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"I know we will... "
In my mind I was figuring how poor our odds were until we get out of the warp entry are.
"Tris the coordinates are changing constantly as the location the device goes it is a warp pad on the ship. Trust me they are expecting someone, me namely."

Thank you zerg. What ever you can manage send it now.

"Alright here we go people" I activate the device warping everyone to the Splitter ship. Unpon arrival I quickly reconfigure the device and hand it to John leaning next to him. "Only the exact number of people that came can leave. Make sure everyone else and yourself makes it back son... I'll do what I can to get back but I offer no certenty" I whisper very softly into his ear before puling away. "Alright lets move out!" I say leading foreward towards the now alrmed crew in the warp pad area. I fire several enegry spheres towards large clusters of drones.

An alarm sounds signifing that there were intruders aboard the ship now. Cursing slightly I stop my work on one of the subjects before turning to Leah. "Looks like your daddy is here to save you." I reply snidely.She simply smiles and shakes her head. " He isn't alone and he knows you were expecting him. I doubt they came ill prepared." She says before passing out again.
I curse again as reports start comming in from the warp pad bay. I shout a few orders to the nearby Splitters and send Grogarren to deal with the intruders. He quickly goes invisable and heads to the warp pad bay..

The knife Uncle Stef had given me was alive in my hands and being used in conjuncture with the revolver I carried, cutting down Splitters or putting a bullet in their head. Ducking a swipe from a drone, I ram the knife into it's gut and pull up, splitting it open. "Sorry, old friend, it's too tight for you."
Hefting my HMP3, I let loose a wide gout of plasma, frying and incinerating the nearest bunch of Drones.

Snapping my rifle up, I fire past Apollo, cutting down the drones furthest away.

HMP3 (Heavy Multi-Purpose Plasma Projector)
The HP3 has 5 modes: Dispersed beam ("flamethrower"), Concentrated beam (plasma cutter), Piercing pulse (anti-armor), Explosive pulse (plasma grenade) and Seeker Pulse (AA).
I lunge at the Splitters the plasma claws on my suits hand igniting as I reach the first and tear into it.

I smile drawing my sword which had only recently finished repairing itself my axe in the other hand. "Looks like it is time to get to work."I say leaping at a Splitter that was standing beside a computer console.

We spin around bringing our rifles up as we start start picking off Splitters with head shots making sure not to hit anyone.
Tris fired a shot from her sniper. One shot was all that was needed as she lined up the targets. The bullet went completely through five targets around the base of what could be the neck. Even if it wasn't a weak spot, the force would throw them around as they bled out. Then one hand was raise, the left one and it too opened fire. A spray of automatic fire that was rotating. Slugs. Buck. Slugs. Buck. And so on. Tearing through drones and drones. Blood splattering everywhere.

"Zulu, stabilize the suit and lock the armor."

The PART's suit was locked and stabilize and here came two weapons on the shoulder... something she wanted to modify later with her own... biological disaster. Two beams converged and went out in front of her, blinding almost everything with a flash of light... allies and enemies alike as it hit the nearest group that was massed. There wasn't even ash left of them.
Me and my guards move back onto the warp pad and it warped me back to the pad were the Leviathan was waiting above. After a quick trip to the Leviathan we warped to the main Hive Fleet. I then began preparing a strike force to assist the group of hybrids.
"Keep moving forward." I shout as I kill off a berserker. The Splitters were fall back out of the room we were in only to regroup in another area. As the last Splitter leaves the room the seal the doors shut trying to contain us for the moment.
"Right figured they might try that. Hold here while I go get one of these doors open..." I blink out of the room behind one of the door and fight off a group of drones from the area before looking for the door controls.
"I could just 'knock' but whatever." I say my SAPD rifle folding out half way.

"Hmm ..." I say mostly to myself as I try to access their computers.

We look around staying close to John Jr.
Morph... if the SAPD kills anything with a single shot... effortlessly... what would happen if let's say... Myra accidentally shoots at someone who we are not supposed to or an ally? That wouldn't turn out so well... just as an FYI.

IC: Tris was looking around, her back against the others of the group... watching the flank.
Keeping my HMP3 at the ready, I shake my head;
"You know if we're going for speed here, why aren't we just kicking the door down? Between two PART suits, myself and Flint, I'm pretty sure we could just punch our way through."

Noting Jake's actions, I also look for anything resembling a comp port.
Tris looks back at Stefan. "You don't know how strong these doors are... for all we know they could be built to ward off against anything. Including us, including Flint. He knows this place better than us... just listen and follow." Her gaze drifted back towards the back of the group, scanning.
I shrug;
"I know that.. but I'm just looking for other options."
Twenty Mutalisks, fourty Scourge, ten Kukulza's, and about 3 Overlords come out of warp just behind the Splitter ships. "Assistance has arrived allies." I send to the rescue group using one of the Overlords.
"If we could punch it down... Flint would have already tried. But instead he went around to open it up for us. Think about it. Everyone is green in certain areas." Tris picked up nothing when her eyes went across the empty halls.

"Or he's trying to draw their fire." I held the knife in a reverse grip, the revolver held ready.
OOC: It is only one ship btw mecha.

[John Jr]
"What ever his reason is that is why it is happening just keep focused."

I find the controls being guarded by a berserker. After a short bout I kill the berserker but not before it manages to tear one of my arms off. I quickly access the controls and open the doors for everyone to come through.
"Come on lets go!" I wave with my remaining arm as the one that was lost liquifies melting through the floor of the ship and the stub of my arm begins to regrow.
Good focus on the ship's drives to slow it down.

I stalk the group quietly and out of their line of sight. As they came to an intersection I ducked down one of the corridors and started to mimic Leah's voice.
"Help me I'm over here. Someone please help!"

I stop and listen, trying to figure out if that was really Leah. "No...that...why would they set her out where she's that easy to rescue?"
Five Scourge slam themselves into the ship's drive while two others swing around to hit the bridge. The Mutalisks and Kukulzas strange the ship, making sure to quickly target down down any defensive emplacements replacements hanger bays they found.

OOC: Sorry but the ship's drive is the engines correct?
OOC: The propulsion systems is what I meant which are exterior. Engines won't be far from it but are behind thicker armor.

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