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Name: Greggor Gersol
Age: 14
Aura: Green with red tint.
Abilities: Fortify (Increases amount of damage he can take), Unrelenting (Focuses on one target and will not stop pursuing until the target is dead or is routing)
Armor: Standard issue military gear. Wears flak jacket with out much encumbrance from it.
Description:Short light brown hair and fair skinned, stands at 5'8" and body builder like appearance. Has blue eyes no facial hair as of now and not noticeable scars.
Summoned weapon: Heavy mace.
Backstory: Greggor grew up in a backwater town in Norway. He met Eric Jarlburg when on his way out for a small fishing trip. Eric at the time was a small rather short tempered individual who was picking a fight with one of the local children who happened to also be short tempered but also larger than Eric. Greggor intervened quickly by grabbing Eric and taking him with him. In time the two became friends and eventually discovered their aura, which were faint at the time.
When Greggor turned thirteen he was contacted by a recruiter about his aura and how to train himself to make better use of it.

Name: Eric Jarlburg
Age: 13
Aura: Red with yellow tint
Abilities: Blood rage (Goes into a berserker like state but the more damage he takes the angrier and deeper into the rage he gets until he blacks out from injuries), Whirlwind attack (Pretty self explanatory)
Armor: Lighter than usual military gear allowing for more maneuverability.
Description: Stands at 5'9" has short blond hair and hazel eyes. Muscular build like Greggor. No scars or facial hair.
Summoned weapon: Morning Star.
Backstory: Eric was orphaned when he was around six years old and lived in the streets of a small Norwegian town. He often got into fights with other local kids due to his short temper and it almost cost him more than he realized, if it wasn't for Greggor he would have found out. Greggor had intervened the conflict between Eric and an older and much larger child. After making friends with Greggor,\ Eric started to mellow out a small bit learning to control his temper, though at times it is still an issue. After Greggor had left for Northern lights Eric resorted back to living off the streets and getting in trouble. He was caught stealing food and was put in a holding cell for a few hours before being contacted by the Northern Lights recruiter, who gave him a chance to turn his life around and get out of the small town.
the backstory might get a bit of an edit. but not likely

Name: Kaerin Teidia
Age: 13
Aura Color: Blue with a few small swirls of red
Abilities: Replenish Quiver, precision long shot(boosts the force behind an arrow allowing it to go farther while also making it more precise)
Armor: Leather covered with a weave of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar that is flexible.
Description: young and slender. Her arms are stronger than they look. Shoulder length blonde hair. about 5'3" and quite shy around people she doesn't know.
Summoned weapon(s): Recurve Long Bow and Arrows. The arrows are all the same in look for the most part. Basic hunting arrows with smallish tips designed for general use. Upon closer inspection each is inscribed with groups of Nordic runes which make out various words or phrases which in turn provides the arrow with a boost that otherwise wouldn't be possible. The energy to power the arrows is generally gathered from plant animals and enemies.
Backstory: Born to a middle class family she has had a love of archery and Norse culture since she was quite young. She has always been shy around people she doesn't know and awkward in social situations she couldn't avoid. Shortly after she turned 13 while she was walking to her local archery range she was jumped by what she thought would just be a small group of bullies. They turned out to be very dangerous and after either killing her or taking her. She of course had her own bow and set of arrows that were meant only for basic target shooting. One went down with an arrow to the eye before they ripped the bow from her hands and broke it. In a fit of rage she summoned another along with fresh arrows inscribed with Norse runes. Another couple fell before her recruiter who had been out on a stroll just happened to show up and jumped right into the fray helping her finish the attackers off. She collapsed to her knees shakeng as the bow and arrows vanished. With her recruiter she went home distraught and waited for her parents to get home. Once they got home the four talked and Kaerin joined Northern Lights.
Name: Alexander (Al or Alec) Blake
Age: 13
Aura Color: Blue tinted Green
Abilities: Tactical assessment, Force field
Armor: Kevlar and carbon fiber armor
Description: 5' 4", slightly tanned, mop of black/brown hair, blue eyes, slight build.
Summoned weapon: Great bow
Backstory: Best friends with Jack for as long as he can remember, Alec is the quieter of the two preferring to see how others do things before trying them himself. An aspiring strategist, Alec enjoys tabletop games and anything else with a strategical element. Frequently picked on due to his slight size and quiet nature.

