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since we can all access google in a sec, i guess your rant seems kinda childish.
I dig it - glad to see newkirk out, and 2 new snow tile maps in.
I like new maps
polar night is good, yeonsu kinda eh, and frost looks good but 4th is too hard to take
Why only 7 maps next season when we have 9 this season?
does that mean neo planet s is out ? wow its such a perfect map...
I'd like to see more maps that offer certain terrain advantages. Like the high ground plateaus in Xel'Naga Caverns and the old Lost Temple. I know they're a pain in the !@# when Terran puts Siege Tanks up there but those kinds of things make the game a little more dynamic.
Ugh, Whirlwind STILL?
07/29/2013 10:45 AMPosted by Sine
Cloud Kingdom and Daybreak...

Yes you are right, I would like to see Cloud Kingdom map, its the map for the ages. And Daybreak is legendary also
What is the logic behind removing certain maps?

Daybreak, Ohana, Cloud Kingdom were awesome maps. Neo Planet S is damn near perfect. Why remove them?
Winter is coming.
I want more maps with more variety and more strategic options. Instead it seems for the most part that we are just getting new "skins."
All three of these maps actually look pretty good.

Will have to wait and see though.
i am a bit worried for the lack of open space to manauver in the new maps,lots of close space,maybe it is just my imagination,but if that's the case,zerg are going to suffer for a season and toss will roflstomp everyone,i hope i am wrong.
Buff Nydus Worms. They're an essential Zerg tool in canon, there's no reason they should be so ridiculously under represented in multiplayer play.

I truly think that a lot of these late-game TvZ problems could be completely resolved by increased Nydus play. A Hive upgrade to make them silent would be almost perfect.
All great maps!

I hope you reconsider Neo Planet S as it is extremely fun.

But please please please, ban Red City forever.
I like the new snow-themed maps. They remind me of that first terran level in broodwar.
07/30/2013 05:56 PMPosted by PsykotiK
give me gwanghalli beach!

I have to agree, where is that small beach map? I was really looking forward to playing it, why are we not going to be able to do so?
Missing classics, such as Daybreak.

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