[Sugg] Dont move comments in UI xml code, pls

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Since interfaces are designed to be used by the end-user directly, I wanted to use comments within my code to organize the settings the end-user can edit to alter his default settings for the interface.

On the right side, there is what I intended to do, on the left side is the displayed result after opening the layout within the editor.
So, could you please disable the moving of comments within the code?

Btw, in case it's not possible (I didn't try it yet), add a way to reference constants within other layout files, so I can create one page for all settings. Then the end-user doesn't need to click through multiple layouts to alter his settings.
Hey Ahli, sorry that you are running into this issue. It's actually just a bug (or missing feature) in the Layout file parsing/writing process. When you save the Layout it needs to write it from scratch using the in-memory representation, and right now certain types of comments are not preserved during parsing. It's kind of similar to how the Data Editor can change certain values like a "1" into a "1.00000" because we don't preserve the precision.
Thanks for the answer. :)

I hope you will look into changing that one day to make it easier for non-modders to edit interface files. :)

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