Fog of war covers everything including units.

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Im having an issue with the new update where occasionally when I play a multiplayer game, the fog of war covers everything. Ive found that if I go enable color blind mode and then go back to the game it goes away. I then can go uncheck color blind im good until another game. It does not necessarily happen everygame. Its random. This only started with the new update that came out with in the last week.

I have a 2010 mac pro. 3.2ghz, with a gtx 680 and a 27" apple cinema display. Any ideas on how to fix this is appreciated.
same thing, 2012 imac

3.4ghz i7, GTX 680MX
can we get a screenshot?
Same problem here on a 2012 iMac with the GTX680MX running 10.8.4. Next time it happens I'll make a screenshot.
I get problems like this. This happens randomly, sometimes I will have a game with no problem at all, sometimes there's no problem at the start of the game, but zerglings and whatnot will not explore the fog of war properly, enemy units will still how up, but the fog doesn't go away.
Sometimes I even get areas of fog of war missing. The enemy base which I have not scouted yet looks like I have a unit scouting it. No buildings or units show up, the fog just isn't there.
Another screenshot:
This. at least once a day happens.
Her also a screenshot from a game today:

EDIT: I haven't played a lot lately but this happens very often. Every second or third game at least...!
It's happening to me too. Looks exactly like Antares screen shot above.

08/27/2013 02:31 AMPosted by Antares
This happens to me at least once a day as well! I wish they would fix it!
having the same problem and it is also very random, maybe days between incidents, yesterday happened once, I'm on a retina macbook pro stock mid 2012 15"
I've been having the same issue for about a month now. It occurs randomly but more often on certain maps.
Derelict Watcher TE is the worst for me followed by Korhal Sky Island.

In my previous experiences, the mini map remained unaffected and the fog of war displayed correctly ... Until yesterday, when the reverse happened to me. The mini map was not showing the fog of war correctly but it was fine on the main screen.

I would also note that it occasionally would start working again later in the game but it wasn't guaranteed to last.

I play on the 27" iMac (3.4 GHz Intel core i7) if that's of any help. I'll also check a replay of the game next time and take screen shots
It happened on my first game today in a PvT on Belshire Vestige.
I can post a screen shot if needed but its the same as Antares

the replay though, remains unaffected
This happens to me frequently. Is there a blue post yet about this? Or confirmation that this is an issue?
This happens to me daily. Sometimes the fog of war is "patchy" and it makes the screen look like a gray plaid pattern. Quite annoying, and a huge problem for me.
Happening to me again. Hoping we get some kind of reaction about this from blue posts.
this is really getting annoying and it definitely affects my play. It's so much harder to see units and compositions. You are basically watching a black screen with bright buildings.

plz blizzard, at least tell us its being worked on ....
This happens to me too. I'm also on a newer iMac with the 680. Very frustrating.
Same here

Imac 2012 with 680

It started after the patch with color blind mode
I have the same problem, and i happens all the time. I also have an iMac with the GTX680MX.

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