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I don't like the Void. It's dark. I always bring a flashlight with me when I go there on business.

I had an amazing idea for a starcrafts style presentation: Abathur's Cooking Show. If I knew anything about flash animation I would do it.
08/04/2013 02:17 PMPosted by KnarledOne
I had an amazing idea for a starcrafts style presentation: Abathur's Cooking Show. If I knew anything about flash animation I would do it.

ikr... I had one for that cine where Kerrigan fights Narud, and rides in on a nydus worm. Instead of a nydus worm, it was a cliff. And then... At the end, where Kerrigan has killed Narud, A bunch of Tal'Darim Warriors come and try to attack her, but before they reach her, the cliff comes out of the ground, with Kerrigan on top of it, and the warriors charge into the cliff.

I really wish Carbot would make one of the HoTS Campaign, and not just the "multiplayer" version... The HoTS Opening was plain awesome.
There is so much he could do with the campaign. Sad that he has not chosen to,
I wonder if he'll do something where he takes ideas from the community?
08/03/2013 02:48 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Zanon leaves for a time.

"By a time you mean...?"
I mean "a time." Good heavens, you think I'm some sort of Oracle? I don't know when he's going to be back.

However, I can use deductive reasoning. He informed someone (I believe on DA) that he would be gone awhile, and he also did not create a new Bar thread (something he has, when around, never failed to do).

Therefore, we can conclude that he has left. The amount of time his absence will last is unknown (to me), so I am simply referring to it as "a time," which is a widely accepted literary substitute for "a period of time of unknown length."

See, use only the highlighted words and you get "a time."

Explanation satisfactory?
I was wondering if he left for good, or if you had word he would return.
I was told his summer was going to be completely occupied by a new occupation. I do not know if this extends beyond summer, and also do not wish to share information that

A. May not be accurate, or

B. Doesn't belong to me (Zanon's business).
Well, I'm going to San Antonio to visit family. I won't be able to get on... For obvious reasons. (Blizzard really needs to make a new verification system)

So... See you all later. I'll bring souvenirs.
Zanon will return at the end of summer. He is helping with a Scout Camp thing and has no interweb as such.
I did my stint with Scout Camp earlier in the year. Little monsters.
Well, I think it's a scout camp thing. Might be forest service too. But even those jobs only last til the end of summer.
Good news all around. Our Glorious Dictator shall return soon!
Knarled... we got to hide the forbidden liquor! Quick, stash under the hidden wooden floorboard!
*Scrambles with all the sweet bubbly booze that is forbidden*
Is DA being evil with you guys as well??
*Tosses Mecha/Fegel and Morph several bottles of the forbidden booze. All sweet and bubbly~*
Hurry, hide ze !@#$!
I pass CR back the booze. "No thanks."
*Runs back over and dumps the booze down Morph's pants*
It's hidden now!
*Dives behind the counter and disappears from view as it's discovered that there is a trap door behind the counter. Where it leads to, no one knows; yet,*
The illusion vanishes and I reappear from the restroom before following CR a very unpleasant look on my face and a Galil Assault Rifle in hand.

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