps a couple of things in and turns to the APC as a Eric steps out. Walking over to the pair, he steps up to Drako, offering a hand;
Eric Falkner, Chimera special forces opperative. I suppose I'm under your command now."

I'll get those data pad details up as soon as I can.

Ignoring the hand, I hand him his gear. "Welcome to the front lines. First order of business is to get you to a position where you're useful."

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