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I can't figure out how to actually install the cd without having 'invalid options' appear. Can someone help?
Hey Pronoob,

You are getting that error because if you are updated to the current version (v2.0.11), then Hots is already installed on your computer, it's just locked out.

So all you need to do is unlock it. You can do this by entering you Hots license key into your battlenet account and, usually, the next time you log in, Hots is fully unlocked and ready to go!

I say "usually" because sometimes it takes a little while to propagate down to your local SC2 client. But in general it unlocks immediately.
I'm having the same problem. It wont install off the CD out of the box. THis is a rip off. I e-mailed tech support and they didn't help either
you have to upgrade your account after you log in, game wasn't not smart enough to do it for you
I'm getting the exact same error!!! I added my CD key to my battle.net account which didn't change the install error, but now I'm downloading it?
Excuse my rant but has Blizzard gone off a cliff??? No LAN on Startcarft II to start with, I try to merge my son's old account with his new one and I get an e-mail back requesting ID's and signatures and all sorts of crazy stuff, like I'm trying to avoid taxes, and now they ship CD's with a box that do nothing but give you an error message. I seriously think whoever is running the show at Blizzard has blown a cylinder and is leaking oil.
I figured it out! IDIOTIC! Once I entered my key in battle.net, I had to log out and then back in to get it to work.
Hey Seldon,

Yeah, once you enter a key, the website assumes you don't have the game yet, so it forwards you to a download page. For those that already have the game installed and fully updated to the current version, they can skip that page and just go straight to the game. No need to download anything or install anything from any cds. (The "invalid installation options" is because Hots is already installed.)

I agree that the process can be confusing for those that are unfamiliar with how Blizzard (digitally) packages their modern games.

But glad to hear you found the log in/out trick. That's pretty usual: it allows your client to refresh itself with Bliz's licensing records.
How do you upgrade your account to HotS?
Just type in the installation code.
01/04/2014 01:34 PMPosted by Zeratul
How do you upgrade your account to HotS?

First, you have to buy it! :P

How you buy it makes a difference.

1) If you buy digitally from inside your battlenet account, then once the payment goes through, and a little time is given for battlenet to recognized the upgrade, that's it. Next time you log in, Hots will be unlocked and ready to play.

2) If you buy it any other way (hardcopy, digitally but from from the Blizzard store, etc) then you will receive a license key (on a disk sleeve, via email from blizzard, etc). In your account enter that key and it will upgrade you to Hots. Again, there may be some time for battlenet to recognize the upgrade.

As long as you have SC2 installed and fully updated to the current version (2.0.11) then you don't need to download or install anything. Hots is already installed on your computer; it's just locked until you upgrade you account.
what do i do about invalid installation options?!!!!!!!!! im so comfused i dont know what to do there is no spot to put the key. i have WOL and it works fine. can someone help?
Hey enderboy, you can enter the Heart of the Swarm key here.
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I had this problem and the support agents instructions appear to have worked fine for me without me having to switch regions or anything.
I am getting the same issue but I lost my product key. How do install?

As long as at some time in the past you registered your Wol and Hots license key in your Battlenet account, you won't ever need them again. This means that you can install SC2 as many times as you want on as many computers as you want. The way the game knows it's you is by your log in/password.

As for the "Invalid Installation Options", it seems that this pops up when people try to install Hots from the physical disk when Hots is, in fact, already installed on their computer.

As long as you have SC2 fully updated to the current version (2.1.0), then Hots is already installed on your computer.
Once you add your game key to battlenet just launch starcraft 2 heart of the swarm should load just fine without you having to install it, apparently it's already installed.
i am trying to install starcraft 2 wol to my laptop and it gives me things on how to use it and i do everything and it says it is installing but it stays at 0.0%
nvm it is working it just takes a long long time
I've already downloaded the game on another computer, just got a new one tried to install, but it showed the Invalid Installation message! ...Help?

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