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Well, technically, they were, CR, but their parents, if there were any, were informed.
So there you have it.
It's considerably different from kidnapping, as the parents don't know who took them in a kidnapping.
And lets be completely honest...... I don't think any parent in the right mind would willingly give up their child, even if the government told them to.
So in a way... it's either called abduction, or kidnapping.~
The reasoning behind it is up to the RPer, but flat out taking the child isn't allowed. I'm trying to envision a government not run by a certain someone.

Edit- Think of it like this; a young child's mind keeps and retains information better than an adult's, not to mention their aura would be purer because they don't have all the experiences an adult would to muddle it. They approach the parent AFTER the child's aura has shown itself during one thing or another that would cause it to appear. There are plenty of children with pure auras not in the Academy.
Then I can't help ya out. Have no idea how to write it out... plus, I don't want to go the recruitment/recruiter route...

Oh, and anything can happen during that child's life that can change them dramatically for better or for worse.
Read my edit, CR.
Read my edit.
Would a character that summouned a rapid fire Bazooka be ok????? Or a chicken Cannon.
... Fegel, I think you already know the answer to that.

Umm... The only thing that I can think of is that Jack got really pissed at somebody, started a fight and severely injured a number of people, partially by tapping into his aura. The Gov finds out and gives him (and his parents) the choice between an unpleasant court case or sending Jack to the Northern Lights Academy. Alec having also been part of the fight, would have been given the same choice.
What if you have Aura powers you should ATLEAST use them to summon something you cannot get normally. RAPID FIRE BAZOOKA FOR DA WIN
I don't want to go the recruitment/recruiter route...

Oh, and anything can happen during that child's life that can change them dramatically for better or for worse.

They aren't going to kidnap you, and it wouldn't be as influential. Plenty of kids change for a short time immediately after.

Edit- Mecha. No. Grenade launcher, yes. Fully automatic RPG or AT4, no.
Ya know, you could say it was a private school. :/ Could easily fool the parents. Because in a way it is a "school" even if the kids are being taught to be weapons...
Why not????
Like I said, use some common sense; that would be OP.
Why use your badass Aura powers to summon weapons available by normal means. That sounds a bit dumb. You could simply use less of this Aura by just charging a weapons with Aura. Use those powers to summon some really awesome !@#$.
I think you're missing the point of all this. I mean. Do you even realize the weight of every bazooka round? How would it be rapid fire? Like how many times are you shooting the bazooka without reloading another ton of rockets? And sure, we have our auras to help us be more powerful but we're still kids dude. I mean the fact that a 13 year old could properly hold and FIRE a bazooka with all the backblast and the recoil and whatnot is pretty amazing among itself, but a Rapid-Fire Bazooka? Thats going to be heavy, recoil will probably destroy your bones, and just flat out stupid in my opinion. And the bazooka itself would probably deform or start to break from one salvo because the force and heat.

If you dont want to read all of that, the basis of what I was saying is IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!
Well sinces it is an Aura weapon it is probably easier for the person to use. And you can just make the ammo out of Aura since it IS an Aura weapon.
True but still. A Bazooka would be fine but I imagine it would consume quite the bit of energy, but rapid fire is dumb.

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