i can't play after 2.0.10 patch

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after the 2.0.10 patch, my FPS is around 5.
all my video settings are in low. and my resolution is 1280x700.
before that patch, i was playing everyday without any problems, my fps was around 70.
now it is maximum 8. i can't even move the mouse.
I'm having the same problem! Everything ran great on normal settings prior to the patch and now even on the lowest settings it's unplayable. Hopefully they fix this soon!
same, i get a solid delay after every action. makes alddering impossible

I am having similar issue.

I am running the game with 15" MacBook Pro (early 2013 with Retina display), so basically the most powerful MacBook available in the market. Before the patch I was able to play the game with default (medium) settings using the native screen resolution (2880×1800) but since the patch came, I had to switch to lowest graphics settings and 1280x968 or something, otherwise the game is completely unplayable.

Do you guys test your builds at all? I am so frustrated as this is not the first time I've encountered similar issues with the game after a new patch.
Me too. I've played some 9000 matches over the past several years in this game, but I'm gonna have to quit if I have to lead an SCV by about one collision radius just to click on it so I can send it to build something
at least you guys can log in i can't even hit the connect button wtf ...
Lag is a problem for me too. Wasn't a problem before.

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