"Invalid Installation Options."?

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Tried to install Hots but it says "Could not install. Invalid installation Options. Please try again." i've tried some of the blizzard suggestions but nothing works. Does anyone know any way that i could fix this specific error?
I am experiencing this problem too on a WIN8 laptop. Ample space available in my directory, no idea what to do next. Just bought the game & can't even use it! Wings of Liberty runs fine on this machine. Anybody have any suggestions?
You don't have to install HotS to play WoL I think. Just upgrade your account and log in.

Duke, Volunteer Tech Support
Correct, just enter the authentication key on your Battle.net account to upgrade your status to HOTS, and then log in and play. All Starcraft II players have the same data on their computers, regardless of whether they're currently playing WOL or HOTS.

Technically, all of our games operate like this for expansions. Just upgrade your account and play. :)
I have been playing Star Craft II wings of liberty, and I just bought SCII Expansion set "Heart of the Swarm". However, every time I try to install it I get "Invalid Installation Options"......HELP...Did I just get ripped off by Blizzard????
hi ! i got exactly the same problem. I like to know how to uprade my statu to hots?
never mind finded it
I've experienced the same problem with my copy of StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm "Could not install. Invalid instillation option. Please try again." Yet I have more than enough space, while using Windows 7. Can anyone help me please.
Frank, I see you haven't entered your game key to upgrade your Battle.net Account to Heart of the Swarm yet. Once you upgrade your Battle.net Account, you should be good to go. You don't need to install Heart of the Swarm. If you've been playing recently, it's already installed.
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I upgraded but it still doesn't show up... how long does it take?
Did the region switch thing. It worked. But for a game that's been out a few months, that's a strange bug to still have around.
i can't install it, having the same problem, plus it won't let me use my code (so don't even suggest it, as, no offense, that seems to be all you do) i changed my region because someone on this post mentioned it, that didn't work either.Help me please i worked hard to get the money and i just bought it at best buy today and it just won't work!
i fixed it, i had originally installed WoL to a different computer, so i entered the key there first.
Having same problem, and have also upgraded my battlenet version of starcraft to the HoTS edition... Still do not have option to play the expansion after putting in the code on battlenet
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Ordos, I've reset something in your account. Can you try again?
Figured it out, switch your region to any other region but the one you have selected, create a profile name there. now goto campaign you will hopefully now see HoTS campaign option availble to you. Now switch regions back to your home region and voila it will work. Thanks support agents for not helping us.
I've tired all this still does not install please help
im haven the same problem i have upgraded to hots and it still says invalid installation options please try again
Why does the game download instead of install off of the DVD?

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