Darkest Heart: The Were Wars

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I head up the stairs my shield on my arm and gunblade in hand Shuri right behind me.

OOC: would Helen have recieved the sword yet?
Not yet, no. It actually keeps slipping my mind :p
*evil rather annoyed eye twitch* ... if you don't hurry up with it Shuri shall be leading Helen to the sword herself! *is being dead serious*
And the pair will enjoy a nice, LONG stay in the dungeon with a hungry Alistair.
uh-huh ... so ... retrieving that which truly belongs to you is wrong? though I guess it would involve breaking into Helsing's study ...
He went to great lengths to protect it as well. Simply put, now that you've reminded me, I'll handle it. Just wait for me to post from my in laws cause it'll be a long post.
ok ...
As each person reaches the stairs, Alistair sends them to a different area of the manor, who's outer walls were now like that of an old castle's. Solaris went to the gate along with Noct, the pair charged with keeping everything on the outside of it. Micheal was sent to the north tower, tasked with providing ranged support. Helen, after being given Shurimakto by Alistair, is tasked with keeping the emerging Gin Okami off the walls, and killing any that are successful. Seraphim was given a similar task, assigned a team of Guardians to act as a fist to take advantage of any openings in the enemy's attack to force them to retreat. Catharn was sent to a hidden exit with instructions to find the leader and report their location to Tobi. Mercedes was placed as rapid response, helping shoring weak points along with Vezlo. Alistair felt confident Vezlo could handle Mercedes better than Lalyre. Lalyre and Borealis were assigned the same role on the far side of the castle.

As everyone settled into their positions, the explosions stopped suddenly and a silence befell the area. Now all they could do is wait for the attack to really begin.
Something tells me this is not the out Zanon intends for you to find. And I doubt he will fail to find a way around it.
I'm attempting to trick the Fallen Angel into revealing his name or some other thing right now. Filler while I wait for the RPers to post their thoughts and such.
I wait on the wall Shuri by my side and the blade on my back in case I needed easy access to it. "Well ... this should be fun." I say idly.

Makes sense, and

I will rejoin. Just tell me where my chars are and what they should be doing.
The pair are at the gate with Noct and Solaris. makes the most sense to me.
Jenny follows Noct nervously. Sure, there are safer persons to follow, but she isn't sure exactly where Skade disappeared to this time and she's not about to be on her own in the middle of this. She grips her pistol tightly. Her hand strays to Whip, but she hopes fervently that nothing will get close enough to her to require its use.

Skade goes through a window. Clinging to the wall like a huge insect, he makes his way towards the ground at a curve. Soon he'll get to see some real action!
The wanderer takes note of Jenny's tension, a frown crossing his face in response. All the stranger was a veritable spider man crawling about the brickwork. With a twirl of his blackened weapon, it began to writhe and twist. Lengthening and tapering to its tip, the strange weapon began to assume a separate form. A lance.

"I don't believe we've been properly introduced, Miss. But if you're that afraid of anything getting close to you, just stay behind your companion and I. We're the brawlers of the group, after all, if spidey there's appearance is something to be believed."

Noct shoots Solaris a glare as he continues to speak.

"And if this guy here starts getting too close, shoot him. He'll be fine."
OOC: You are kind of missing the context here Zarkun. He wrapped a chain (as in normal, not infernal/holy) around you and used that over-ratted thing mortals call physics to pull you into the wall. As far as the wall goes, it stops Angels from passing through, Fallen or not. You can't pull him in and he can't pull you out of it.

As far as breaking the barrier you could smite it a few times and it would fall, direct contact will make a rune fail in less than a minute, but then the humans die.

EDIT: And the fallen isn't sticking around. He has to report in, since time in the real world is very strictly regulated.
Right, but he can't go anywhere either. I'm attempting to give us something to do with the pair.
Guardians? A little detail on who or what they are.
That comes soon. Let's just say, well, you'll be surprised.
@Zarkun: I don't think he wants them to have much to do.

@Zanon: Sent you a note on DA. No, it has nothing to do with Dark and Li...




I will send you a note related to D&L soon. For now, I just sent you a shorter, less important note.

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