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I've had Starcraft 2 WOL pretty much since it came out but only just got the spare money for Hots but when i try to install it says "Could not install. Invalid Installation options. Please try again." Does anyone know what causes this specific error? I already tried some of the troubleshooting stuff blizz's support suggests and nothing seems to be specific to this error.
You won't actually need to install anything, but have you entered the Authentication Key into your account?

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I started to install StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm. It was downloading, but my connection failed.. When I restarted the installation I got the error "Could not install. Invalid installation options. Please try again." as soon as I accepted the TOS. This is totally repeatable now, and I cannot install the game at all now. I uninstalled starcraft from my system, but the error persists.
Hey dabble, can you try installing on another User Account in Windows?

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What is the frickin point of buying the disc and everything if you cant even install it that way? I did enter my activation code and I had to download the client from the website and it works.
But it's extremely annoying and frustrating that i get a disc that doesn't do anything and that I have to come into the forums to figure out how to install and play the frickin game.

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