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did... Did my char sheet double post or am I seeing stuff?
yeah it double posted.
I ask you all review the story/OP post. It's got some changes made to it.
Hmm.... That's better for sure... I see about writing up a character.

Could I have a character with an equally split aura, say like half red half yellow or half black half half yellow?
Tints only. Half and half wouldn't be pure enough.
Working late tonight but I'll get my char up tonight hopefully.

EDIT: ok scratch that ... char will be up tomorrow.
Fair enough. War, for a better understanding of I mean, they look for only slight tints, not half and half.
What's wrong with half-and-half? wouldn't it just have the partial powers of each aura?
Because, I think its the fact that there isn't one dominant aura that you are able to harness the power of.

Like instead of mastering one skill, and knowing some about another.
You know a lot about 2 skills, but you won't be able to master either so you'll be powerful only up to some point.
Half and half is polluted and unpredictable. Not to mention there isn't really enough of either aura for you to harness one color or another.
Alright, I think I get it... the character I had in mind would be easy going and friendly until you piss him off, at which point he kinda goes pseudo berserker with a sadistic streak... Would that be a yellow aura with a tint of red or vice versa?
Yellow with a tint of red.
Alright thanks. Will write somebody up when I get the chance... as well as the rest of the character details sorted out.
Good to hear. I think I'll refrain from giving away my characters too early.
is there a minimum/maximum age for newbies?
Yes in one of the posts he put that all newbies are 13.
ah derp ... didn't catch that
I said training starts at thirteen. Maximum age I'll allow is fifteen.
Oh, uh Zarkun how is my character sheet? Forgot to ask what ye thought.
I'm waiting til Kroger, Morph and War get theirs up so I can look everyone's over at once.

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