- - -

Name: Jack Falkner
Age: 14
Aura Color: Yellow tinted Red
Abilities: Adrenaline boost, Rampage
Armor: Light kevlar and carbon fiber armor
Description: 5' 8", slightly tanned, long(ish) black/brown hair kept back it a ponytail, green eyes, Athletic build.
Summoned weapon: Klingon Bat'leth
Backstory: Best friends with Alec for as long as he can remember, Jack is the more outgoing of the pair and usually the first to strike up conversation. Just as much of a geek as his friend he also has an endless love for Star Trek. Always standing up for Alec, Jack has an incredibly vicious streak when it comes to dealing with bullies.
Name: Theo Moore
Age: 14
Aura Color: Blue tinted Red
Abilities: Steady Aim, Suppressing Fire
Armor: Leather Jacket, Kevlar Vest, Reinforced Leggings, boots... !@#$ that wont look stupid.
Description: Thick dark brown hair. couple of inches long. 5' 6", still growing as he is only 14. Hazel eyes, athletic build.
Summoned weapon(s): PDW is summoned permanently. Better that way.
Backstory: Was born and raised in Chicago. Not much is none about him as he keeps to himself and doesn't exactly have many friends. Though one day he was swing a bat as an automated shooter shot the baseballs out. Each time he swung a spark of blue went off... the ball striking the target every time; right in the center. Someone from the government had observed this... spying like they always do. So when he got home, they were already there talking to his mother about how he's doing at school and if he would like to go to a "Private School". Now it was pretty much a lie... but the mother bought it and she asked her son if he wanted to go to somewhere... different. He readily agreed... he didn't know anyone back home anyway. So mother and son decided to write back with each other... especially after Theo found out that this wasn't a school, it was a place to turn them into weapons but it was too late. The mother died in a house fire...
I want to make a 2nd character. But I dont know if I want to or not.
So, passing judgement now on all characters.

SF: Why in the hell would he keep a summoned eagle around? All that does is drain your energy all the time, unlike a weapon that only drains your energy on summoning. Then your Death Sentence requires a different name. Just cause it hits doesn't mean it always kills.

Koro: It would be in your best interest to explain why he has any black tint in his aura, though from the sounds of your guy, he's more yellow-red. Also, a full suit of Dragon Skin armor is only given to graduates who request it. So, your armor needs rethinking.

Kroger: There's no such thing as armor. Standard issue is a Kevlar Vest and helmet. Students got to customize their armor upon acceptance, just noting metal.

Morph; Mind just a little more backstory? And you should be aware that the energy that propels your arrows and creates them would be your auric energy, which recharges fairly quickly since the arrows and boosts wouldn't be overly draining.

War: For my sake, please describe your abilities. And maybe the weapon for Falkner. I can't recall ever seeing one.

CR: So...new weapon if you want to use suppressing fire. Fully auto 9mm is good. Also have to request you have actual armor for higher survivability.

Everyone: Include how you met the recruiter and whether or not you're a newbie.
eh ... I'll see what I can do for back story. and I know that. but its what puts the special effects of the arrows(exploding turning to acid etc.) that is generated by lightly draining flora/fauna/enemies sorry if that wasn't really clear ...
Made edits, will have backstory sometime tommorow.

I will tell how I met my recruiter. And reasons for black aura tint.
Tactical assessment: Allows Alec to size up the situation an gain insight on the enemies plans/tactics/etc.

Force field: Creates protective barrier around himself or somebody else.

Adrenaline boost: Gives Jack a boost in strength, reflex, speed, etc.

Rampage: A generic berserker type power. (hits harder and faster, ignores pain, etc)

As for the Bat'leth? it's called a google image search... but I'll provide a link...
(The second link is for scale, if perhaps a little larger)
When I asked for descriptions, I meant on the app, but that works. And I was half asleep last night, didn't feel like doing a google search.
Bleh... will just slap a light !@# Kevlar behind everything... would look dorky as hell on a kid of that age still...
I mean a separate main suit of armor. You don't have to stick anything behind civilian wear.
That's why I wear a coat over mine and painted it.
War, CR, I still need how you met the recruiter.

Edit- You too, Morph and Koro.
Just added it you nut!
Workin on it ^

(To my understanding, it would be more likely after an event where they found out that they were the descendants of the "Wizards" in some event where they encounter one of the demons or evil beings and they summon their weapon and a recruiter finds them and takes them to Northern Lights, correct?)
Zarkun, I thought they were drafted... meaning there was no recruiting at all. Just some good ol' kidnapping and forced into a program because it is war...
Yeah, some details of this were not put out correctly
(LIKE ARMOR) [<---J.K. slightly]

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