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ah, he already has his gear.

Shrugging, I shake my head at the weapons, gesturing to the almost alien looking rifle on my back and the incredibly old-fashioned sidearm on my hip;
"No thanks, I got my own stuff. Just give me a job and I'll get to it.. Permition to use the Chimera forces if I need a team?"
He's getting a side arm too and a couple other things. Will work out the details later. Remember Draco is, for the most part, working on orders.


"Orders are you get our gear too. Chimera tech has died in the middle of a fire fight before. As for your team, welcome to it. I'm all the team you get and I'm your CO."
I snort;
"That would be the fools who leave the maintenance of their gear to outdated repair and cleaning bots. I'll be fine, although something with a bit more ammo wouldn't be a bad idea."

Chimera forces:
Muscleweave suits: An advanced piece of gear worn over a skinsuit that gives the wearer incredibly enhanced strength. Each suit is custom fitted to its wearer and has no effect on their reaction speed. Lightly armored with a power core in the back. (looks like Prophet's armor in Crysis 3 without the helmet and a little less bulky)

Wearing heavy armor plating (40k Space Marine esque) over their their Muscleweave suits, they are usually armed with assault rifles, handguns, and a variety of other small gear. (grenades, knives, etc.)

Combat Medics:
A little more lightly armored than Marines, they carry an array of medical gear and basic suit maintenance supplies to keep their allies alive and their armor intact. Usually armed with an assault rifle or a pair of handguns.

Scouts wear light body armor over their MW suits and carry an advanced array of equipment; jumpjets, an advanced sensor/comm array and a cloaking device. While all three fit into a relatively compact backpack, the suit powercore can only run one at a time. Typically armed with a compact rifle w/ numerous attachments, a sidearm and other small gear.

More like a traditional suit of power armor with the servos and armor part of the same gear, Hardsuits are even more durable than marines and capable of carrying a powerful array of weapons; flame-throwers, assault cannons, flak guns and grenade/missile launchers. Hardsuits have 4 weapon mounts, one on each arm and shoulder. All weapons can be attached to any mount with two exceptions; flame-throwers can only be attached the the arm mounts and the missile launchers to the shoulders.

"Good. Welcome to Argonaut Squad." I lead him to a tac map. "Here's our current deployments. We'll wait here and hit them hard when they reach the walls. Hopefully the traps will have thinned them out."
"Okay. Fire!" I yelled, as the Zerg and Protoss started comin' nearer and nearer. {There's lots of Protoss and Zerg. Is you okay?}

OOC: Requesting permission for a long post to determine the fate of my squad, including a retreat. This would cover a decent amount of time in the RP. Also: You can get a point across much more subtly than saying "X character feels an urge to..." :P
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Gerold looks at Veley before speaking, fully aware of what had happened during her patrol. "Go get the tunnels. We need someone to stop the Infestors."

Veley couldn't hide her trembles. She had no faith in her abilities as a soldier anymore. She wished her CO would tell her to take it easy in the barracks, but instead, he actually reassigned her.

Veley didn't know how to answer at first. It took seconds, but she finally through out her arm into a salute before storming off.


Anyone else at the tunnels?
OOC: no just you Thane.

IC: [Earth]
I open the door and go in first clearing the first area before I motion the engineers inside. "Stay here and stay together. I'm going to go clear the rest of the facility then you can get to work but if I tell you all to run ... run and don't look back. Also stay quiet but if something that isn't me appears shoot first ask questions later!" I say before heading to the door leading to the rest of the area/facility/complex/whatever.
[Korhal IV]
Cea'lil begins to make her way into the power conduit, bringing the scythe in front of her. She looks around her, seeing if there was any room to maneuver once the fight started, or if it would be a scenario of 'Who shot first.'

Soren hears the radio come to life, and hears Jurassic speaking over the radio. {We're good, just need some time. When you're about to fall back to the gate, let us know, we'll drop what we're doing and sprint inside.} He swaps channels, and says {Need a check, engineers. How are we proceeding?}
He hears affirmatives from the groups, and nods to himself, continuing his work.
OOC: Third Person for this post. Will be gone next week, this will be my last post until the 22nd+ most likely.

Jurassic and the others regroup as the waves keep coming. They are starting to lose ground, though they're still far from the gate. As they back up, they saw a group of a Zealots charging down the hill, Hydralisks providing support. What an unnatural alliance. They fight off the wave, and there is a small lapse in the action.

"Jesus. I've never seen so many..." Drew says, as the others nod their heads in agreement.

"Wonder what they're waiting for." Alexandra remarks, as a short but demoralizing silence shakes the small group.

"We've just got to hold on as long as we can. Remember, the fate of the whole base, and humanity too." Drew said. He was an impressionable kid, who had been eager to "kill him some Zerg". He had a flair for the dramatic.

"Yeah, wait-" Jack said, but they would have waited anyway. They could see another wave coming. Oddly, it was only Zealots. But it was a lot. Then, behind them, Hydralisks appeared. The enemy's command must have taken notice of this small annoyance.

