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I don't particularly enjoy the fact that Akilon and Whirlwind are still around, but meh.
I also want Neoplanet S back. I prefer it over Whirlwind
I already miss neo planet s :(
Neoplanet S should not be going...

belshir vestige is a terrible map that should not be picked over neoplanet in any situation......... this map was made in WOL for zergs when overlords were slow and couldn't scout enough, they made far too many places to stick OL's and this map feels imbalanced in the XvZ matchups becuase of this. they can literally see what you are doing as T for 10 + minutes
Frost is massive O.o
Shouldn't these maps be in the Battle Net custom game list by now? I would like to prepare for next season and try them out.
Bring back Daybreak :/ I beg! Do what you will with the rest!
Derelict Watcher...

I cant win a TvZ on that map ever.

Well at least I'll win a bunch of ZvT's
Awesome stuff!!!

I really love how the maps really change & stand out from previous maps, it forces new strategies & keeps the game awesome!
Akilon waste is the best map to ever be created in StarCraft2. I really hope it does not go away. It always makes for great games... You are rarely caught out of position or forced into a stupid base trade.

And its coming from a zerg... Trust me.. akilon is the best map where the superior player will always find a way to win.

"you rarely caught out of position"
But doesn't that ruin some of the challenge? Its definitely a simple map, and the map I do best on, but not so fun.

yensou and frost look like protoss maps if ive ever seen any. just glad red city is finally over, worst map ever.
@ Cloaken (or other CM that can alert him) -- please check your email regarding Yeonsu LE.


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Frost seems too good for blink stalker allin tvp
they should remove all but the shared bases 2v2 maps before they kill what's left of the 2s scene, just like they did when the game released, this is such an advantage to arranged teams

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