Matchmaking displays a lock on play button.

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Hey guys,

I have owned the standard edition of starcraft 2 since it came out. I play 1v1 matchmaking frequently. My problem, is that about 20 minutes ago, which would be 11:00pm, my matchmaking screen locked the play button.

When I hover my cursor over the mouse, it says "To access this content, you must upgrade your version of Starcraft 2"

I can not select a race, or mode of play. I can play training, campaign, and custom but matchmaking is not working.

Anyone else with this problem?

Thanks in advance guys!
I am having the exact same issue :(
did u guys find out how to arrange this issues
me too...
No, do you have the same issue?
Eh, I woke up this morning and it was fine. Is anyone else having the problem though? If it is still happening or will happen again we sorta need a solution.
This issue was resolved at around midnight last night. We apologize for difficulties. If you're still having issues, please create a new thread.

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