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Due to my very large size size and my thick carapace I barely feel his punch and The Hunter Killers ready themselves incase of an attack, "My patience he been worn so excuse my agitation. And please save your idle threats." I send to the little hybrid while growling loudly.
I step out of the room beside Ivan and look at the Hydra.
I will warn you against growling around here. Someone might think your going to attack and you might end up in a rather uncomfortable and poor position. My son doesn't make idle threats either now if you will excuse us.
I grab Ivan's shoulder and gesture for him to come back into the room before walking in myself.
IC: Daniel and Myra drop off the clothes before heading to suit up. "Well this should be fun"
"When you aim your weapons at me and make threats threats some may think you are going to attack hybrid."
"You arrived unannounced and we had no idea of your intentions we would rather be ready then not zerg. Now if you would please be on your way we have much more pressing matters." I gesture in a shooing motion for the zerg to leave.
I go back to our room to change into the suit I needed to pilot the PART Suit before heading down to the PART hangar and getting my full suit which is also where I meet up with Daniel before we take another warp-pad back to KLR9 and I call John. {We're back and ready to go.}

I sit on the side listening and watching everything.

We wait for the mission to begin fully geared up and ready.
[John Jr]
I focus on their minds for a moment and then blink right next to them. "Hold on..." I grab both of them then blink back to the room which was now rather crowded.
Victoria I want you to be careful please. I... I don't want to lose a chance with you because of the Splitters...
Don't worry Sylva and I know how to take care of each other. We've been working together for 53 years we know the others moves inside and out. I send him and flash him a quick smile my helmet under my arm.

I blink and sway slightly the world spinning for a moment at the sudden shift of surroundings. "OK I think I'm going to have to ask you never to do that again unless absolutely necessary ..."
[John Jr]
"Sorry that was just the fastest way of making sure you were here. And don't worry I don't plan on ever doing that to you again."

Right just still please be careful.
"Right ..." I was glad for the suit because I was sure I would be looking very sick to my stomach right now otherwise.

Of course I don't want to lose a chance with you either.
[John Jr[
I smile at Victoria and blink right next to her.

Glad to hear that...
"I am sorry your leader didnt tell you though I am not leaving, I came here to see if you and the other minions are competent warriors and until I do I will not be leaving.
"You question our fighting abilities? Do you even know who I am little zerg? Do you even know who anyone in this room is?"
And then I landed on Scylla's head, starting to ride the Zerg while whacking it on the side of the head with my folded up scythe.

Nah, just felt that humor was needed.

Korzis continues around, going, somewhere. I don't know where. Could something happen? No? Okay.

I yell out loudly while walking around. "Where are the crustacean ponies?"
At the Zerg's statement, I laugh;
"Competent warriors? Zerg, you are probably looking at a few of the most dangerous people in the sector. That aside, Who are you, why are you here, and how did you even get here in the first place?"
I ask.
"Yo, big guy," Tris said to Stefan, "we have these things called Warp Pads... let's just say that someone told this Zerg here where it was and here they are. It's fairly simple. We just weren't announced about it... Also, what are you exactly? I'm gonna guess a hybrid like over half of KLR9." She yawned and stretched. "And no, that doesn't mean I'm tired. Just means I don't have enough oxygen. It's funny how your body works." And at that, a rifle attached to her right hand and arm folds out had a silencer on it. AP rounds... very strong !@#$ indeed and with her left hand she held the barrel and pointed it at the Zerg. "Just tell me when... this Zerg is annoying... and trust me, that's a new one. Didn't know that they could be annoying and ignorant baboons who think that just because they are almighty, they believe to be special."
"Save your fight for the Splitters girl you'll need it. Though I do find these Hunter Killers annoying." I say pulling out a wicked looking battleaxe. I also pull out a rag and start to clean the axe.

I growl softly ready to fight whether it was these Zerg or Splitters.

I smile and blush slightly. We'll be staying close to the group. I just hope this goes well ... I'd rather see everyone back safe and sound we all have a lot left to experience.

OOC: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-wXRXkZ_QvnQ/Ts43o8Mmh0I/AAAAAAAACYY/6H0HB8mUX0I/s1600/fantasy%2Bswords%2Bsci%2Bfi%2Bdesign%2Bbroad%2Bsword%2Bbattle%2Baxe%2Benergy%2Bblade%2Bweapon%2Bconcept%2Bsample%2B1.jpg far left but were it is silver its a sickly venomous green.
Tris shrugged. "Wasn't really fighting right now... just stating a point. Of course, I understand... you must think everyone fights before the fight but whatever. Don't really care."
"Eh ... people tend to get into fights before they should if there is a good enough reason." I continue to polish the axe and as I do so it starts to glow softly along with a menacing growl that emanates very clearly from the axe and not from me.
IC: Daniel shakes his head under his suit while checking him ammo levels. "You get use to the blink trust me." Daniel says to Myra. "Been waiting to test out the new flame thrower on this suit."

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