Darkest Heart: The Were Wars

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Sighing, I settle into my position;
...really wish I had another weapon, 'cause a flame thrower isn't going to do a whole lot of good against these guys...
Catharn waits near his area, pistol laid next to him and Zwei held in one hand. He looked out for the biggest and most dangerous looking thing he could find. He soon got bored, and split to keep himself company.
Jenny gulps and glances at SOlaris. Permission to shoot someone usually indicates...

Enough of that, now.

"OK, thanks. I'm Jenny M'keth. Your 'spiderman' is Skade. A.... relative of mine."
Vezlo follows behind Mercedes, who was obviously displeased with her job of being part of a response team. As Vezlo follows behind her is is very fidgety, not use to being in the company of humans, especially female humans. The one female he did ever have dealings with scared the living sh!t out of him, and after seeing the huntress' attitude, he wasn't to confident about not getting attacked. Looking around the walls when the pair come to a stop at a position that would make it easy for them to respond to the areas they were helping out, Vezlo, out of complete boredom, spawns a bit of Demon Fire. He looks at its ever changing form, and after a time of not hearing anything, he just decides to dispel it, the flames have started to not appeal so much to him anymore. However, the dispelling of the demonic flames was not quiet as it was before, in fact it made a very loud boom, but produced no true damaging energy, unless you considered the sound attacking your ears damaging. At this Mercedes turned to him, eyes full of pure anger burning into his soul, causing the tainted to shrink away.

Meanwhile on the other side of the manor Lalrye looks around, although they were under attack, he still found time to appreciate the little things about the manor. Like the raccoon that Borealis had his eyes completely locked on, a smile very evident on his face. The conjurer looks at the raccoon and starts to have a debate in his head, something about whether or not he should spawn an essence around it, which would kill it unless the essence was of air, which sometimes he found the most useless, unless he was trying to survive in the ocean, or space, or in the belly of a giant beast. He was jostled from this argument of what sounded like an explosion, while Borealis was distracted opening a portal into the ether under it and closing it before the Druid noticed. "What in the name of... Did they break through already?" The nature lover exclaims, which the robed magician just shrugs to.
OOC: Knarled is right Zarkun. I did this trap to prevent the werewolves from suffering a sudden (and terminal) case of Divine intervention. There will be a way out, but probably not until after the siege of Helsing Manor is concluded.

Also Zarkun, permission to do a one maybe 2 post side thing on the werewolves at the gates?
Sure, permission granted. I just enjoy a good game of tug o' war. Its also good filler. I'll be introducing a villianesque character later.
Slow isn't always bad, I suppose. Where is everyone?


Noct grins at the face Jenny looks at Solaris with, taking a bit of humor out of it. "Don't mind my skirt-chaser of a brother," he says above an indignant shout from behind. "He won't do anything in plain sight of me." The elder Wanderer holds out his hand in a simple gesture, a handshake.

"Noctalus Dare. Pleasure to meet you."
waiting for the battle to begin.
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Edit's to all above posts that were ARRIVING to their spots. I said that you were already there.
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Edit's to all above posts that were ARRIVING to their spots. I said that you were already there.

Please read this.
Eh, just move forward. this is stagnate enough as is.
Fine....bloody gits...

As everyone makes their calming jokes and remarks, stone figures begin to emerge from hidden niches and other hidden places, revealing statues of angels and great Hunters of history marching into their defensive positions. All the hunters recognized one ancestor or another.
Both Catharns looked to their forefather, one bowing his head, the other with a faint smile. "He always was one for heroism."
"He was a bit of a biggot."
"He was our father!"
And the silence alone rang out.
Noct looked about at the sudden increase in numbers. What with all the statues joining in on their group, the wolves would certainly have quite an issue with getting through! For supposed statues though, they certainly held quite a bit of detail in their forms and elicited memories. Going back to that history book, he rolled through its pages in his mind and grinned in response.

And then his eyes widened in horror.

"Oh crap, I forgot that book back in the kitchen!"

Noct's face drooped.

"And now its probably ruined thanks to that coffee slime... Tobi's going to kill me. And then feed me to Alistair. I'm screwed."

As Noct's hand covered his face like some estranged claw, Solaris was looking around with a bit of amazement at the instant army that had emerged. At the sight of the angels however, he glanced back at Altun's empty pedestal. With a curious frown his mouth opened to speak, but slowly shut once more. He took note of it, marking it down for later, when his brother would have some free time to investigate.
I feel like I should be posting because I have a character that was brought over from the Redux and onto here... hmm...

This feeling of knowing that I know that I don't know what's going on...
OOC: Feel bad for this, I'll be gone from roughly next thursday to monday. And my internet will be spotty tomorrow-Wensday.
I smile and look around noting all the ancient hunters and note one in particular. Shuri noted him also and growled slightly. It was my ancestor that originally bound Shuri to the blade.
The statues reach their positions and draw their weapons, the edges and barrels glinting oddly in the moonlight as a lone howl echoes across the field between the manor/castle and the forest edge. Soon, lumbering shadows can be seen charging the manor and I erupt into the sky, Argost held high. "Give no quarter!"
I nod and crack my neck, readying Avenger;
"For none shall be given."
I growl under my breath as I watch the oncoming assault, looking for a weak point.

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