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I glare at him for a moment.
"For all I know I am on your list of people the Keeper wants dead or my children are. I am not taking that chance either."
"Yes you are on my list one of the top too but I see you still have some use so I'm not about to kill you unless you really want to die." I sigh and look around. "Its only you by the way. Your children still have long lives to live but you should have died 30 years ago."
"What about Zerus other than the brutish Primal Zerg we all left. And you had not seen into their minds. Many of the peoples lively hoods were mining the precious materials of the planet. My Zerg would need to mine those resources to survive. They would not just watch us mine these materials. And as their population and ours grew, space would run out. Both of these would lead to conflict and they would have attacked and called for someone to destroy us. So not only would they have eventually died but their help would have died too. As you can see I attacked to give them an easier way out and to preserve lives."
"If the Keeper wants me he can come and get me himself. I'd be willing to strike a deal in time.
Technically I should have died almost ninety years ago if you want to be exact."

Save me your excuse zerg.I am growing weary of this conversation. If you feel the need to send an emissary than why don't you come yourself. As for that I am done speaking with you.
The link is cut leaving psionic equivalent of static heard.
I chuckle;
{You got that right. Were we all meeting for this?}
{Where my dad is staying. I'll let you get Amanda I think she went to her ship but she might be somewhere else.}
I shake my head. "OK I see no point in arguing. Either I'll come with you and take the information I seek from the Splitter computers or you can give me what I seek and I'll leave you all be." I say matter of exactly.
{That's.. probably for the best. I'll be there shortly.}
I reply, switching over to Amanda's comm line;
{Hey Amanda, We're throwing together a rescue op, and I figured that you'd want to be there.}

There is silence for a moment, followed by a deep breath, Amanda's emotionless tone cracking slightly;
{...Thanks Stef. Where's the party at? And before you ask, I'm at the range.}

{Flint's workspace, or whatever you want to call the place where he's been staying. I'll pick you up as I'm just around the corner at the PART training area. Be there in a sec.}
"I take it that what you seek is my soul or the information on the Splitters known locations?"
"The latter. I don't care about your soul. The keeper is a bit upset at you for dodging death but I'm not here for you."
"The data the Poltergeist has on the Splitter locations in old and useless now. You can come with just watch yourself if you want to make it back."

[John Jr]
So has your brother returned yet Victoria?
Slapping a fresh mag in my rifle, I grab half-a-dozen more as well as some extra gear. Exiting the range, I join Stef as we head for Flint's room.
I nod. "I'm extremely slippery so I'd love to see them try to keep me prisoner."

Yes he has I'll ask him to contact you or you can call him if you wish.
I growl before reopening the connection and sending through, "Fine,, give me the coordinates and give them the message that I'm on their side so they don't try to harm me..."
"I am not one easily kept prisoner either Jake and look what happened."

[John Jr]
Have him call me.

Scylla receives the coordinates for a warp pad on a nearby planet.
I wouldn't worry about them trying to harm you either. With that the link was closed again.
Walking in, I spot Jake;
"Jake! it's been a while since the Academy. Good to see you again."
I say as Amanda leans up against the wall, her face an emotionless mask.
"But they got you after you survived a warp bomb ... and I won't be underestimating them either I've already engaged a small group but the planet was lost." I look over at Stefan. "Hi."

OK. I send to john before flipping to Daniel. Call John please.
Tris was walking through the hallway with her PART suit... it was... meh for now. Not enough time for customization. But it did pack some heat, though not as ridiculous as some of the other weapons. True die hard and tested weapons that actually worked.

OOC: Kroger, I forget, but how many weapons do the PART suits have on them? :P
"Nyx, manage my forces while I go visit our allies." "Understood Master." I then use an Overlord to move my self to one of My Levaithans which warps to the planet that had the warp pad. After a quick trip planetside via Overlord me and two Hunter Killers move onto the pad, barely fitting us all, and we warped to the planet that held their Underlings.
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IC: "Something is happening give me a moment myra got to call John Jr." Daniel says before radioing to John. {Just got a message from my sis whats going on?}

"OK." I say still heading for the tailor.

After gathering our gear we head to John.

"Need anything Stefan?"

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