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I have been having this problem ever since I started playing sc 2 about 8 months ago or so and have looked at the other threads of people with screen issues but can't seem to find a fix for this.

The problem is, when I'm playing, every now and then, like, sometimes 1 time a day, or sometimes every 2 or 3 games, the display will get "distorted" in a kind of "pixellated" manner. I can still see somewhat, but it's like big square pixels flash on certain spots of the screen at random locations and cover up whatever is under them with a solid color. The only way to fix it is to restart the game. Most of the time I just leave the game when it happens because it's too distracting most of the time.

It seems like it happens more frequently when my computer is hot. I have taken reasonable precautions to cool by computer down (always sits on a fanned laptop surface), but these Macbook Pros, and most laptops probably, are always going to run somewhat hot.

The thing is, it is just starcraft 2 that is affected by the problem. Actually, I take that back, it used to happen to me when I played runescape and I figured out I could fix it by opening up the world map and then closing it. I run pro tools for recording music, which I believe is at least as cpu intensive of a program as sc 2, but never have any trouble like I do with sc 2. Granted, sc 2 is probably more demanding of your video card. I have a hard time believing no more people are experiencing this. Probably not very many people playing sc 2 from a mac, so that may explain why I haven't been able to find much info on it.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
Hi MisterSmee - which video chipset do you have in there? To find that out hit the Apple (at the top in Finder) > About this Mac > More Info > (under hardware) Graphics/Displays > Chipset.

Also, do you experience this with all of the graphical settings? Which have you tried so far?

Thanks for the reply. My computer has "NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB graphics".

I currently play on low graphic quality but have experienced on all of them.
I took a screen shot of the distortion, but I don't think I can post a file on these forums.
This is getting so frustrating. I just left a game 5 minutes in after just logging in due to this issue to restart sc II. Then I get into a new game and 2 minutes in, bam, my screen starts spazzing again.

Edit: and again for the 3rd time in a row.
Is there an email address I can send a few screenshots of this issue to?
Hi Smee, apologies for the delayed response - you can attach those to a ticket sent through our support portal. Thank you for your patience in the meanwhile! Also, please attach the general system profile to that as well.

As an aside - everything in the description here is telling me that the distortion you're seeing is as a result of overheating. Generally speaking, most other reports I've come across indicate that the chipset will run the game, just not at high performance settings. I'll be able to offer more specific advice once I see the picture and have the diagnostics in hand.
Okay, made a ticket. Though, I think I have one of those cards that isn't supported. Not sure, you'll have to tell me for sure. However, as I stated in the ticket, running the game on low graphic settings does not have a noticeable impact on the frequency of the issue, only on the amount of latency I experience.

That said, I have no idea how I would be able to tell by looking at the system requirements on my SC II box that my video chipset isn't supported. For memory, it says the system requirement is 1 GB (2 GB recommended). I know that since my computer has 4 GB RAM it is good in that respect. However, for the video chipset, it says: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT or ATI Radeon X1600 or better. Just in general, how would I be able to look at this piece of information and determine whether or not a certain chip I have is considered "better"?

And just to avoid any misunderstandings, that wasn't an angry rhetorical question, I know there must be some way to use that video requirement to determine whether or not my chip is supported. I am just not a very tech savvy person and would like to know how I could determine from that type of requirement whether my chip is supported so I can look at software I may buy in the future that has a video requirement, and be able to tell before hand whether my chip is supported.

Thanks! Okay, to add to the ticket response you've previously received:

• Reupdate your OS with a combo update, either a 10.7.5 or a 10.8.4 combo. This will help reinstall your drivers and OS updates that may cause issues like this.
• Perform an SMC reset to make sure your fans and power are correct.
Run an Apple Hardware Test.
• If the issue persists or your hardware test detects something, we advise you to go to the Apple store to have it checked out.

In addition, comparing Mac chipsets takes a bit more investigation that PC chipsets and cards, but one particular site you may want to reference for comparisons would be here.

Hope this helps!

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