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The guard chuckles. "Each band is different, lass. Some more evil than others."
Zark..... is been 4, i repeat 4 full 24 hour days since i posted my char with STILL no reply, i am really starting to get a bit angry
Darkra: calm yo !@#$! zark is busy with work and other RL things. he also is not sure about your character ... at all ...

"OK ... whatever ... may I enter please?"
Sorry if I put my adult life first, Darkra. I'd sooner attend and participate in my cousin's wedding then role play. Fact of life.

The guard steps aside and nods. "Aye, lass. Was never stopping you."
"Right." I say before going into the town and heading for an inn I had seen on first time through.
07/24/2013 10:24 PMPosted by Zarkun
The innkeeper shrugs, getting an order of mead ready. "Sometimes. Sometimes not. Depends on what fate feels like throwing us."

I chuckle and take a sip of my drink;
"I like this place already."
The innkeeper simply chuckles and continues with his job.

Ferus walked the dark paths of the Shadow Forest, having seen very little of the creatures that normally stalk them. Odd, normally the forest is alive with movement and sounds. What's going on?

OOC: So I'm thinking of killing this and introducing a different idea I've sorta developed over the last couple days. However, I'd like your guys's opinion first.
I kinda wanted to see where this goes, but I dont know if I can say the same for everyone else.
Either or works for me. Let's see what everybody else thinks.
I would like to see this through but I'd be willing to see the new idea
Actually... I kind of like that idea. Zarkun, assuming that this one is going be just like first, what's your other plan?
You mean other idea? Think Auric energy. Not psionic, auric. And some DH like stuff thrown in.
...Huh. that could be interesting. Got anything hard and definite yet?
Interesting. I wasnt in DH so i dont know about the other part but the Auric energy could be interesting.
Well, I actually know a fair bit about auric energy, so that's not really needed. What's needed in all honesty is a place and story. I've got an opening ready though.
...will there be anything remotely political? I've got a thing for medieval politics right now.
Haha ^
The setting is a little more modern then SCish, so I'm sure no one in high favor of the purge cares to see an RP that takes place on Earth in a more modern setting.
Alright, I think I'm sold. It sounds different, unique, and I think thats something that we need around here.

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