16:10 Resolutions Unavailable After 2.0.10

Mac Technical Support
13" MacBook Pro C2D
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
OS X 10.8.4
27" 16x10 HDMI (via Mini DisplayPort adapter)

My monitor is 16:10 and runs everything except SC2 *FINE* at 1920x1200. Until 2.0.10, it ran SC2 *FINE* at any 16:10 aspect ratio. Now, I can only choose 16:9 resolutions in SC2, which cause skewing and overscan problems.

I've tried editing variables.txt and the defaults write command posted in other threads; neither had any effect. Also, when I launch SC2, I now get a black screen for 2-3 seconds, a blast of rainbow noise across the screen, and an inexplicable resolution "switch."

*None* of these problems happened prior to 2.0.10.
same issue except i use an external monitor that is 16x10. the blizz customer support person told me they don't support using external displays on mac systems. I'm not sure what to even make of a statement like that.
We do support external displays and we are working to fix this issue.

Please go to that thread for more info: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/9572767908

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