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All four of my Characters, both of War's, Zarkun's char, Most of Krogers, One of CR's umm I think that is all. and a bunch of Splitters.
Well the rescue party composes of Tris, Flint, Leah, Apollo, Myra, the Twins, Amanda, most likely a few others I forgot, and soon a bunch of Zerg to assist.
John Flint Jr and Sr, Jake, and Ivan
Leah isn't part of the rescue party.


Spotting the Splitter controlling Leah, I roll under the thrown corpse and fire all the rounds in the revolver into it's nostrils, diving behind cover immediately after the last round leaves the barrel. I didn't even know if they connected.
She is still on the ship.
Right CR... Leah would have thrown Tris off before passing out. Aside from that she can alter her form still to escape Tris's grasp.

Before I was anywhere near passing out I throw the woman that jumped on me off me and into Stefan.
I felt Grouth die from Jake's attack but another Splitter's mind took over keeping the pressure on. I force Jake away from me into the group pausing as Amanda talks to me. I shake my head at her a small tear forming.
"Can't go... Please leave I don't want to hurt you...."

[John Jr]
""Yeah I'll be ok just got to take a moment for my body to heal itself." I say reassuringly to Victoria

"Listen to her Leah. We can help you just like you and Shadow helped dad!" I shout from cover pushing the berserker corpse off of myself.

I curse, feeling another mind take the other's place. Whatever you're gonna do, Sis, do it soon. I can't sweep a ship full of hostiles.
Damn, anyway... it was a good try.

IC: Tris had collided with Stefan, hard. And that's an understatement. "!@#$... Why don't we have someone just knock her out with Psionics? Then we bring her back onto KLR9 and slap a Negative Suit on her."
Heaving Tris off, I shake my head;
"Did you see the way she threw Flint around like a rag-doll? If psychics or brute force were a viable option, I'd be using them... As of right now, just make sure nothing hits Amanda, 'cause if she goes down, we're probably all screwed."

Stepping forward, I hold out a hand to Amanda;
"I can take away the pain Leah... but you're going to have to let me..."
Tris shook her head with slight annoyance. "Or you know... you could knock her out and we can do that later! By that time we might all die. And if you aren't prepared to kill, then I will if that's the only way to save her. You either act now or you shouldn't even be here."
The Zerg inside of the Overlords finally cut through the hall and Creep and Zerg began pouring out, the Zerg killing Splitters and taking their bodies back to the Overlords. After an ample amount of Splitters had been taken back to the Overlords my forces began to kill every Splitter in sight and they began to head for the Rescue Team. "Assistance has arrived!"
However, Spliiters are stronger than Zerg and the Zerg sustain extremely heavy losses.

I start poking my pillow and giggling like a god damn retard. The one rational part of me wanted to commit suicide.
OOC: Sorry this took so long, I had to skim over the rest of the RP to figure out the current state of things.

IC: Near the Splitter vessel, a ripple is seen in the fabric of space, followed by a blindingly bright flash of bluish-white light as a small Protoss fleet comes out of warp. A single Carrier appears first, followed momentarily by six Warp Prisms, twelve Corsairs, and ten of each Scouts and Phoenix. Last, a heavily modified Scout drops out of warp, identifiable to those who knew it as being the Ascension.

As the fleet closes in on the damaged ship, a psionic broadcast is heard. This is Archivist Ceas of the Akilae Protoss, some of you probably know who I am. If not, then suffice to say that I was a student of Agent Shadow. And I do believe I might be able to help a bit with these Splitters.

With that, the Protoss fleet engages, the Warp Prisms deploying around the Splitter ship and warping in troops to locations inside its hull, while the Scouts and Interceptors attack the ship itself, destroying key systems and ripping holes through the hull, sending several Splitter troops flying out. The Corsairs and Phoenices begin creating a defensive formation against the Zerg, but are reassigned to from a perimeter around the Splitter ship when the Carrier's sensors recognize the brood.

The Ascension fires a single pair of missiles at the hostile ship's back, Ceas separating from the craft and entering through the hole to rendezvous with the Protoss forces on the inside. A second psionic message goes out, this time to the Protoss troops: Remember, warriors, the Splitters are the only enemy here. All other forces present are our allies against them. For Aiur!
I groan and get back up reaching into Leah's mind to find the connection the Splitters were using so as to block it and back track it while simulataneously starting off down a hall looking for Splitters. Flint once you calm her down enough get everyone, including yourself and Leah, out of here! I'll be fine and I'm not leaving this ship until I have what I want and every Splitter on here is dead. I then shift to Caes. {Back off you damn automoton! I need this ship intact and you aren't helping!}

"Good." I say giving him a light slug to the arm.

I frown covering Amanda.
I shoot back a quick message, making my way over in the general direction of the rescue team. {The ship's design has been analyzed thoroughly. Attacks were targeted in such a way that the ship's structural integrity will be mostly undamaged. This ship is too valuable to destroy.}
I sigh still moving taking out any Splitters I find. {Fine but if you want to help keep your forces away from the Rescue team trust me. Do something else like have some of your Templar block any and all mental communication with Leah flint for the time being. I suggest you call Flint Sr too see if he has something for you. Otherwise hack this ship and get it under our control stat!}
{Do you know the location of the creature which is influencing her?}
{That is what I'm working on now! Just keep them from getting in her mind and the team should be fine. But be sure to let Amanda get in if she tries as she is likely the only one that can actually restore Leah. And see if you can't get into the computers ... see if what they did to Flint and Leah is reversible ... or at least what was done to Leah since I'm certain it was rushed.}

I throw a loose piece of debris at Tris's head, growling at her. "Love to see you kill something that can't be killed. That be a good laugh."
[John Jr]
At the moment Victoria gave me a light slug to the arm and audible cracking is heard as my ribs reset. I pause holding an expression of almost surprise and pain at the same time.
"Damn it's been awhile since I've been hurt this bad."

I reach out with one hand to Amanda my hand shaking like mad. The Splitter(s) that were trying to keep me under their control were having a more difficult time keeping me where they wanted me. One quickly issued and order to a berserker nearby to take out Amanda.
In a matter of moments the berserker arrives and fires it's ranged weapon hitting her in the leg making her drop. My eyes widen in horror as the berserker closes in and my vision fades out...

I sense the air start to charge with psionic energy.
"Everybody get out of her line of sight!" In a moments notice a line of energy hits the berseker that attacked Amanda causing it to shrike in pain for a split second before disappearing into ashes. Leah collapses shortly after wards blacked out from the spent energy.
"She's passed out someone get her and Amanda."

I lay where I had landed still through most of the fray my eyes staring blankly towards the ceiling of the ship. True I wasn't dead but death was much closer than I wanted it to be right now.

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