"Oh, f#ck!" Yelled Drew. Jurassic was the closest to him. The group then realized a critical error: They lacked a medic. Blood was gushing from Drew's chest, and his screams were louder than anything they had ever heard. Jurassic picked him up, dropping his minigun and carrying Drew in one arm with a rifle in the other. "Pull back a little!" Roared Jurassic, and they began to move back slowly. Then, the reason for the apparent lack of Zerg became evident, as Zerglings unburrowed around them. Before they could react, Will was ripped apart by a group of them. "Run!" Yelled out Jurassic, as he got on the radio.

{We're gettin' killed! Running to the gate now!} He yelled, as behind him, Jack was killed by a charging Zealot. Jurassic, Alexandra, and Sam all hid behind a cluster of rocks, as their enemies closed in.

"See that cave over there?" Asked Sam. Jurassic and Alexandra nodded. "Run to it. I'll cover you from here. Hide there. Go!" Without question, the others ran to it as fast as they could. Along the way, Alexandra was hit in the arm, but continued running as fast as she could. It was survival now. After what seemed like eternity, the three reached the cave. They looked back for Sam. She was nowhere. They went further back into the cave, and Jurassic put Drew, in critical condition, on the ground. The Zerg and Protoss lost interest in this small group, who were now trapped behind enemy lines, and continued towards the gate. The squad had done their job of delaying the enemy, but at great cost. The only two who were going to survive now were Alexandra and Jurassic, barring some miracle for Drew.
OCC: First person for characters now.

I curse as soon as I hear Jurassic over the radio. {All Engineer teams, finish whatever you're doing and fall back immediately!} I change channels, and say {Jurassic, we're falling back now, the turrets will cover your retreat when you get close.} I finish up my turret, and sprint back toward the gate. The Engineer teams begin to retreat through the gate, with myself being the last of the team to get in.
Watching the who scenario play out on the map I grimace and shake my head;
"Hell, that went sideways. What's the plan now?"
Sorry guys, can't post much til Monday. I'll have internet by then though. Please be patient.
Right, bit of posting to do.


'We keep mental note of where they are. We don't leave our men behind. As for a plan, the engineers are on their way back. At this point we take our positions and ready for the attack."


As the engineers fall back, the battle cries of Protoss warriors could be heard moving towards them along with the sound of Zerg. This force was large, meant to break the compound.

Korhal IV

The area immediately around Cea'lil is a semi-tight hallway with just enough room to use a melee weapon or shotgun. The sounds of the Zerg suggests there are more open areas however.


"Are you crazy? There are enough Zerg in here to kill a battalion in seconds. We only need the main hallway and power conduits cleared."
"Right. Stay close and stay quiet only shoot if I do and once the conduits are clear get to work and get the job done as fast as you can. I don't want to be here longer than needed." I say standing at the door.
I hear the automated turrets and mines go off, and seal the gate.
{Command, they're at the gate. We're getting more defenses online inside. If there is any inside the compound, get them online.} I rush off, moving to set up more defenses and mines up toward the front.

[Korhal IV]
I spin my scythe quietly, moving toward the closest sounds of Zerg enemies.
I take a close look at the map;
"How good is the enemy's detection between their position and the base? If there's an opening, we could have one of my scouts drop their extraneous gear and grab some medical supplies, cloak up and slip them the supplies. Sounded like they got hit hard."
Life has me in a vice grip, but I'll post some tomorrow. Sorry its taking so long guys.

{Turrets and sentry bots coming online now.} Several large turrets rise up out of the ground and face the gate as several sentry bots armed with miniguns, chain guns, flame throwers, rocket launchers, and various other heavy weapons walk out.


"Too risky. Some of the sentries are outfitted with detection and the Zerg are getting better at Psionic usage, even if it is weak. Your mind isn't as shielded as theirs, theoretically, is. Best we can do for them is force the enemy into a retreat."


Nodding and shaking their heads, the engineers follow Zorra down the hallway, pistols watching the shadows like the devil himself would step out. Of course, with the new strains and Protoss warriors, who's to say he wouldn't?

Korhal IV

As Cea'lil moves down the hall, a moan from behind her causes her to freeze in place. It is shortly followed by a blood chilling shriek that would have paralyzed her if not for her combat experience, and that only just barely saved her. As she turned around, she was faced with a creature that resembled something from most people's worst nightmares, except it was clearly all Zerg. The creature stood about two feet taller than her and had fangs that dripped a blue venom that made the floor smoke with each drop. It's claws were a foot long and serrated, pieces of flesh hanging off them. In it's eyes was a feral intelligence that far surpassed the Zerglings ahead, who could now be heard rapidly retreating from the sound the creature had made, by more than should have been reasonable. As Cea'lil watched and waited for the creature to make a move, she also noticed it was watching her, evaluating her threat and abilities.
[Korhal IV]
I stare at the creature, ready to move backward or to jump into another tunnel to break away. My shoulder mounted energy blaster turns, and locks straight onto its head, aiming for the eyes. I wait quietly, speaking a prayer under my breath.
I grunt and nod;
"Right then. What are they throwing at us and where do you want my men?"
I ask, nodding the the Chimera force I'd arrived with.

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