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08/28/2013 11:26 PMPosted by Zarkun
Naits, you let Fade die again...

I would maybe revive it a third time (third time's the charm?), but it would feel like it would be best left alone. I haven't really stuck to an RP since The Crash died, probably due to the fact I ended up having problems rise up with RPs after it (writer's block, school, even sheer boredom with it). The biggest problem I had with all of them was what to do between point A to point B, since the parts in between usually were things I made in the spot.

If I were to ever make it again, I will probably make some edits to the RP so that I won't have regrets with the final product like I did with the second version. I'll probably make those edits right now and plan out a proper story, then make a final verdict if I actually want to do it, or move on to other ideas.
I do so hope you remake it ... but I understand ... I gave up on Gate Project because no one wanted to do anything but the main story ...
Looks like it's gonna be Unit.

I'll get on that.
Forums have been moving rather slowly.
"Quite." A voice echoes from a darker corner of the bar. "Perhaps the educational systems are trying to do their jobs?"

With a shrug, I emerge back into the more visible parts of the bar.
Forums have indeed been slow. Beginning of school, I suppose.
You both have sentry portraits and I honestly never saw you guys post one after the other like this.
"Its a slow, slow day then. And I rather like sentries. They're cool."
I'm just gonna let you guys know that I wont be on much today most likely as today is my Dad's families' Family Reunion.
A site went down as soon as I was about to post on another site. I don't want to lose my post though. I'm posting it here, then will copy it over.

Paul glanced at Kaiser when he realized the question was directed towards him. He turned his attention back to the scans his omni-tool was running while he thought about just how he should answer.

[color=#80a0ff]"I'm eh..."[/color] He motioned his hand [color=#80a0ff]"I was a security guard. Now I work as a muscle for Mr. Feelar."[/color] The answer was sufficient enough. He continued reading scan signals as they searched for bargain ships in the area.

"What do you think?" Aetius added. It pulled Paul out of his omni-tool again to answer his question.

[color=#80a0ff]"Yeah, you guys can socialize. It would probably be for the better."[/color]
Well if that doesn't scream ME, I don't know what does. As for RP redos, Nait, I'd like to see Horizon or whatever it was redone.

Edit-It was Horizon. I liked it, one of the better RPs.
Yeah, it was on a mass effect site :)
I figured.
After some considering, Fade is getting a revive.

However, I'm going to wait a few weeks before finalizing on everything so I can double check on it. Plus, school starts for me in two days.

But probably the main reason why I'm not going to post it anytime soon is that Season 3 for LoL is ending on Halloween, and the RP will probably die again during my obsessiveness over League until I get myself out of elo-hell if it's out during that time.
There are much more fun games than LoL, like TOR. Lol XD
Zarkun you have to remember that is only but your opinion. I know some people will agree with you on the LoL thing but you are also forgetting that The Old Republic isn't a better choice either. They can all be very terrible.
I used to play TOR, but I got bored with it within two weeks. I found it to be extremely repetitive, since the missions were either "Kill this", "Collect this", or "Talk to this person".

I even played all the classes to try to spice up things, but it didn't really change much......
Ha! I told ya, Zarkun.
The idea was the double Lol there. Guys have no sense of humor.
TOR is way better than LoL imo.

LoL Is just a bad RTS.

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