Darkest Heart: The Were Wars

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In the Prologue, Tobi Van Helsing brought together some of the youngest and brightest minds of Darkova's great Monster hunting families, intending to teach them the necessary skills to fight the upcoming battles. However, as it ended, the Manor fell under attack from the Hi Okami, one of the three Werewolf Clans that has declared war on humanity. How long will the war last?

Name:Tobi Van Helsing
Weapons (Will be blessed on entrance): Argost, Blade of God, Twin Semi-automatic pistols
Abilities: Monster's bane (Passive), Sixth Sense (Passive), Slayer's blow, Master Monster Hunter (Passive)

Name: Alistair
Weapons: Heretic, Arbiter
Abilities: Unleash Hell, Vampire King (Passive), Raise Undead, Drink Blood

Name: Michael Rondey
Armament: Dual Machine Pistols, Solareon, The Purifying Light, Long range sniper rifle
Abilities: Fatal Hit (Passive), Mental Strike, Enhanced Vision(Passive with active function)

Name: Seraphim Dante
Weapons & Equipment: Avenger, Angel’s Breath, Medical Satchel
Abilities: Psi Boost, Advanced Training (passive)

Archangel Altun
Armament: Archangel's Blade, Angelic Armor
Abilities: Holy Light (Passive), Smite

Name: Skade M'keth
Weapons: Silver-spiked mace, Crossbow, claymore
Abilities: Shadow Walk, Snipe,Dark Fury {PASSIVE}

Name: Jenny M'keth
Weapons: Pistol, old sabre "Whip."
Abilities: Handler's Voice, Handler's Mind, Handler's Presence (Passive)

Name: Helen Mytycana
Weapons: Twin .44 magnums with interchangeable ammo, .50 Cal Gunblade(http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/raptureruin/items/gunblade1), large Round shield, Shurimakto
Abilities: Master Smith(Passive possibly with active components), Marksman(Passive), Brutal Striker(Active)

Name: Nasu Tatsumi
Weapons: Guantlets of Phrozen Flame
Abilities: Battle hardened (passive), Undying will (passive), Zebul Emblem

Name- Kain Von Blackstock
Weapons-Black steel Katana, Throwing knives
Abilites-Phantom eye [Passive], The Black Flame, Herbalist[Passive]

Name: Borealis Natuur
Weapons: Aarde (Appearance: http://unkn0wnfear.deviantart.com/art/Radion-Axe-106097641), Nagel (Appearance: http://seargent-demolisher.deviantart.com/art/Gauss-Rifle-Crysis-2-253482731 except green instead of blue)
Abilities: Bear Form, Entangle, Healing

Name: Lalrye Ker
Weapons:Schepper (Appearance: http://heidifury.deviantart.com/art/RPS-Flanged-Mace-169631900) Volbloed (Appearance: http://greendruid.deviantart.com/art/Dagger-19143445), Zetgroep (Appearance: http://great-5.deviantart.com/art/I4-B35-Heavy-Energy-Pistol-310089754)
Abilities:Summon Familiar, Summon Essence(Weaker Elemental), Infusion

Name: Mercedes Lya
Weapons: Warboel and Recht (Appearance: http://ilpas.deviantart.com/art/Van-Helsing-cosplay-Crossbow-347221888 Completely of metal and both are black), Dual wielded daggers (Appearance: http://hronnos.deviantart.com/art/Dagger-148013753)
Abilities: Beast Bane (passive), Vengeance (passive), Huntress Vision (passive)

Name: Graal
Weapons: Trench Knife, Marksmen Rifle, 8-Revolver
Abilities: Marksmen (Active), Bloodtaker (Passive/Active), SilverWolf Survivor (Active)

Name: Noct (Noctalus Dare)
Weapons: Night's Edge (Melee, Morphic), Entropy Shock (Ranged, DOT, Stacking)
Abilities: Shardmancy (Passive and Active), Wanderer of The Ways (Passive), Overclock (Active), Manifestation of Faith: Reality's Requiem (Active, Ultimate)

