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Wouldn´t it be good to see how many players are in a arcade game before jioning the lobby?

There is a behavior of many arcade players i noted: they jion the lobby, wait about 15 seconds and then leave again. Maybee the jioned to find out how many players are in the map? I often do that.

Players tend to jion games that are allready full. When the game is full it starts and dissapears leaving room for the other open games.

That means a players spend more time playing than not playing.
What would be better for the whole arcade.
I think that would, once more, help popular maps because their lobbies fill faster.
I dont agree with that.

any Lobby would fill faster that way.
Its not like this supports only popular maps. Its just that players get more information about the lobby status of every game.
Players would not jion and leave many games to see how many ppl are in the lobby but join a game that they want and wait.
Would they wait? If they join a lobby they "want" to play then leave because there aren't enough players it only means they want to play whatever allows them to get faster to the game itself.

Your logic says they wouldn't join empty lobbies to wait at all. They could jump into a near filled lobby and start playing.
i think the idea is great but it should be like this

1 player in lobby
out of 4 max players

1/4 players
Sorry for the wait.

yes that exactly what i meant LegiT.

@ SoulFilcher Today again, while hosting my map, i had so many players who join, stayed for not even 5 seconds and then left. Why do they do that?

Also frustrating: Many times i have a lobby with 4/6 or 5/6 ppl but then no one joins. If ppl see that, they may tend to join the game to give it a try.

Displaying the number of players in the lobby cannot cause a bigger support for popular maps then the current system does. At the moment it is like this: If u see a popular map open, you can be pretty sure that u can join it and it will fill fast. Thats because it is popular.
With the display of the numbers it would be like this: if u see a popular map open you can be sure it will fill fast because it is popular. It doesn't matter how many players are already in the lobby because many players will join the game anyway. But now, you also know about every other games chances, to be launched in the near future. And maybe you see a map you might be interested in, see that it only needs a few more players, and give it a try.

so let me point out 3 situations:
case 1:
The chances for games that are popular, with any number of players in the lobby, is the same in both situations. They will fill, because they are popular.
case 2:
The chances for unknown games, with some players in the lobby, to be started has increased. Thats because ppl know that the lobby is not "empty" and that they don't have to wait so long if they intended to join.
case 3:
The chances for unknown game with only the host in the lobby has not changed. Thats because those players that might have joined, to find out how long they will have to wait, leave instantly anyways.

So the third case is the important one. Some players that normally join popular games, would be the ones that join the lobbies described in the 2nd case from below. The number of that players is t to small to have an effect on the popular games, but still big enough to have an effect on other funmaps.

Thats at least my theroy.
But you can say for sure, that the display of numbers, of the players, that are in a lobby, will not make the situation any worse because of that what is described in first case.

Sorry for my bad english.

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