DarkBlade: Conquest of the Ancients

Joeyray's Bar
I nod,digging into my food;
"Preferably one with a high risk of trouble. I could use a good fight."
"All that's left is high risk. One of my ale merchants keeps having his caravans hit. Can't figure out why and there are never any survivors to ask who did it. Dangerous enough?"
I grin;
"Sounds like fun. Who do I talk to about this?"
Grabbing a napkin and pen, the innkeeper writes a name and address on it.

Sullivan Grent
1100 Green Street

"That'll be the man."
I say, slipping the napkin into my cloak as I return to my food.
"Hmm ... well that can't be good." I say to myself as I drop to the ground and resume walking looking for where they might be keeping their Ser Shard.

I stop at the gate and go to one of the guards. "I think something bad is going to happen."
this actually seems pretty interesting. would it be too late to request to join?
There's a PRP thread on the first page somewhere. I THINK I included a link to it.
uuuh i don't think you did Zark

also ... no you did not include a link to it on the first page of the thread.
I said I think. Jesus.
Zark i posted my application on the PRP
OOC: Not too sure where to put maya so I think she is just going to walk into the inn.

IC: A small figure in a black cloak with odd runes on it slowly enters the inn and tries to find a free table.
Noting the newcomer, I grunt;
"Not used to seeing some many unusual characters in one place... This normal around here?"
I ask the barkeep.

- - -

The traveler tenses at the new arrival before quickly relaxing. Still, nobody pays him any mind.
The innkeeper shrugs, getting an order of mead ready. "Sometimes. Sometimes not. Depends on what fate feels like throwing us."
zark i've posted my char in the PRP for like 3-5 days now......
I know it's there D, just debating on whether or not to have you change a couple things.

IC: The guard raises an eyebrow at Araea, the same guard who had spoke with Morthos. "Why's that, lass?"
"They ... they didn't feel like they had any good intentions nor like anyone I've met before that relied on the Ser for life ..."
The guard sighs and shakes his head. "Those would have been bandits, lass. They aren't like anyone else."
I sigh and shake my head. "They felt worse than bandits ... but I'll take your word for it."

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