Name: Solaris
Weapons: Duskfade Blade (Melee), Tesseract Bombs (Ranged, Explosive AOE)
Abilities: Duality Existience(Passive), Tesseracts(Passive and Active), Hyperways (Active), Faceless Phantasm: Infinity's Depths (Active, Ultimate)
Subplots can continue here, just wanted it to start in a new thread. Zanon, Zarrath waits on you.
I curse and draw Avenger;
"Alistair, what are we up against?"
I ask, subconsciously checking all the doorways.
Catharn pulls up sharply, getting on his feet. "Boom." He says, pulling two knives off the table and strapping them on his shirt with a greasy rag. He drew his sword and looked around. "War? Who?" He says, moving around the table anxiously.
I speak, Alistair vanishing for some unknown reason. "The answer is simple; the Hi Okami decided it was time to move against the Van Helsing manor. What they don't know is three things; One, the wards were made by myself and an Archangel. They aren't getting in without help. Two, the Archangel is still here...somewhere. And three, you don't f*ck with a Helsing and his team." Turing to the stairs, I beckon everyone up. "Alistair will tell you where to go as you reach the top. Listen to him carefully."
With a grin and a nod, I take the stairs two at a time, heading for the top.
Mercedes nods and runs up. "They're gonna find some bolts sticking out of their furry @sses pretty damn soon." Mercedes says as she was sprinting up the stairs, maneuvering around Seraphim by squeezing against the wall.

"Her impulsiveness will be her downfall..." The druid comments with a shake of his head, ascending the stairs, but not with too great a haste.

Lalrye walks up the stairs very quietly, ready to fight.

Vezlo gives an odd look to the mention of a war with werewolves. "I... Do not quite understand that. I did not realize that the creatures could be so organized." Not going up the stairs, he waits for the others to ascend first.
07/09/2013 09:35 PMPosted by Zarkun
Two, the Archangel is still here...somewhere.

Someone looks outside to see... A profound lack of Holy Smites being thrown outside.
The Archangel's statue is missing.

Roxal VonDemo looked down the hallway. He didn't know if he should be exuberant or terrified. He had captured an Archangel. No creature in existence could match its power save for a fallen. He also knew that greater true demons could give an archangel a run for their money... but that was beside the point.

He had captured an Archangel! And he wasn't sure how long its cage would hold. His... guest... had assured him that the runes would hold the Archangel long enough for their purposes... But Roxal was no longer sure that was true.

Only seconds after he had delivered his threat to Roxal the Archangel had become too bright to look at. The runes all about the room had begun to give off noxious fumes as the Archangel's Holy Light began to burn them away. He could not even get close enough to see how much of the runes were left, so intense was the Archangel's Holy Light. So if they failed... The Archangel would be the only one who could tell.

His guest spoke up from behind Roxal. "Do not worry. He will still be here when his rescue comes."

Roxal replied. "I know, but it is hard not to worry when-" An imp came up and whispered something in Roxal's ear. Roxal nodded and waved the imp away. "Radar detected the other one."

His guest remained still. "This is far more than I could have hoped for. I must make sure the contingency is in place."

The guest strode away and Roxal turned his attention back to the hallway. The hole where the door to his safe-room once hung cast extremely bright, golden light into the hallway. Roxal turned and walked away from the terrifying sight. He needed to find a place to hide before the other one got here.

OOC: Zarkun, A similar rune trap awaits Zarrath. The idea that is behind this whole thing is to remove the two most powerful forces of 'good' on the planet for the duration of the war.
This.. could be interesting. Esp in light of what I have in mind for my character subplot...
You assume I intended to have him waltz in.

The figure soon reached the location of the energy output and stopped, recognizing it as Roxal VanDemo's mansion. It's shotgun appearing in it's hands, a blast tears through the walls, a piece of shot hitting VanDemo in the arm and sending him sprawling as blood began to flow. "So, who'd you throw you lot in with, Roxal? Which Fallen lied to you to make you his tool?" Another shot, ripping apart several imps. "You really are dumber then you look. Imps as well? I'm willing to bet hellhounds too. How about we skip the minions and go straight to the Fallen?" Three more shots with more casualties. Clearly this former Archangel lacked restraint.
'VonDemo' screams as the projectile hits him. Before even a second has passed a stream of flame erupts from the wound, searing the walls and ceiling around him... Or more correctly, it. The imp sheds VonDemo's form like a burning towel, but the projectile is still stuck in his shoulder, and the imp continues to burn.

"Now!" A line of runes transcribed across the entire VonDemo estate. The grounds, the manor, the gardens the guest home on the far side of the property... Everything. And Zarrath is inside. This is by no means a tiny or insignificant creation. The sheer amount of power that must be holding it up is staggering.

