Darkest Heart: The Were Wars

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"Sense what?" Jenny says, confused. If Skade felt anything, he doesn't say.

OOC: Sometimes a non-magic character is fun.
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Data vampires ate my post again! *grabs crucifix*


"I'm not sure what or why, but something possessing a great amount of power seems to have disappeared... Can't you feel it in the air, Jenny?" The Wanderer says with a concerned and worried face. Taking a moment to recompose himself, Noct pushes Seraphim's vial of liquid away from himself.

"Though I appreciate the concern, I'd prefer it if you tended to your own wounds first. Though whatever you may be giving to the others heals them, I am not sure of what aftereffects it may have on my person." He suddenly grins, gesturing down at the repaired hole in his clothes. "Besides, most of the kinetic stuff is repaired. Just need to fix up my internals and it'd be like nothing ever happened. Wouldn't be the first time I've been blown in half!" Noct states with something bordering on pride.

"Gee, so have I, but do you see me blathering it to everyone around me?" Solaris snarks, much to his counterpart's chargrin.
We're outclassed here, in the middle of all these seemingly immortal people. Jenny thinks. Or at least, I am.
I arch an eyebrow, obviously a little unnerved;
"Noct.. remember when you were on fire, and I gave you.. whatever that was? Same stuff. It has some insanely powerful regenerative powers that can be highly lethal if you get too much in you. However I think you're an exception to that rule given your.. unique nature as well as the similarities between it's aura and yours."
I say, shaking the vial, it's shadowy contents seeming to absorb the light around it.
I stood, frozen as Altun's presence vanished from Darkova. Damon's laugh echoed as he walked down the hallway. "The Arch Angel is gone, little half breed. You can't hope to win now." Zarreth grinned at the Fallen who had caused such a mess and pulled on Andilite, which sent the Fallen flying towards him.

"Play time's over." Spinning as the the Fallen reaches him, Zarreth takes off a wing with a well timed slice, the invisible chain between the pair vanishing with the attack. I simply draw Argost and wait, holding the blade in front of me.

"In the name of the Father, you will not have this manor, nor those in it, Fallen."
Catharn gazes in awe, his sword being lowered so he can lean on it.
"Well. I suppose running is gone now."
He signals to the figures fighting.
"Do we help?"
Noct clicks his tongue at his brother, but otherwise ignores him. "Seraphim, the reason I took that substance earlier was to counteract and eliminate the power of that burst of energy. The fire was merely a symptom of my power reacting with hostility, not actual damage."

Pulling the sleeve of his shirt back a bit, he exposes some of his forearm. It was in in stark contrast to his unmarred face or hands, but it seemed that many scars littered what little flesh he had chose to expose. When he gently ran a nail across the scarred skin, you could see a latticework of hundreds upon hundreds of small black lines appearing and running up his arm, just barely within his skin. Holding the limb in his hand and against his chest, he spoke up once more.

"In order to wield my powers without overloading or killing myself, I converted most, if not all of my nerves into simple 'circuits' and 'fuses' for my abilities to use. Whenever you see such a reaction against such powers, it is these circuitry and fuses taking the damage instead of my spine or brain. If it weren't for these, too large of a release would turn my skull into shrapnel, or turn me into a bloody, wanderer-themed fountain. Even a large burst of my power is prone to detonating some of my own nerves..."

He shrugs, turning his eyes to the fight between the angelic beings, giving Solaris a gentle cuff over the back of the head. "It mightn't be wise to engage that fallen. We're heavily wounded as it is, and our interference may cause an unwanted result. No doubt he has exhausted a large amount of energy creating a portal within Helsing's wards. We simply need to wait, and engage only if truly necessary."

"But there's one thing that's been bugging me, Seraphim." He says, a bit of worry in his voice. "I've seen a lot of pharmaceuticals in The City of Sins before. Though many outclass that liquid's ability to heal, it potency is rather worrying for this period of time. Just... What the hell is it?"
At this point, I think every human in the room but Van Helsing is outclassed. A faint grin sneaks onto her face. Welcome to the club, boys.

She raises her gun, but doubts it will have much of an effect.

