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So I've been chugging away at my map. I've learned a few things from the CS classes I took last spring and one of them, since it was java, was about inheritance and interfaces.

Now the data isn't quite like that but I did realize I could make myself data templates of repetitive tasks.

So I made myself a few templates. A few boat hulls templates, a squad unit template and a turret template.

The turret template has a complete selection of candidate models already linked in the models tab so I don't need to hunt for them.

And boy what a difference!

I managed to make over 400 working actors across 20 units in around 2 weeks. This same number would have taken me 3 months previously. Being able to just copy, relink and modify pre-made data to make a specific unit I want saves a whole lot of time and hassle.

So I'm wondering, if Blizzard won't go as far as to redesign the entire data GUI, would they go so far as to make their own downloadable template dependencies?

Like say WarCraft 3 heroes. Even after 2 years only a small fraction of mappers can figure these things out. However if Blizzard were to make an SC2Mod that contained an entire hero template, with levels, place-holder abilities, command cards, a basic unit actor, icons all set up etc etc.

Not only do new and old mod makers have something to look it, it will save them a lot of time trying to make something like that themselves.

Same thing with weapons. What if Blizzard made dependencies that contained all the basic forms of weapons. Beam, carrier, missile, normal, etc etc. The mod maker can just duplicated the data, re-link it and modify from there without having to worry about making sure something he did not modify (or doesn't know about) isn't going to work.

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