The fallen appears some distance away. "You are probably wondering how I am keeping such a thing up are you not, Zarrath? It is quite simple. Thirteen of this world's purest human souls. Not just the souls either." The fallen glows a threatening red for a moment, clearly pleased with his trap. "You could break it of course... given time. But the souls I have linked to this? The shock would kill them instantly. All you need to do to get out is kill thirteen pure souls"

The fallen cocked his head as if listening. "And there is someone who would rather suffer the True End than allow that." A loud detonation sounds out that can be heard from all the way at the edge of the estate. "He has just escaped his prison. What will he do if he finds the only way to escape is murder of innocence? He could kill them... It would be easy. They are all in the manor basement right now. But we both know that after what he was ordered to do to Ravener... such an act would make him Fall. And if you try and kill them... perhaps Altun will try to stop you, and I will be rid of the both of you." The turned and began to walk away.

The fallen paused. "Enjoy your problem. Also, I'd suggest you kill that imp you shot. It is making such a terrible racket." The fallen spread its wings and left.
"I would like to remind you," another shot rings out, taking out one of the fallen's wings, "that you and I are different. Altun will not kill them. In fact, his light is purifying the grounds of you runes. Sure, you'll be healed by that time, but you won't be nearly far enough away to escape."
The fallen turns back to face you, glaring a much darker red. "You do not see! The human's lives are linked to the chain of runes that traps you both. If even a single link is broken... Death finds them all. This is NOTHING like the trap Altun just broke. His Holy Light will burn away the runes, but not without setting of my trap! Enjoy your prison!"

The fallen seems... cracked. Like there is a gap in his sanity somewhere, bigger than the one made by its fall from On High. Humanity could not have asked for much worse a situation.

A mad fallen was on the loose, and the two 'people' most qualified to stop it were in a prison of morality. The fallen turned again and jumped powerfully away.
Holy cow.

Correction: Unholy cow.

I wish I had not had to drop out of this.
There's no reason you can't pop back in now, unless you still don't have the time. But then again, DH is still moving VERY slowly.
OOC: That's not always a bad thing, you know. Look at the epic cinematic moments we're making!


Solaris did not even bother with the stairs. With a maddened cackle that both he and his brother shared to eerie similarity, he promptly emerged at the top of the stairs before Mercedes. The slipway he left behind him still shimmered in the air and showcased Alistair awaiting atop the stairway, the tesseract-fueled tunnel plastered against the wall.

Noct managed to shake himself awake from the daze he found himself in. His eyes dart about for a moment, the Night's Edge held nervously at the ready. He relaxes after a moment, walking slowly towards the stairs with his eyes closed.

...He picked something up earlier. Not quite sure of what it was, he filed the incident away for later investigation.
Another shot rings out, a ball and chain wrapping around the Fallen's leg and bringing him to a halt. "I've made my choice concerning sacrifice. Altun will have to make his." As the shotgun vanishes, a sword appears in Zarrath's right hand, the long sword lined with runes of both Holy and Fallen nature, all of them glowing brightly. "Now, what I don't understand is why you don't stick around to try and finish us." He slides into a ready stance. "Scared?"
Catharn rushes up the stairs, pulling Zwei into a fair position.
The fallen hisses and turns on you. "SCARED!? You just don't know when to quit. An object lesson is in order." A chain appears in the fallen's hands. "Let us see how the true Archangel reacts to this." The chain lashes out, wrapping around Zarrath's sword arm and pulling him strait into the line of runes.

Archangels and fallen really don't follow the same rules as humans do, and have very different frames of reference. As such 'electrocution' wasn't a perfect description of what happened to Zarrath when he hit the invisible wall of runes, but it was fairly close. To continue the electrocution metaphor, the wall only had so much charge. Direct contact with Zarrath was draining the runes closest to him rapidly. And as soon as a rune failed... people would die.

"NO!" Zarrath felt a strong hand grab him and pull/throw him back toward the manor as Altun took the field. Zarrath flew in a parabola strait into the mannor house and crashed through a wall, putting yet another hole in the fine house.

The fallen hissed and let go of its chain before Zarrath could drag it into the runes of its own wall. The fallen considered Altun for a moment and laughed. "Crippled by your desire to save life." The fallen strode away, Zarrath not close enough to stop him this time. "You only need to wait until they die of old age, then you will be free. See you later, Altun."
I'm attempting to play on the Fallen's weakness...

Zarrath coughs as he climbs out of the hole, one of the Fallen runes had stopped glowing. Laughing despite their predicament, he taps it and the Fallen feels his body move towards Zarrath. "You seem to have failed to read my sword's runes. You see, one of them reacts to chain based weapons, reversing their effect, even after the chain is no longer touching Andilite." The Fallen's facial expression only increases his mirth. "Simply put, you're as trapped as we are."

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