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Permission to join this RP? I'll get a Char Sheet ready...
The Lowly Gnat buzzes its rage at the universe and wishes that it could get a reincarnation re-roll. Then it tries to fly into treetop hunters ear, for what else can a Lowly Gnat do?
Eletherian decides it's high time to go look for some work. He has adventuring to do, but he needs supplies, and for supplies, he needs money.

Attempting to find a temporary job.
07/12/2013 05:27 PMPosted by smylez
"You get 1/3 of the gold we haul in. Once we have the goods of course. He wouldn't know a thing because we'd be long gone by done. Provided you do your job right and get him smashed."
"I guess we can make a deal... when do you want me to be ready, oh mysterious stranger?" Nyreen asked in a light toned manner.

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