Nexus Wars has the worst glitch ever.

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Recently, there has been a glitch in Nexus Wars where if a Nexus gets destroyed, the winning team is forced to lose. How? Whenever the win animation appears, another window with the "Waiting for Server" message pops up, and it doesn't go away, therefore forcing you to surrender. I know people don't care if they win or lose in an Arcade map, but when I'm going all out with massing up the best units possible and getting my hard earned win, it's just a huge punch in the face when it forces you to lose instead.
Then report it in the Custom Games section? Rather than the off-topic/RP section?
It doesn't really matter. It's an Arcade game. Both teams know who won.
I play Arcade games very often, and as an expert on the matter I feel the need to say:


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