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We heard and agree with feedback from many of you that a complete alignment on the 1v1 map pool across all 3 regions as well as ladder would be cool to try at least for 1 season to check if this direction is better.

We've been discussing with all of our partners on what exact maps to have next season and here's the current list we're thinking on.

3 New maps:
    Yeonsu - new TL map contest map
    Frost - new TL map contest map
    Polar Night - new gsl map

4 returning maps:
    Akilion Wastes
    Belshir Vestige
    Derelict Watcher

Just wanted to let you guys know asap also in order to hear more feedback. Thanks~
edit: brain fart, nvm.
sounds cool!
Since Blizzard doesn't seem to want to post images of the new maps, so that we can actually see what's being suggested... I guess I'll post them myself!

Here's Polar Night: (Thanks to Velitey for finding this!)



All those maps are fantastic; I especially like frost.
More maps more better. Some of them look really nice. I like snow hah.

If I may be so bold to say this, I think tweaking the races to give them more stratigic options in game would be a bit more prudent right now. Things look too stale and restrictive.

Thx :)
Cloud Kingdom and Daybreak...
Hey Dayvie... Could you post links to each of the maps? I cant seem to find anything about Polar Night specifically.

Here are the two TL threads about Frost and Yeonsu:


If I search Polar Night on google, nothing comes up, and the only TL thread is about a BW map.
Used to like Akilion Wastes but now it is just stale for me. Thank goodness for vetoes! Excited for new maps.
You should put Steppes of War back in the pool, just for fun......lolz
Sounds good. Maybe we could get some new 2v2 maps too? :)
Nice that they're keeping some of the better maps and adding new ones(not that i liked playing on the current maps), but I dislike the decision to keep derelict watcher.
I was hoping to get Gwangali beach on the ladder map pool, and I liked Korhal Floating Islands, but other than that lookin' good! :)
I am personally a fan of having no repeating maps of the last cycle.... Game patches are not very frequent, neither are map changes. The things that make the game dynamic are few and far. While I will enjoy the game now and for some time to come, this game seems distant when related to its development team and players.
Man I like that they are being more active with the maps but man come on, there are now only 7 maps in the pool. I just wish we had more variety. Make maps that are imba for 1 race thus for high level players to abuse it. I dont know I just feel like with the changes in the map pool most people are just going to veto the new maps in my opinion.
not sure about whirlwind.. it s not a good map for pvt and pvp as well
would rather have neo planet than whirlwind or bel'shir. Ravage, the runner up in TL map contest looks better than Yeonsu the third place map. There is no image of the Polar night, but GSL maps are usually great.
any pictures of this new gsl map?
Goody, I only have to veto two maps.

Akilion Waste and Whirlwind.

Looking forward to the new map pool.
♥♥♥ GJ!

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