Darkest Heart: The Were Wars

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OOC: Hello from China!!!!!!! :D
I'll be back in about 2 to 4 days. In the meantime any of you have permission to temporarily take control of my character.

IC: As I look at the statues of the angels and hunters, I faintly recognize one of the angels although I never knew him. He holds a sword unique from the other angels. The blade somewhat looks like Solareon. However, it's more of a longsword than a dagger. I disregard it for now and prepare my special bullets. They're basic silver bullets but with a liquid nitrogen payload. I load them into my sniper rifle and begin picking off werewolves one by one. As each werewolf is hit, they howl in pain from the silver as they freeze up. Some try to melt the bullets but that just builds up pressure in the bullet from the liquid nitrogen becoming gas and the bullet explodes, spraying frozen silver fragments everywhere like a frag grenade.
The melting tactic was proving more effective than Micheal could see, as the fragments could still be melted. Soon the wolves are fighting the guardians, with fire and holy attacks causing explosions and light shows. I myself was at the forefront, leading an assault to break their lines.
With a grunt, I charge forward with a psi boost, quickly fighting alongside Toby;
"If things get a little hairy, would you give me a lift back to the wall?"
I ask him between the fighting, Avenger a a lethal whirlwind of light.
I block a fireball and counter with a blast of light, turning the attacker to ash. "If you're close. The guardians, however, don't like to give ground."
I remain at my position on the wall raining bullets, silver or otherwise, that were engraved with a rune to prevent melting on the were's. I deflect the few fireballs that get close with my shield and Shuri rains arcane bolts and arrows on them.
Both Catharns split, effectively making four fighters.
"No quarter he said."
"Quite so, let's blow their brains out the other end of their heads."
"They shall know pain."
"Oh come on, you guys lack the depth. Just stay quiet. Tarq, you're with me. Fire at will for the rest of you."
The real Catharn and the one with the deeper voice charge the biggest werewolf, neatly protecting the other on the way there. The joyous and the longer-haired versions stay back, firing the revolver into the crowd, providing limited cover for the others.

OOC: Yes, he has the effectiveness of a full squad now. However he could normally both fire and wield Zwei at the same time. Also, today is the last day with I-Net for me, even though I had very little before. (Visiting relatives and vacationing.)
I nod and drop another couple of weres with clean sweeps of Avenger;
"Good to know."
Right, so, y'all will have a fun time figuring this out.

Damon had always been a lower echelon fallen, though he'd had the power from the start to become a higher up. However, he'd never had the desire, as most of the upper echelon fallen died fighting against one Archangel or another, a fate he was sure his brother at VonDemo's mansion would find once his trap finally faded. Shaking his head at the failed attempts by the Omega's and everything above them at breaching the wall, he turns to the Hi and Gin Okami kings, Red and Golben. "Send in your elite forces. Helsing's whelps won't be able to hold their ground against them." Red growls in protest.

"And if you're wrong, Fallen? Your idea to attack that village a mere fifty miles away still cost us more pack brothers than I'd like thanks to the blasted Kaze Okami." Damon glared at the Hi Okami's leader and the runes on his whip began to glow, which quickly had the Werewolf king backing down and shouting orders along with Golben, though he still grumbled about the stupidity of such a move so early in the battle. Golben growled at Red. Damon had since returned to watching the battle, waiting for the right moment.

"Silence, you fool, or you'll get us both killed." Red snapped at Golben, Red's teeth inches from his face.

"You shut up, you foolish Silver!" The pair growled menacingly at each other for a moment before returning to working on getting their elite soldiers in formation. Several of them on both sides agreed with Red.

"Why are we attacking already? The third wave hasn't even reached the walls yet." The one the spoke had a nearby companion shrug.

"I don't know, but I can't wait to kill the insolent whelps. They couldn't stop our attack before, why would they be able to now?" The first one nods and the formations finish getting in place, waiting. Damon waits two more waves before nodding.

"Now." With a howl, the elite werewolves surge out of the trees, their fur glistening in the moonlight as brightly as their armor and their weapons, swords, scimitars, spears, axes, and other such things, gleaming wickedly as they crossed the field.
I stop for a moment and look before finishing off a were that had been climbing the wall. "Great ... just freaking great ..." I put away my gun blade and pull out the Shurimakto blade grining as it whistles through the air, deadly with but a touch. "Taking care of Business." I say and Shuri produces a music player with the song Taking Care of Business on it and hits play before resuming her post at my side with her bow.

IC: As i spot the elite werewolves incoming, i switch my sniper rifle to semi-automatic mode, and begin hailing sniper bullets down on the werewolves while using my enhanced vision to aim at weak points in their armor.
A round rings out, destroying the music player and a line of elite marksmen step out, returning fire at Micheal and firing at me and Seraphim. The rounds Micheal fires are deflected by wards powered by both Fallen runes and other means.
IC: "Ok you're asking for it...." I instead pull out Solareon and begin shooting beams of destructive light at the marksmen while dodging their shots.
The beams are also deflected by the wards and a shot catches Micheal in the right shoulder, spinning him around. Seeing him get hurt, I growl and call out. "Fall back! Fall back to the Mansion!" Already elite Gin Okami were scaling the walls and Hi Okami elites were attacking the gate.
Vezlo flings his arm back and Demon Fire begins to dance on it. He was ready to fight. Looking to his left he sees Mercedes draw both of her crossbows, with both aimed vertically and with her in a kneeling position. Her eyes were scanning across the walls and the gate. A call for retreat and the sounds of the gate getting pounded were enough for her focus to take place over annoyance.
IC: I hear Tobi's order and fall back to inside the mansion, both pistols at the ready with the same kind of ammunition of my sniper rifle.
I growl and behead another were I grimace as I look at her and start to fall back slightly sad for the loss of the player but completely focused on the fight. "You all will so freaking pay for that player even if I have to take it out of your pelts!" I yell at them Shuri shooting a were point blank so the wards couldn't deflect the bolt. Should I ... no ... too risky ... I think to myself retreating fully now.
Blocking most of the shots with a sweep from Avenger, I spin around and leap back to friendly lines with the help of a psi boost. Landing, I drop to one knee with a wince;
...seems I missed one...
I think to myself, inspecting the wound in my side.
IC: I run to my room where i know i put a first aid kit. I start treating the bullet wound although it will take some time.

OOC: Okai, edited.
Ok, all shots not getting blocked are wrong. You guys jump to conclusions. Second, Luma, Micheal has a f*cking bullet in his shoulder. I don't think he'll be using both guns at the moment.
IC: I manage to treat the wound, although it isn't fully healed and i am only able to use one pistol. I run back to the door and take a position near the stairs, ready to fire.

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