Skade disappears. Even he knows better than to take on a Fallen.
Watching the fight with careful attention, I reply to Noct;
"It was added to the bag's contents by one of my more eccentric ancestors. And as the in question man wrote almost all of his notes in a totally undecipherable script, I honestly have no idea what that is."
Waiting on Zanon. Someone feel free to get gutsy and or bring in a were. The wards are now weakened with the Fallen's entrance. Just make it a tough were so it's meaningful.
IC: Knowing very little about Fallen, the only knowledge i had was from the family archives, which are now surely destroyed. However, I did remember something about a weakness they had but what? Well, might as well try. I aim Solareon at the Fallen while he is focused on Tobi, and put all of my energy into one blast. "I hope this does something...." I think to myself as i'm firing the blast.

OOC: For the size of the blast, think a void ray going through prismatic alignment.
Did you not read my post? /facepalm

IC: The Fallen blasts me away with a concussive blast and spins to face the beam of light, it's dark energy enshrouded battle ax cleaving it down the middle and sending it out the walls, leaving the Fallen unharmed. However, the momentary distraction allowed me to get a shot from a pistol through it's shoulder, the holy bullet causing it to shriek in pain and reengage me.
OOC: You did say to feel free to get gutsy as one of the options.......
"Everybody has an uncle who's fallen from the crazy tree, and hit every branch on the way down! Hopefully he didn't do something silly in the past, like summon up something too big to put down." Solaris comments from the side, rubbing away at his head, wincing in pain.

"If you wish, I could help try and decipher said script. As long as the man's mind wasn't completely broken, I should be able to help. That is, if you feel like opening up family secrets to-"

Suddenly, the Wanderer freezes with his face slowly taking on a concerned shape. Slowly, his head begins to tilt down and gaze at the floor.

"Do you guys hear... scrabbling...?"
IC: I listen in carefully. "Now that you mention it....I do hear some sort of sound....Wait a moment......oh crap. I think they're coming...."
The Beta watched the sun set over the hills. They had been at this for minutes now. "Why hasn't it gone down yet?" Growled the Beta. "They are only wards."

No less than six of the pack's finest casters had been applying pressure to the barrier ever since their leader had passed through like the wards were merely plastic wrap. He was beginning to wonder if the rest of them would get though at all.

One of the casters turned his head. "We underestimated how closely the Archangel was working with Helsing. These are Angelic wards set by an Archangel. We might be able to get through in a few days, but unless something..."

A tremendous thrumming filled the air as the ward shimmered into existence and quivered like jello. They didn't know it, but sinceAltun had been recalled to his home, his wards were (briefly) fragile. The caster let out a yip and the six casters redoubled their efforts. Nothing happened for a moment. Then another moment.

Then the barrier blew out like an old tire, leaving a jagged tear in the ward. "FORWARD!" Roared the Beta. The werewolves surged forward toward the tear like the tide and dozens were through in mere seconds.

The Beta rumbled contentedly as he watched the pack surge through the tear. How sweet the sound of victory. The sound of yips and growls. Paws and nails scratching stone and pounding on earth. The gust of wind and screams of... Bats?

The Beta looked up and saw a dark patch of sky speeding toward him. It was a large swarm of bats without doubt, but why would bats....

The Beta's eyes widened and he turned to yell a warning to the pack. "VAMPIRES!"

But it was too late. The vampires were among the pack, shifting as they landed and wielding silver weapons to their fullest effect. Dozens of werewolves fell in the confusion of the first two or three seconds. Dozens more fell in the next three as werewolves realized what was going on and turned to fight back.

Chaos ruled.
I nod;
"No problem. I'll let you have a look as soon as things settle down a little bit..."
I trail off and wince visibly as I feel the wards fall;
"And that isn't anytime soon. We've got a problem."
I could sense the wards breaking as well. "Yea....and a really big one at that. Lets just hope the problem doesn't come to us...."

OOC: 5 Honors and musical theater.
Catharn looks around. "Mind telling me what you're so nervous about?"
OOC: Just remembered that Zarkun is gonna be away for a while, as well as other ppl. Until then, DIS RP IS IN SIDEPLOT MODE!

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